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  1. Lefty Kreh

    We owe a lot to Lefty. He is up there with all some great outdoor writers like Ray Bergman, AJ McClane, and Tom McNally, all of whom kept my interest in fly fishing alive over the years. Lefty did so much that it is hard to put it all in a nutshell. He put it in his Bug. Lefty’s Bug LeftyBugOrig by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Here’s what it says. This is a bug you can make yourself with easily obtained materials. Lefty came up with it when he was a guide on the Potomac. He needed a bug that beginners could handle and cast all day. You do not need a Black Belt in One Handed Skagit Casting to catch bass on this one. Fly fishing is for e everyone. I forgot to mention that Lefty is also an internet star. A Google search will call up countless articles, blogs and videos. Recently I rediscovered the link to the classic video of Lefty tying his signature Deceiver, showing above. I think this song fits.
  2. Any Rod Builders here

    I will be watching this since I have built a few in my time. I never gave it much consideration as a way to get rich quick. Millions of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Asians know how to build rods; so you are competing with the world market. For the three Gs - grass, glass, and graphite - the niches are overflowing. Unless you can come up with a miracle rod material or a miracle gadget, Ronald's is a better choice.
  3. Vintage Lures

    Quote me on this, "A bottle of wine is too good a thing to be enjoyed just once." Once the wine is gone give the bottle a new life as a candlestick. And more importantly give the cork a chance to enrich your fishing life. I am just beginning to see the possibilities in the corks I used to toss out. The new synthetic ones are especially intriguing. Elsewhere I have already exhibited my Prop Popper. Here's my new 2018 creation-the Roto-Popper. Rototail by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr If you want to get into this, here are my insights so far. Dark Day, dark wine cork; Light Day, light wine cork. Contrary to the opinion of French Chefs, red wine corks work very well on fish.
  4. Good Read

    Tim Holschlag? John, can you compare it to Holschlag's book?
  5. Who's tying what?

    stealth18 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr The #18 is great for big Smallmouths. Fish it on a 1 wt. to catch a bucket of 4-6" Creek Chubs. Usethe shubs on a medium spinning rod to cach the Smallmouths. On a serious note. A good pattern is a good pattern. It can be scaled up and down to suit the fish you are after. Consider that the old classic Flatfish is still being made in sizes fron F-2 (1.0") to T60 (6.0"). Still catching. Better pic? Stealth18c by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  6. Who's tying what?

    #18 Midge :-)
  7. Who's tying what?

    Here you go. Stealthinches by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  8. Who's tying what?

    Back to comment on how I did the foam. Originally I could find only two decent flank feathers in the whole bag of Mallard that I had. So I did not want to mess up. First I rewatched Woody's video on the Zoo Cougar a few times. Then I literally went to the drawing board to refine the template. Though Edmonds' template had served to make several squadrons of Stealths for me, I knew that it did not quite give me the diving collar to match the Cougar's. The sides of the triangle are set at too narrow of an angle. So I made a new template that set the sides at a 90 deg angle instead of the original 35 deg. That worked well on the White Stealth. I even had to trim the collar back since it extended too far down. You have the plans for the Atomic bug. Here is the template for the Stealth plane that goes with it. Stealth3-0greycw The tie of the foam is pretty much the same as Edmonds' original, though I practically eliminated the loop reducing it to a bump about the size of a 1/2 a pea right behind the tie down point for the head.
  9. Who's tying what?

    John, that fly is always worth tying. for a long time there was a You Tube video of Lefty and Bob as a tag team tying the 1/2 &1/2. Sadly I can no longer find it. Maybe you and Rob could do one.
  10. Who's tying what?

    Dang! Mark the date, 2/26/18, first test flight of the Stealth Cougar. Pilot considers it combat ready. Rob, please give me credit as a design consultant. Now are you going to break the news to Kelly? I will comment on tying the foam soon. I need to get a picture or two together.
  11. Who's tying what?

    Stealth Cougar StealthCougar by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Real Cougar Cougar by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr I can't take credit for this one. It is from Slide Inn MT. I used it to gauge proportions. StealthCougar3 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  12. Feedback to Bart

    PS I noticed the old members list is missing just now. So I can look at a members profile or pmail him only if I can work from a post. Awkward. That would be the cherry on the frosting.
  13. Feedback to Bart

    In the Bulletin Bart asked for feedback on the new website. So what better place to put it than here. First I like it a lot. The notifications we get via eMail are a lot better since we get a preview of the message instead of a notice. I have figured out how to do almost all the things I did before. So far the only thing I miss are the archives of old newsletter issues. I archived the PDFs up to 2015 myself, but I have a gap in recent issues. That would be frosting on the cake.
  14. New member intro

    Welcome Jim. First Smallmouth 65 years ago, Lazy Ike. Your best is yet to come.