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  1. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    you can use the steel brush but it is overkill i prefer a velcro tab on a stick
  2. rich mc

    Black Stealth Cougar

    i can see furled tail and body of eyelash yarn under the foam head
  3. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    in words of Ed Buric ITS TONIGHT
  4. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    next thursday 4 -19 is our fly tying session at dupage fly 6pm. i will be instructing on tying the action worm using eyelash yarn . the small version is a great imitation of a ned rig . mid size is a worm or minnow pattern depending on how it is trimmed. a large version is just like the dragontail used on musky flies . for the fans of the ned rig come on out and bring some mushroom heads . i will have a clear container with water so you can see the action when wet .
  5. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    anyone coming? i can start to prep the materials
  6. rich mc

    monthly isa tying

    there is also a dropshot version hope scott can bring his camera
  7. is this near the project we did years ago about building side ramp for fish passage either big rock or little rock creek ? rich
  8. rich mc

    Newsletter Delivered

    nice issue, forgot about the mixed media fly .
  9. rich mc

    abe downs at dupage fly

    abe guides smallies and muskies in the stevens point area he will be at dupage fly from 6-7 pm wednesday april 4th.
  10. rich mc

    Outdoor notebook and bob m

    he did a goodbye issue of outdoor notebook like last june. i tried to email bob last summer but no reply i dont know if the radio program is still on, i cant get it out west here rich
  11. rich mc

    Lefty Kreh

    i have meet him twice. there was never a better ambassador for fly fishing than him. i am going to introduce 10 anglers to fly fishing this year as a tribute to him.
  12. rich mc

    Good Read

    tim had his tightline booth across from me last weekend at the hawkeye fly show his stack of books vanished real quick.
  13. rich mc

    Just 4 Fun

    i cant judge the two of you because i havnt seen jude dance yet. very close as terry can dance and jude has a bug named after him. if there was a fishing challenge i would favor terry in cold water [tube jigs] and jude in warm water [jude bug , chug bug ]
  14. rich mc

    Who's tying what?

    you lost me on that diagram mike. how about a single foam cut out with sizes rich mc
  15. rich mc

    This Tequeely for Ronnie

    ron did sing the praises of that fly. you reminded me that i wanted to tie some in black n blue.
  16. rich mc

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    i always enjoyed his stories and posts . he looked like the perfect fly angler in his fishing hat.
  17. rich mc

    Who's tying what?

    do you store them in the cleaning closet or tackle box. mr clean would like them too
  18. rich mc

    Who's tying what?

    those bombers are very nice one thing i would do is use starflash silicone legs they are round and thicker= more silhoute and more water movement . i think starflash is made in southern illinois. rich
  19. rich mc


    we learned this from dave[bad hair day fly]. i just started this with my satin flies and it works rich
  20. rich mc

    New member intro

    welcome i fish the kish and shabbona too. and live in lee rich mc
  21. jan 13 and feb 3rd are the scheduled nights for extended hours for ice fishing park hours normally close at 5pm but anglers can stay out and be off the lake by 9 30pm and out of the park by 10pm. fish cribs will also be placed in somonauk bay of feb 3rd thru the ice rich mc
  22. the shabbona sportsman club will be building more fish cribs saturday feb 3 at the shabbona lake state park office garage 9am is the start time . others built last year were placed on teh ice last week and broke thru saturday photos of them are on shabbonalake.com facebook we should be done around noon in time for a cookout or fishing
  23. congratts on your 10th year. that stealth bomber has a solid following down south. first heard of it years ago when mike g tied one . rich
  24. rich mc

    Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    i think i will venture into some articulated flies. never tied one yet. Jonn you going to sell some at tinley?
  25. rich mc

    Reverse Popper Head to Make a Diver

    thanks for sharing this fly. two questions are the beads on the mono metal or plastic? why use a sink tip on a diver?