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  1. Gregg S


    Anything posted here with date and info for 2019 Blowout? Gregg
  2. Gregg S

    Follow-up: 2017 Blowout Trip Winner

    Nice work Terry. Gregg
  3. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    Ed, Might be time to move on. Gregg
  4. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    I could do, and would do, Saturdays in March except for the 25th. Also could do weekday evenings except for Mondays and some Tuesdays. Gregg
  5. Scott, I can come by Friday afternoon for a couple of hours to give you and John a break if that would be helpful. Gregg
  6. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    Count me in.
  7. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    I would be interested if ISA does it again. Otherwise, I'll go visit him. Gregg
  8. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    Thanks for the input. I want to build a spinning rod. I think "economize" on the first one is probably good advice. I think I'll do that. Gregg
  9. Gregg S

    Anybody rod building?

    Every winter I seem to get obsessed with something while waiting for spring. This year I think I would like to build one or more rods. I've looked at the kits on Mudhole.com, but am a little concerned about just watching a video and diving in for fear of having an expensive but poorly made rod. Anybody doing this? Anybody know someone that might not mind helping? I probably would be happy to pay for a lessen. Advise me. Gregg
  10. Gregg S

    What Did Santa Bring You?

    A hoist to store the kayak at ceiling level in the garage. Now I need to buy or borrow a ladder tall enough to get me up there to install it. When installed, I can stop banging the kayak with my car door. Gregg
  11. Gregg S

    Pulled the trigger on new Yak

    Sweet yak. Sweet storage solution.
  12. Gregg S

    Back to the Buck

    I agree with those that have expressed appreciation for the effort. Gregg
  13. I agree with Norm that the roundtable was well received. The speaker he could not remember was Kevin Dells (I believe) representing the Kish guys. Gregg
  14. Gregg S

    Wader Boots

    I love the boa system. No more struggling to get boots on or off. AND no more retying the laces every 5 minutes. Gregg
  15. Gregg S

    Say It Aint So

    Ditto. Nice guy, and hard worker. I have memory seared in my brain of Rich operating a chain saw while drifting in a jon boat to remove logjam on the Kish. Gregg