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  1. mike you are the winner as you now have someone to tie flies with. that is a nice kit
  2. rich mc

    new material

    i had [posted a yarn alert in july when they discontinued the cloud 9 yarn. now they have filled the bins at hobby lobby with a similar but larger yarn . yarn bee now has a fur of the moment eyelash yarn . as cloud 9 was 1/4 inch this new one is 1/2inch,snuggle up yarn is 3/4inch thi s yarn is as close as you can get to rabbit fur.colors are not the best but they have white,cream dark brown,light pink and 3 darker two tone that should work. i am thinking of doing a Bugs N Bears tying session at Runaways in N Aurora. they are normally closed on sunday but will be open for noon games only. so we can have a drink tie some flies and jigs and watch da bears, will let you know
  3. never seen a good kit. buy a vise and tools separately mike knows all about using other materials such as dino blocks, yarn.
  4. saw the rowdy bait buzzer at lees bait in carolstream on armytrail rd
  5. rich mc

    tequelly fly

    was told that material is not sold and is exclusive to orvis that ties that pattern.
  6. rich mc

    tequelly fly

    john l told me that the coppery body is only available to orvis that ties the pattern. i picked one up yesterday at yorktown orvis. i plan to tie some on a offset worm hook with lead wire on the bottom of shank so it rides point up
  7. rich mc

    tequelly fly

    that fly is a proven winner by our club anglers. has anyone tried tying them if different colors or sizes. yellow/copper seems to be the only one sold
  8. rich mc

    yarn alert

    hobby lobby has put yarn bee cloud 9 yarn in clearance 251 yards for 1.19 down from 3.99 i have hit geneva,stratford ,dekalb to get more . if anyone can find olive lets talk
  9. rich mc


    got mine today . nice crankbait article but i didnt write it.
  10. without a doubt Sgt Tommy had a hand in pushing the rain away and gave us overcast skies and a wonderful breeze. what a great event to get families fishing again and more importantly OUTSIDE. i heard from many saying that they havent fished in many years and wanted get the little ones fishing. i will offer to run a basic knot tying booth next year.
  11. i have a few extra rods for casting and another for the felt fish. good to see that eugene is coming, he can handle a bunch by himself. gee i might have a fly for him
  12. just a reminder it this saturday i have the targets, cones, rods n reels, banner , velcro fish rich
  13. shab has a visibility of about 8 inches. no we dont get those clumps . crappies here will spawn deeper in clear water, so i think they will be at the bank. thats right on for tenkara
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