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  1. There's more! The sections of the video on setting deer hair collars and spinning deer hair have broad application. It reminded me of some very effective jig patterns from the past. These two warhorses-Muddler Jig and Crawford Crawfish are examples. (Today I would tie the Muddler collar with a wider flair to get a sculpin look.) The jigs pictured are tied on 1/4 oz jigs. I have used the same patterns on 1/16 oz jigs. Collarjigs by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  2. Colin, I have been meaning to comment on this for a while. First I will fill out he picture on jigs by mentioning the smaller 1/64, 1/80, and 1/100 jigs on #s 8 and 10 hooks AKA trout jigs. There are all kinds of patterns including the easily tied mop flies which are obscenely effective on trout I have heard. You can fish these under a casting float on light spinning gear or on fly gear or tenkara. I frequently fish them with a strike indicator, aka small bobber. It looks like you are doing very well with tying. To get better, I recommend you warch videos by the masters. Galloup and Brammer come to mind. IMHO you cant beat Galloup's video on tying the ZooCougar since it has techniques that apply all over. More to Come.
  3. I got the picture from another website. The website claims that the net can double as a live well. I wish I had thought of that. All you need is some foam pipe insulation and electrical ties. I upgraded the netting on an older a while back and have been concerned about it going overboard and sinking. This would solve that problem. Too, you have a place to keep a fish while you get the camera ready.
  4. floatingnet by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  5. Mike G

    Tenkara Two Fer

    There's more. I just got this link. https://issuu.com/troutrageous1/docs/tenkara_angler_fall_2019/62 Many in the ISA know that Bob Long Jr has been promoting this radical approach to Fly Fishing for Smallmouths for over 20 years, long before Tenkara was introduced in the US. Tenkara just fits the method very well though the same philosophy can be applied with standard fly gear. Adam, you are right if you think you are standing where they should be fishing. But there is a method to the madness. You should really try to take in his presentation. He is a great speaker. John, thanks. Do you have any idea when Bob is speaking? PS Bob's article starts on p. 62.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised to come across this article recently. First it is good to see Bob Long Jr alive and preaching his gospel, =< 30 ft, downstream. Second a good intro to Smallmouth on Tenkara. That's the two. https://issuu.com/troutrageous1/docs/tenkara_angler_spring_2018/52
  7. Hear are some creations using Wally Tubing. Junevenile bass are all over the place where I fish ; so I made a Baby Bass Candy like the Surf Candy . A lot of tyers use body tubing to strengthen the head of this popular Saltwater fly. I downsized to a #4 3366 in Gold. Added craft fur, flash, tubing and eyes. babybasscandy by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr Next is a Body Tubing bunker. For use to flair bucktail on any fly. btbunker by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  8. Gary, The Wolf's Tooth by Christina Eisenberg is a great book about keystone predators and tropic cascade. It is amazing that reintroducing wolves in the west significantly reduced water temperature in the rivers. She covers other topics including the starfish and studies on bass in the UP. . electronic and regular formats at Amazon https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=wolfs+tooth&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss
  9. There is a Canadian tradition of throwing away the cork when you open a jug of wine or a bottle of VO. I'll drink to that. I noticed the spot but did not analyze the garbage. It is good to see an athlete picking up litter dirty or clean, no?
  10. Ever since Jack Gartside showed us the potential of Bohemian Chenille, I can't pass up the party and craft sections at Wally's. Holloween is a good season for materials. It turns out that this head band is body tubing in disguise. Tubing like this can be used to make bunkers for flaired bucktail flies and in forming the heads on surf candy streamers. this headband screamed at me from the party section. DSCF2992 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr The salvage is 2 meters orange tubing, two meters chart tubing, and four doll eyes. Not bad for $2. DSCF2993 by Michael Gerharz, on Flickr
  11. Thanks for the review. I wish Z-man would do a Helgi in their Elastec material. It woul d never stop moving.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Here is the rest of the story. It is over 60 years ago now that my father gave me a kit from Tackle-Tyers, Evanston IL. It got me started and served me well. I am still using the bobin. Despite the negativity on kits I went with one. https://smile.amazon.com/WETFLY-Deluxe-Tying-Book-Popular/dp/B000IAW2IK/ref=pd_rhf_cr_s_pd_crcbs_0_4/131-4850670-0057535?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000IAW2IK&pd_rd_r=9a4db73c-e05f-4032-a726-27dae660a45e&pd_rd_w=Zr3Uh&pd_rd_wg=BKyzB&pf_rd_p=6ba03529-44b7-4c95-95bf-2762b37f6529&pf_rd_r=TX15Z7QD8DYHZSVHKPQ9&psc=1&refRID=TX15Z7QD8DYHZSVHKPQ9 I chose it because the vise was better than others in the price range. It had a materials clip. It was also had a hair stacker. To suppliment the limited materials I added a shoe box full ofstuff. Grandaughter loves it.
  13. Based on Andy's comment my thoughts also went toward walnuts. This is the time of year when walnuts start to fall off the trees a nd messing up yards. I remember collecting them and smashing the husks with a hammer, and I remember the brown stains or our hands from the juice. Rubbing that juice on your fly might be the answer. Wear rubber gloves. Or make a pesto of leaves and walnut meat to smear on your bug. Walnut bark tea might work. Walnut oil is easy to buy. Amazon has a 6 oz spray bottle at about $6. Tuck one in your vest so you can respray the bug when it looses its aroma. If the fish get really fussy you can also get first press extra virgin walnut oil or kosher walnut oil. Both are $20-25 for 16 oz. Finally, only on the ISA site will you find cutting edge discussions like this. It keeps me coming bask.
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