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  1. rich mc


    got mine today . nice crankbait article but i didnt write it.
  2. without a doubt Sgt Tommy had a hand in pushing the rain away and gave us overcast skies and a wonderful breeze. what a great event to get families fishing again and more importantly OUTSIDE. i heard from many saying that they havent fished in many years and wanted get the little ones fishing. i will offer to run a basic knot tying booth next year.
  3. i have a few extra rods for casting and another for the felt fish. good to see that eugene is coming, he can handle a bunch by himself. gee i might have a fly for him
  4. just a reminder it this saturday i have the targets, cones, rods n reels, banner , velcro fish rich
  5. shab has a visibility of about 8 inches. no we dont get those clumps . crappies here will spawn deeper in clear water, so i think they will be at the bank. thats right on for tenkara
  6. mike what is your lake conditions high and muddy
  7. rich mc

    Whip Finish

    that was explained so well. thanks
  8. crankbait makers have just copied what fly guys have been doing in the past several years the game changer fly really started it. mike g posted on his wire connectors . this is almost like copy of one of craigs bugs. should work very well
  9. rich mc

    3 inch Eyelash

    we learned that from bill over ten years ago. the fly was called the murdered muppet .the part of adding tear mender is new. and back then nobody used shanks. the stretching of the craft hair only works with hareline brand .
  10. thanks for the notice.ive missed one and dontplan on missing another. yes for the fly casting.
  11. the whole key to these flies is how it is trimmed i have even used some goop to make a solid tail fin on the big fly . it helps to keel the fly and gives it a bigger kick when stripped . mike one thing when making the longer flies , if you add some foam to the shank or some material, it will give the body more girthwhich will help in getting a truer minnow shape. i do like your idea of the shank over a wire and bead connector.
  12. 11 showed up to learn a few things about furling, and using satin. awesome patty melt and bock beer finished the event for me. think we will try a summer session tying topwater stuff there.
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