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  1. just yesterday i had 1200 yards arrive from turkey a new yarn that just came out.. gee i am off today ,what should i do? no brainer
  2. rich mc

    craft hair

    some may remember the targus craft hair. the portland fly shop has a large supply on sale. over 3.5 inches long on an 8x8 patch for `1.99
  3. thats a true fire tiger color. most tyers will layer dark on top and light on the bottom , you broke that box. with the furling that i have been doing i have used a shorter eyelash[red] combined with a white longer eyelash and it gives me a red backbone type pattern .now you gave me the idea of mixing other colors for the body. could be a jeff gordon fly or rainbow warrior. rich
  4. jonn graham is speaking both days as is paul center who was involved with isa years ago. jonn has his booth with his swimbaits, ill have mine with jigs and flies, raptor spinnerbaits should be there and white iron resort. craig riendeau will have his off the deep edge booth as he will be guiding on mille lacs this spring .also shabbona lakeside, jim kopjo crappie service, as well as austin adducci is normally there. plenty to see
  5. been tying jigs for the tinley show. craw jigs , and a new crappie thumper jig 1/32 head with long mop tail and short eyelash hackled around the collar. today ive been playing with furled baitfish flies with satin wings[bottom ,side and top] tied thunder creek style to build a bigger head , that gets covered in crystal tee shirt paint with eyes rich
  6. looks like one guy slept thru it all. time now for some northern region fly tying . rich
  7. looks like fun except for the guy on the gurney. how could someone sleep with stan telling jokes . time for us northern tyers to get together.
  8. good video. i will spend more time tying articulated flies this year.
  9. great stuff to post on a snowy saturday i would have bet you did a red and white fly.
  10. guess people think its easy to get a double doink. ive never seen one before.
  11. i read where a musky guide adds a 9 inch magnum rabbit strip to a 1 oz chatterbait
  12. check with our blowout speaker mr regas fishes the des plaines and salt creek heck he is from westchester rich
  13. i prefer the little red drink mixing straws for nail knots . one reason to go to the drinking hole. gee honey i forgot my knot tying tool again
  14. rich mc


    recently on a black friday special i ordered some new bernat velvet chenille. this stuff will make great buggers, bodies on crappie jigs. unfortunatelyit doesnt furl so nicely . you may find it at joannns, michaels stores. 350 yards for about 10 bucks. also picked up some spinella eyelash yarn this stuff is perfect for furling , and making ned rig type jigs but furl two strand together for the tail. it come s in a cake form roll with 5 colors in each cake . all this in time for the indoortying season
  15. the jdm rods are talked about alot on crappie.com on the bream panfish forum
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