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  1. i tried putting them on a shannon streamer. fly rolled on its side. directions that come with the lipps show the lipps can go on either top or bottom.
  2. he is a good speaker with plenty of knowledge in the central illinois outdoor scene. very good choice .
  3. has a speaker or speakers been lined up yet. just curious as i have a show i may attend .
  4. rich mc

    early show

    forgot to mention i had a nice chat with bill sherer of we tie it fly shop in boulder junction wisc.
  5. rich mc

    early show

    mark took a pic of one of my dragontail worms.
  6. rich mc

    early show

    i will be doing demos on my version of the dragontail which is easier to cast, more durable and can be trimmed for different action. see you at the show
  7. rich mc

    early show

    its coming soon, nov 10th. i have been clearing out my stash of chenilles and yarns. i will be offering bargain prices on this at the show [like 4-5 yards for a buck] will also have flies i tie with it and will do some tying demos at my table . rich
  8. good to hear from you. i remember having breakfast and fishing and the logjam removal project on the kish with you think it was 2001 rich mc
  9. thanks terry for the full version. the 30 sec clip they were showing didnt show pullin out the shopping cart.
  10. have any of you noticed the clip with jj watt,football star helping with a river clean up. they pick up a net full of plastic bottles. funny how they are clean , and someone put the caps back on so they float.
  11. the rain water was still fillin up the pond so it took longer to drain finally 2700 lm bass came from the roadside pond and the smallmouth pond was monitored ocassionally . no count on them as it can drain right into the lake estimate of 2500.
  12. the two ponds at shabbona will be drained on friday. one has lm , other smallies. meet at the main road roadside pond about 8 30 this is the pond on the rightside of road as you drive in. best is you get to talk with the biologist . rich
  13. i can just picture you wearing that out of the store. we all know how they dress at wally world.
  14. mike you are the winner as you now have someone to tie flies with. that is a nice kit
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