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  1. saw on the news of two possible hog farms wanting to build in winnebago county. one is 5k hogs . same story agriculture says all the waste will be contained in pits and spread on fields as fertilizer . they did mention sugar creek.
  2. should work just fine, nice coloring
  3. thanks mike for the ribbon.it turns out the shiny material is lengthwise, which allows me to make longer lengths.
  4. looking forward to the rootbeer color one of the few satin colors i dont have thanks mike
  5. they are well tyed. i dont see small crayfish flies much and his are sweet
  6. looks more like a musky lure.guess we need to carry a tennis racket to swat them
  7. i swapped some f;ies with john and i can say the 2nd fly is a bluegill slayer.we caught 20 to 9 inches and fly still looks great iput it on my fly rod caught a few and grandson said let me try that.. never got it back .
  8. rich mc


    thanks a friend was asking about it.i remembered something about it from jay angel .but that was years ago when it was redone.
  9. its also known as a shadow feather. once seen a leech pattern made with it .tips of 2 feathers for tail and a few were hackled on the shank. a 2or 3xl hook was used . took about 6 feathers for whole fly and a bead head
  10. rich mc


    does anyone know much about this fishing area ?does it have smallies ? speak up please
  11. shabbona lake state park will open friday may 1st but lakeside is not allowed to open, they even offered to run it outside with social distance. no bait,boat rentals or licenses. dont know about camping.
  12. ive made some longer mop flies. instead of the mop along the whole shank i put just enough to tie on , then tieon matching color short chenille to wrap the body. i also do the same on a 1/32 jighead which ends up like a ned rig profile.
  13. as for a knot. if using a clip i tie a palomar knot and when using braid. otherwise an improved clinch
  14. i took over one of my daughters bedrooms years ago. i use a tool chest as my desk 3big drawers on the bottom for craft hair,yarn,marabou then the smaller drawers for nail polish, markers. on top is a 24 x 48 pressboard .. it sits on a 2x4 frame that is in the well that a tool box would be . the table top is about 42 inches off the ground. i have a 12x15 plywood extending toward me like a diving board . this allows me to sit on a tall stool and gives me leg room. . i really dont like tying at others venues as i have to pack up all my stuff and they normally have basic banquet tables and chairs. i have since learned that by putting leg extenders under the tables it does make it higher and more like at home.
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