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  1. wow the post office is running fast. flies sent from danville to shabbona . mailed mon and deliverd to me wednesday. nice faux ep minnows, shenk streamer and a hollow fleye made with craft hair
  2. finally got a tyer from cental il to swap some flies . im sure we will both enjoy it and learn something. stay well
  3. many of us will be sittin out the virus. im thinking of a swap one on one with another. one on one is easier as it doesnt require a return envelope and due date can be decided to fit both of you. example i will offer 4 flies, a new worm fly,satin streamer a big dragontail. and a crayfish. one can counter saying ill give you 4 poppers or whatever for 4 worms or two worms and two satin streamers. color and size can also arranged what do you think?
  4. for another version of a craw look up bigjoshybaits their craw has a big hammer type boot between the claws .
  5. 5 showed up to tie . 3 were first time tyrs. i will re tie the flies and take photos by step this week. we did a 3 inch simple leech, river minnow streamer, eyelash streamer and a large dragontail. used short cloud 9 yarn,satin, 3/4 snuggle up eyelash yarn and 1/4 inch panda eyelash yarn .
  6. TODAY see you there
  7. 2morrow. . tables will be disinfected . why not learn a new pattern in case you are stuck indoors . if you are sick dont come. rich
  8. as ed would say 2 MORE DAYS
  9. i am not against fishing tournaments especially the hook,photo release format. but its my personal opinion that the for a tournament the dupage is too small. rich mc
  10. the sexy shad fly or jig is a definite, the madtom imitation i will have them to look at but a common creek chub will be a better choice. i was at the iowa fly show saturday and the dnr had a display tank with 2 dozen chubs so i took notes and will demo those. they are also much more available than the madtoms .
  11. everything is set for saturday .who is planning to attend?
  12. it was eye opening but also felt like cheating. it eliminates the hunting aspect sort of like hunting out of a helicopter. they are not allowed during ice fishing competition but can be used in pre fish
  13. met up with jim kopjo at some private ponds to see his livescope at work. you drill a hole drop the transducer down and spin ,it would show youwhat is out therein a 360 radius many times fish were in small schools 10ft down in 13 ft of water. you then drill a hole 25 away where you marked them . maybe catch one or in our case they would move . it was almost like playing wack a mole . once you start fishing a flasher unit is used so you can seeif fish are following your jig. released 29 gills back to the water . technology is too refined. do you fish or watch the screen ?
  14. thanks mike. the fun part of the dragontails is blending different colors together and also different sizes such as 1/4 with 1/2 inch wide, 1/2 with 3/4. there is no need for wire shanks rich
  15. i thought i read somewhere that the rod length issue was no longer used in tournaments
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