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  1. Ended up not being able to make but what a nice warm day for the outing although a little overcast probably would have made fishing better.
  2. Thanks to Jim Kast for turning me onto the swim jig I now cant put them down. I prefer the Brovarney swimjigs in 1/4 once with the grub trailers they also sell. I love the gringo color with the plain white grub trailer. The trailers match up perfect with the grubs. You can use them in almost any situation on rivers an lakes, you can retrieve them anyway you prefer, and they come trough some of the toughest cover with ease and hardly ever snag up. Most times the biggest fish I get in an outing come on the swimjig.
  3. After having a great day today might blowoff the Cubs game and make it to the outing.
  4. I have most of the colors including the green pumpkin texas red and they all produce it has turned into one of my favorite lures on the river.
  5. I bought the white rivers last year and in 7 months had to return them twice for leaks. Bass Pro replaced them both times but even the last pair I got started leaking.
  6. I used them once last year at Shabbona a great bait but rip after one fish and for 7 bucks a bag just not worth it.
  7. Im not packing it in there are always the discharges.
  8. Sorry wanted to make this but hurt my back earlier in the week.
  9. Looks like some awesome lures will have to buy some in the future.
  10. Joseph was a great speaker and I found it very informative. He convinced me to buy Simms from him next year, especially now that my 3rd pair of bass pro waders in the past 7 months are leaking again.
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