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  1. hanukkah

    Happy Chanukah! All eight days.
  2. My best memories of great Smallmouth fishing are the trips my father and I took every year for many years camping and fishing in the MN Boundary Waters and the adjoining Ont Quetico Park. I figure it won't be long before ISA sends an expedition up there. well, maybe. There's news about a foreign mining operation with big plans to mine right next to the park. Congressman Tom Emmer (R) MN is promoting a bill to allow the mining. Please read and act as you will. Those parks are Smallmouth treasures. https://midcurrent.com/2017/12/04/speak-out-for-the-boundary-waters/?utm_source=MidCurrent+Fly+Fishing+Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=988fd0d639-MidCurrent_October_5_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8efbf3b958-988fd0d639-18956357
  3. Bronzeback Newsletter

    It came. Thanks Scott. I like the paperless approach. It was something we discussed a while back. Since this first round had some glitches, should people just pmail Scott if they did not get the link? No need to post here, right?
  4. Bronzeback Newsletter

    I think Scott has my correct eMail. But I did not get the issue.
  5. Blockheads

    That was a drawn gut tippet. 1950 was probably the end of the line for that material. Nylon mono replaced it, though that mono was nowhere near as strong as todays formulations. Resolved: for bass used a 10# or stronger tippet unless you are going with #6 or smaller flies.
  6. Blockheads

    Thanks Mark. Good instructions. I also learned to copy and paste on my Kindle.
  7. Blockheads

    20120311_39 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Did it work? 20120311_41 - Copy by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  8. Blockheads

    Mark, I see you used Flickr as a host for your pic. How did you do that? Rob, The charts are very relative especially when it comes to lb test. In A dry Fly Code, 1950, Vince Marinaro talked about the finest tippet material he could get 5X. It broke at 1/2 lb.
  9. Blockheads

    Spin can be a problem unless your bug head is torpedo shaped with the eye centered at the tip. The Blockhead eye is off center and the face slopes forward. A simple fix is to use a heavier tippet; its stiffness will resist twisting. I know as a carryover from thinking "fine and far off," I used to use 6# mono (3X) for tippet material. A standard chart will tell you to use 0X (10#) for size 4 to 1/0 flies. Since bugs are bulkier, you might go larger too. The heavier tippet also turns over bigger flies nicely. In this case fly fishermen have to match the tippet (leader and line also) to the fly.
  10. Blockheads

    Great question, Mark. The squared off face of the blockhead has more surface area; thus maximum disturbance in proportion to the body size. You have to decide if you want that disturbance.
  11. Another Lefty Interview

    Lefty needs no introduction. https://midcurrent.com/techniques/interview-lefty-kreh-on-a-lifetime-of-smallmouth-fishing/?utm_source=MidCurrent+Fly+Fishing+Email+Newsletter&utm_campaign=aae750042f-MidCurrent_October_5_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8efbf3b958-aae750042f-18956357
  12. Blockheads

    Bump. A recent interview featuring Leftyreminded me of this Meeting of the Minds in the past. Since photo bucket ruined it, I will be patching it up soon. Also I will post the interview link soon.
  13. Craft-Fur Muddler

    That is a tip, Rob. That is what I asked for. Now does anyone know a good free hosting service like Photobucket used to be?
  14. Craft-Fur Muddler

    Thanks Tom. Do you "plunk" these? I see you used TinyPic. Was that where you were having problems? Since I am migrating there, I would appreciate any tips.
  15. Craft-Fur Muddler

    Thanks, Tom. Keep working on the picture worth 1000 words.