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  1. I would be glad to pay for a knowledgeable fisherman (or woman) that would take me fishing where and when I want to go. They would be required to show me things I don't know about fishing and help Norm P. with the house work.
  2. I've been suffering from diverticulitis again sure hope I can make it up north. Keep a bathroom open for me.
  3. Rockford law enforcement is nowhere to be found.
  4. Web Site Backlash

    I have been advocating catch and immediately release on tournament sites and warning about flooding on vacation sites. Did I get blasted by site managers for being negative.
  5. Looking forward to sitting on the porch watching nature and the river flowing. I'm getting too old for wading. I'm good at listening to fish stories and compliments. Be nice to old people.

    Wish I could have been there. I love to hear all of the fishing stories. I'm getting old and sickly and my driver was not available.

  8. Rain, Rain, Rain

    There is nothing 20 miles NW of Rockford.
  9. Apple River Wade Outing Cancelled

    Looking forward to the August trip.
  10. All around Spinning Rod and Reel for Smallies

    I love my St. Croix Premier even after I lost 2" from the tip on a canoe crash.
  11. Moving backward

    Too many of our leaders are not outdoorsmen. They don't have a clue.
  12. Suggestions for mounting boat trailer license plate

    Wire ties.
  13. Looking forward to Norm cooking breakfast, doing the dishes, cleaning up after us, always doing more than anyone else and over tipping when we go out. Every trip should have a guy like Norm.
  14. Change my dates from 8/19-8/21 to 8/15-8/18. If this is done I will send $ for the extra day.
  15. Kish Float: 4/22/17

    Everything​ is flooded in Rockford.