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  1. Places to Store a Boat

    hello all, hope everyone is doing well as we enter the "offseason." i'm reaching out to you all about places to store a boat cheaply. real shot in the dark here, but thought i'd test the waters to see if any ISAers store boats somewhere, or give me guidance on where to store a boat. obviously price is most important. i've looked around chicago as i live in the city, but it seems pretty expensive. any suggestions/options are much appreciated. best, Rory D

    ill be there as well. family is visiting this coming weekend, so my old man will join too
  3. New Member

    thanks again for the replies. glad to be a part of an active group. i'll keep an eye out for when the river planting is on the forums.
  4. New Member

    thank you for the replies. i look forward to start exploring some local waters. I looked at the calendar on the website, and saw both of those events. i would like to attend both, i cannot make it this sunday because of the cubs game. i will try to come to the picnic on the 29th, that should work thanks for the replies
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    ISA, Hope all is well, and everyone is having tight lines this summer. My name is Rory, and I just moved to Chicago to start working next week. I am from Nashville, TN, and graduated from Indiana University last May. I am excited to be living up here, and want to start finding some bronzebacks. I am an avid fly fisherman, and have started fly tying in the past year. I am excited to join the ISA, and meet some of y'all. In the meantime, can anyone give me a lead on a place close to the city. I am living near Wrigley, but also have a car. I am going to check out the harbors soon, but have also done research on the rivers surrounding the Chicagoland area. The Fox and Des Plaines rivers look great, and I would love to gather some intel about where to wade and explore. I am excited to be here and ready to start catching fish. Rory