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    Glue for Fabric to Foam?

    i would suggest liquid fusion from a craft store
  2. rescue below the spillway is set for this wednesday 4 30-5pm whenever we have enough bodies to cover the creek. bring waders or wet wade and a good sized net . we expect about 50 muskies and some big stripers. those coming from the east post up and ride together rich
  3. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    was a good turnout but the numbers were low 13 muskies , one huge striper some walleyes and a bunch of catfish good show of ISA anglers including pete plauch. still a nice outing rich
  4. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    yes i plan to be there about 3 30 to work on the upper spillway barrier . waders are good, big net if you have one. thanks rich
  5. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    its been approved 4 30 -5pm fish handling gloves are good too. rich
  6. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    new tentative date is for tuesday july 3rd 4 30-5 just waiting for one more approval
  7. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    its been cancelled i will post when a new date is set. john we normally park in the lot closest the dam and walk the dike to the spillway. we also get a few pickups that can shuttle people
  8. rich mc

    shabbona musky rescue

    i just heard it may be cancelled if we get a big rain that they are predicting . iwill post tuesday evening if its on or offf
  9. rich mc


    was in bass pro yesterday. they[bps] now make a double plopper with a rotating fin in the front and bass . it would be noisy but would be harder to walk the dog rich
  10. rich mc

    Isn't It Funny...

    did kevin dells come back to town?
  11. luckily the heat kept the numbers down. mark,mike,forrest and craig and i made for the smallest amount of workers we ever had there. all worked out fine and the hot corn and subway sandwiches topped off the fun teh kids had. this cold one is for you SgtTommy !
  12. van is loaded. i put in a fly rod for doing demos if we have enough workers to cover regular casting. we could probably get some young workers to run the felt fish . i missed one event and it just made the whole summer feel weird . i saw dan basore on monday and he will be there
  13. who else will be there? i ll have some of my latest flies and jigs for our workers to field test rich
  14. for years it was the sneaky pete. then came the gurgler. i have found the stealth bomber to be too foamy as the fly will move when a fish rushes it= more misses. i have seen the jude bug just catch fish after fish. funny but for shabbona ,sliders and divers work best in the am and poppers in the pm. same goes for spinnerbaits in the am and buzzers at pm. been that way for years
  15. got the goods today thanks john for the new box to hold the rods
  16. i can pick up the gear from john this thursday afternoon. rich
  17. rich mc


    john do you have the felt fish too? i dont know yet if i will make it but will try for the am
  18. rich mc

    Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    so do i need a water usage sticker for my daughters kayak? rich
  19. rich mc


    mike i would have bet you that you would have it painted red head and white in honor of Lefty
  20. rich mc

    Booby flies

    or you can try a floating jighead. the phelps floaters have been used as a topwater flyby adding legs and a tail.
  21. rich mc

    Advice on getting kids into fishing

    before you even take him or her rig up a bobber ,practice plug or lure with no hooks and practice casting to a bucket start short then longer . you can get then to practice by themselves . once they have confidence in casting the rest is easier
  22. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    you can use the steel brush but it is overkill i prefer a velcro tab on a stick
  23. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    i can see furled tail and body of eyelash yarn under the foam head
  24. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    in words of Ed Buric ITS TONIGHT
  25. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    next thursday 4 -19 is our fly tying session at dupage fly 6pm. i will be instructing on tying the action worm using eyelash yarn . the small version is a great imitation of a ned rig . mid size is a worm or minnow pattern depending on how it is trimmed. a large version is just like the dragontail used on musky flies . for the fans of the ned rig come on out and bring some mushroom heads . i will have a clear container with water so you can see the action when wet .