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  1. rich mc

    Move Over Kelly

    great stuff to post on a snowy saturday i would have bet you did a red and white fly.
  2. rich mc

    The Bears

    guess people think its easy to get a double doink. ive never seen one before.
  3. rich mc

    Swim Bait+Chatterbait=?

    i read where a musky guide adds a 9 inch magnum rabbit strip to a 1 oz chatterbait
  4. rich mc

    Des Plaines River Help

    check with our blowout speaker mr regas fishes the des plaines and salt creek heck he is from westchester rich
  5. rich mc

    Clouser Leader Kit- Any Interest?

    i prefer the little red drink mixing straws for nail knots . one reason to go to the drinking hole. gee honey i forgot my knot tying tool again
  6. rich mc


    so how life like do flies have to be ? anglers have been fly fishing using what is available for years and caught fish .
  7. rich mc


    recently on a black friday special i ordered some new bernat velvet chenille. this stuff will make great buggers, bodies on crappie jigs. unfortunatelyit doesnt furl so nicely . you may find it at joannns, michaels stores. 350 yards for about 10 bucks. also picked up some spinella eyelash yarn this stuff is perfect for furling , and making ned rig type jigs but furl two strand together for the tail. it come s in a cake form roll with 5 colors in each cake . all this in time for the indoortying season
  8. rich mc


    the jdm rods are talked about alot on crappie.com on the bream panfish forum
  9. rich mc


    withe the high cost of the flies i wouldrather buy a lucky craft or whopper plopper
  10. rich mc

    Better see some reports

    ok we got about 6inches of snow here in lee, and its 10pm and still piling up. its a report anyhow
  11. rich mc

    gunners flies

    so those that seen him at the show and at orvis on monday any comments on his style ? i didnt talk with him long but his latest fly which is like the hollow fly, is tied on small tubes on a wire core. very clever and so sparse . his beast fly was about 10 inches long .
  12. rich mc

    The Early Show November 11, 2018

    THANK YOU to John for 10 years of running this show . you have done an excellent job
  13. rich mc

    The Early Show November 11, 2018

    my grandson cant wait to do mop fly demos. i will also be doing tying demos on my version of the dragontail style of fly. depending on how it is trimmed it makes a leech or baitfish pattern. it also works good tied on a chatterbait or jig head for you spinning gear fans. see you there rich
  14. rich mc


    any pointers or tips on using them? are they mostly a cold water bait? i have been tying furled tails on them with results on lm bass in the ponds
  15. rich mc

    What are good beginner bass flies

    bob clousers book is great for beginners. try to hookup with some central illinois bassbuggers they meet in the winter. the isa fly show is great for watching tyers tie but is a few hours away. rich
  16. rich mc

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    so how is the water level now
  17. rich mc

    Glue for Fabric to Foam?

    i would suggest liquid fusion from a craft store
  18. rescue below the spillway is set for this wednesday 4 30-5pm whenever we have enough bodies to cover the creek. bring waders or wet wade and a good sized net . we expect about 50 muskies and some big stripers. those coming from the east post up and ride together rich
  19. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    was a good turnout but the numbers were low 13 muskies , one huge striper some walleyes and a bunch of catfish good show of ISA anglers including pete plauch. still a nice outing rich
  20. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    yes i plan to be there about 3 30 to work on the upper spillway barrier . waders are good, big net if you have one. thanks rich
  21. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    its been approved 4 30 -5pm fish handling gloves are good too. rich
  22. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    new tentative date is for tuesday july 3rd 4 30-5 just waiting for one more approval
  23. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    its been cancelled i will post when a new date is set. john we normally park in the lot closest the dam and walk the dike to the spillway. we also get a few pickups that can shuttle people
  24. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    i just heard it may be cancelled if we get a big rain that they are predicting . iwill post tuesday evening if its on or offf