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  1. Thanks for the review. I wish Z-man would do a Helgi in their Elastec material. It woul d never stop moving.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Here is the rest of the story. It is over 60 years ago now that my father gave me a kit from Tackle-Tyers, Evanston IL. It got me started and served me well. I am still using the bobin. Despite the negativity on kits I went with one. https://smile.amazon.com/WETFLY-Deluxe-Tying-Book-Popular/dp/B000IAW2IK/ref=pd_rhf_cr_s_pd_crcbs_0_4/131-4850670-0057535?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000IAW2IK&pd_rd_r=9a4db73c-e05f-4032-a726-27dae660a45e&pd_rd_w=Zr3Uh&pd_rd_wg=BKyzB&pf_rd_p=6ba03529-44b7-4c95-95bf-2762b37f6529&pf_rd_r=TX15Z7QD8DYHZSVHKPQ9&psc=1&refRID=TX15Z7QD8DYHZSVHKPQ9 I chose it because the vise was better than others in the price range. It had a materials clip. It was also had a hair stacker. To suppliment the limited materials I added a shoe box full ofstuff. Grandaughter loves it.
  3. Based on Andy's comment my thoughts also went toward walnuts. This is the time of year when walnuts start to fall off the trees a nd messing up yards. I remember collecting them and smashing the husks with a hammer, and I remember the brown stains or our hands from the juice. Rubbing that juice on your fly might be the answer. Wear rubber gloves. Or make a pesto of leaves and walnut meat to smear on your bug. Walnut bark tea might work. Walnut oil is easy to buy. Amazon has a 6 oz spray bottle at about $6. Tuck one in your vest so you can respray the bug when it looses its aroma. If the fish get really fussy you can also get first press extra virgin walnut oil or kosher walnut oil. Both are $20-25 for 16 oz. Finally, only on the ISA site will you find cutting edge discussions like this. It keeps me coming bask.
  4. Mike G


    When we think of Mepps, we probably have the old Aglia in mind. But Mepps uses other blade designs. So really we are praising the in-line spinner in its many forms. I remember that Heddon honored Mepps with its knockoff Hepp spinner. And I still have some Daredevle spinners that featured the French blade. The Roostertail is agood one too.
  5. Mike G


    It's ironic that Antigo USA is the French Spinner Capitol of the World. It was one of those magic lures. Just put one on and fish will come. On the downside it was a weed and rock magnet. My basic gear kit for the Boundary Waters was a Mepps #4 bucktail, a U20 Flatfish, a Daredevle, a Rapala, and a Muddler pattern jig-all I needed back then.
  6. Mike G

    Mono rig?

    This is a work in progress for me. HMH came out with a nice foldable stripping basket last year solving the problem of wearing a dorky plastic dish tub on my waiste. One came for my birthday recently. Birthday also delivered some 20# green amnesia line. So my mono rig has been upgraded. Here it is. 30' 20# generic mono reserve or backing 30' 20# Amnesia hivis green working line tippet ring to 2' Amnesia hivis red sighter Tippet ring to 7' (4" 20#, 3' 12#) leader 2' tippet All this was reeled in on top of an old fly line I had on a spare reel. Now I will try it with the basket on the water. PS Gunnar approved. https://www.primeflycompany.com/products/hmh-line-tender-shooting-basket
  7. Grass Carp are said to be good eating fish. Have you tried any?
  8. Katie Tying by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Katie is still at it. I need some recommendations on a good beginner's fly tying kit. I would appreciate hearing your recommendations and experiences, Lots out there from $30 to $200. Your answer will do double duty, helping me and helping all the other readers thinking about taking the plunge into tying.
  9. Mike G

    tequelly fly

    rich, Sorry to hear about orvis. Two ideas: Gilt Eyelash in copper is a perfect match for the color. Palmered it would make a shaggy body which might not be a bad thing. Or, to reduce the bulk it could be trimmed or furled into a sparkly yarn. Cactus Chenille, Estaz, Pear Chenille, and Ice Chenille all have a Root Beer color. Though the color varies from brand to brand, any one would probably be ideal for this pattern. Check the usual stores and online sources. PS Just took a look at Feather Craft who has a lot of these brands. The color is also sometimes called rust or rusty brown. Tobacco Estaz looks real interesting https://www.feather-craft.com/mas_assets/cache/image/1/6/1/6/90478.Jpg
  10. Mike G

    tequelly fly

    Rich, I think the Tequeely is one of those classic patterns that only comes in one color combination like the Royal Coachman or Mickey Finn of yore. The pattern includes specific materials and colors. But thanks for reminding us of this killer of Smallmouths. You know I have to tie up some in red and white.
  11. Mike G

    Mono rig?

    I Jury rigged a long leader setup sort of like his using 20# mono (generic). Since the big Brammer bucktails I tied last winter can weigh up to 1/3 oz when wet, it works. But it requires a different casting stroke just like a full sink line is not like a floater. Since the cheap mono I used has a few tangling issues, I am going to revisit this using 20# Amnesia and add a stripping basket. Of course I could probably just use spinning gear, but what fun is that?
  12. Thanks John. So far this year I am happy with the the Amnesia and Hi Vis Flouro lines of which i sent you samples. I get them to straighten out by really hauling on them before the first cast as I try to do with all my fly lines any way. I do not have 2-3 wts in my arsenal; so I am not sure where I would get an old line. But I will take donations.
  13. Now the message went through without a hitch. It must have been temporary.
  14. John Gillio, I tried to send you a message, and it says you cannot receive messages now. Is your mailbox to full?
  15. John,

    Good to hear of your Tenkara interest. If you want to try "level" lines I can send you a couple of 13 ft sections to try-Red Amnesia and Hi-vis green Flouro.  I have some bulk spools so 13 ft won't kill me. I would like to hear how they compare to your tapered line.  If interested send me your address.


    1. John Gillio

      John Gillio

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you, I would love to try them. Obviously your message got through as I am replying, but I received no notification that it was sent. I found it while I was looking into the status of my mailbox.

      My address is:                                                              John Gillio, 117 West 1st Street, Oglesby Illinois 61348.

      Thank you for your generosity. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 


    2. Mike G

      Mike G

      Got it as a status update John. Now I will try to message you.

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