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  1. Now the message went through without a hitch. It must have been temporary.
  2. John Gillio, I tried to send you a message, and it says you cannot receive messages now. Is your mailbox to full?
  3. John,

    Good to hear of your Tenkara interest. If you want to try "level" lines I can send you a couple of 13 ft sections to try-Red Amnesia and Hi-vis green Flouro.  I have some bulk spools so 13 ft won't kill me. I would like to hear how they compare to your tapered line.  If interested send me your address.


    1. John Gillio

      John Gillio

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you, I would love to try them. Obviously your message got through as I am replying, but I received no notification that it was sent. I found it while I was looking into the status of my mailbox.

      My address is:                                                              John Gillio, 117 West 1st Street, Oglesby Illinois 61348.

      Thank you for your generosity. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 


    2. Mike G

      Mike G

      Got it as a status update John. Now I will try to message you.

  4. high, yes. Muddy, no. It is crystal clear. Someone said it has not been this clear ever. This year there is a big problem with dark green gunky algae clumps floating and suspended in the water. On the windward side it can form mats extending 10+ ft from shore. It fouls lures and line quickly. Does Shab have that problem? Residents are going to want to spray it if it keeps up.
  5. I will be interested to hear how you do. My experience is that the flies fish shallower so that when the fish are surface or shallow minded you are on. I use bead heads, jig flies, and if course tubes when they won't come up. BTW what kind of line are you using?
  6. Yesterday I had a good time with Crappie o n that "cork" handle custom tenkara I wrote about. I used a 1" Chart Tube 3-4 ft under a ice fishing float ti detect the light bites. Tenkara purists might not like this.
  7. Good idea, John. Tenkara does not have to break the bank. Here's a link to a post I made way beck.
  8. Mike G

    Mono rig?

    Sort of. My 12' Tenkara pole has 12' line mono or flouro about 20# attached to the tip; then a 5-6' leader on the end of that. That gives me a 30' range similar to your author. Lines that gauge are pretty much tangle free. I could see this long leader working on a conventional outfit if I double the 12 ft to 24 ft to compensate for the distance from the reel to the tip. Your author seems to be pushing this as a close quarters, 30' or so proposition.
  9. Mike G

    Whip Finish

    Now you know.
  10. "The things we do for love...." No better way to spend a day MHO
  11. Mike G

    3 inch Eyelash

    Shanks have been around longer than you think. Here's a tandem shown in Herter's Manual 1955 maybe before you were born. The front section of the fly on the left looks like a shank to me. Tandem2c by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Gary LaFontaine used them a lot in the 90s too. Maybe we never heard of them till later. I have found that those free swatches we got from the Farbric House long ago work just as well, maybe better because they are bushier. Wapsi works but not as well. It is hard to imagine using those ropes without the tear mender.
  12. This is a two in one. Building an articulated 10 inch fly. Making 3-4 inch eyelash. Take a look at the process Bill Sherer uses to make a huge eyelash from ES craft fur. It is as easy as it looks.
  13. In another thread I mentioned this. I first saw it in one of Gunnar Brammers videos. He references the source Bill Sherer. Here it is right from the horse's hands.
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