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  1. My old man is treating me to a guided trip, we are leaning towards Smallmouth and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any guide services.
  2. Matto

    Gear ratio too slow for rivers?

    Thanks for the tips guys, after reading the suggestions I think it may have mainly been a mix of me high sticking them during the fight and poor hook sets because I was wading deeper than usual and a little concerned about stability in the current. Also it's good to hear that making multiple hook sets is beneficial because for some reason I thought that was a bad thing, now I'm just going to do what feels natural and has worked in the past. I didn't even consider it but comparing my previous pack of rugby jigs to the ones I just purchased there does seem to be a small difference in the stickiness of the hook and it's probably time to throw some new power pro on my lews I am starting to get into the spool. Thanks again for the tips.
  3. Yesterday I got out and somehow managed to loose four fish back to back. I was in unusually fast current wading and they darted right at me I couldn't keep up after my hookset as soon as I caught up to them they popped the surface and came off. I'm curious if I was having a bad day or my Lew's Speed Spool LFS in a 6.8 gear ratio that pulls 28 inches per turn was partially at fault? I do a lot of largemouth fishing anyways and was thinking of upping my ratio for my t-rig and jig rod anyways, probably just looking for justification to try out a revo rocket lol. Thanks.