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  1. thanks mike. the fun part of the dragontails is blending different colors together and also different sizes such as 1/4 with 1/2 inch wide, 1/2 with 3/4. there is no need for wire shanks rich
  2. i thought i read somewhere that the rod length issue was no longer used in tournaments
  3. there will be a fly and jig tying session on Saturday March 14. held at Runaways restaurant in north aurora [rt 56 and 25] 12 to 3pm. we will tye up flies and jigs using satin and eyelash yarn. on the list are some sexy shad clousers and some madtom initations . should also have time for a few dragontail style tails. all material will be provided .this is for anyone , bring your vise and tools , a few extras will be available for rookie tiers . they have good food,cold drinks and the fox river is close to test your creations .
  4. rich mc


    Gunner Brammer who was at the early 2years ago has launched a 4 part u tube on tying jigs . called spin jigs 1 and 2 so far. well done and easy to follow
  5. is that hank in the far right , he is a member of slsc and joined isa at the early show rich
  6. hey mark. i remember meeting you at one more cast and talking with you in kirkland just after we did the log jam removal. rich out in shabbona
  7. just saw another ford escape commercial lady chops on a christmas tree with and axe. puts tree on top of vehicle and its base is cuts square.dam she is good with an axe
  8. that ultra rig may be of help on a worm variation. since the braid and tubing would be flexible ,tying my worm would place the hook in the middle,or rear half of the fly.
  9. wonder if they would work fished as a float n fly.
  10. yery nice what size is the hook
  11. i tried putting them on a shannon streamer. fly rolled on its side. directions that come with the lipps show the lipps can go on either top or bottom.
  12. he is a good speaker with plenty of knowledge in the central illinois outdoor scene. very good choice .
  13. has a speaker or speakers been lined up yet. just curious as i have a show i may attend .
  14. rich mc

    early show

    forgot to mention i had a nice chat with bill sherer of we tie it fly shop in boulder junction wisc.
  15. rich mc

    early show

    mark took a pic of one of my dragontail worms.
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