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  1. Who's tying what?

    i got blue at a dollar store
  2. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    mike i think you only had snuggle up yarn on the bottom fly the others were wendy eider chunky yarn. i will try to do a demo at my tinley show booth let me know what time you could be there rich mc
  3. Who's tying what?

    mop flies are crazy popular. there even is a website who makes just mop flies MOPFLIES.COM blue has been my best color. for smallmouthyou can use some of the one for the tail and another forthe body longer nubs .i found some longer 1 3/4inch mops at farm n fleet in the truckpart area .
  4. Heartland Fly Fishing Festival Jan. 20-21

    wish i knew of the show sooner, i may have set up a booth.
  5. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    mike just use the snuggle up yarn i gave you furl it for a long tail and wrap the body . same length of hair as rabbit without the hide, i have two dozen tied up for the tinley show and some also tied on jigheads . rich mc
  6. hollow pleyes

    very good video. i sent it to mike g yesterday.he uses the eyes that are on a backing too. rich mc
  7. jan 13 and feb 3rd are the scheduled nights for extended hours for ice fishing park hours normally close at 5pm but anglers can stay out and be off the lake by 9 30pm and out of the park by 10pm. fish cribs will also be placed in somonauk bay of feb 3rd thru the ice rich mc
  8. Winter go to smallie flies

    another option is to tie a balanced leech or minnow pattern this is made for indicator fishing phil rowling has several u tubes on tying and fishing them. rich mc
  9. Winter go to smallie flies

    the shannon streamer does best in cold water, it sinks slowly after its good and wet.anglers fish is almost deadstick style
  10. One of our own passed

    i remember tying with him at the fire station. my prayers to him and his family rich mc
  11. freedomlures.com

    i am curious about some of their unique lures. their flashback shad is just like the ice fishing rapala except its on a wire and should have more movement . the buzzbait has a swivel hook like the honey buzz did. has eric tried any of these? rich mc
  12. Light for Curing UV Glue

    i think ccg is no longer made lot of tyers are using solarex which is made for repairing surfboards rich mc
  13. pat cohen's frog

    photos on his website just show the top of the sliding frog rusuperfly.com rich mc
  14. pat cohen's frog

    i got to see his frog fly up close. first thing i noticed was the tight packed hair, second a double mono weedguard, third was two beads on the hook bend to tilt the frog butt down. forth was he dyed colors on the ultra suade with a brush,no markers .last was the way the hair was trimmed on top with a valley between the eye sockets . superb fly in all aspects . maybe john can photo it when the website gets fixed . rich mc
  15. The Early Show - 11/12/17

    another well run show, great job john and all that assisted.