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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. I guess the word to the wise is be careful out there and don't stir anything up if you are asked to leave an area.
  2. Last weekend I was disappointed not to be able to attend the Kish Wade on Saturday so I did the next best thing….got my son and a buddy and decided to float the South Branch of the Kish on Sunday. We floated the river between Oak Ridge FP and Deer Run FP. Along the way we found a nice little hole and pulled a few fish from it. As we were wrapping up, a guy came to the shore line and asked us to move along as he owned the land on both sides of the river. Having already pulled what we though we could from the area, we obliged without incident. However, this got me to thinking….. was I doing anything wrong? Did he really own the river because he owned the land on both sides? I was always under the impression that if you could float it, you could fish it. What I found surprised me. I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone has any different information as some of what I found is old material from the Depaul Law Review. https://via.library.depaul.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.bing.com/&httpsredir=1&article=2408&context=law-review Can’t see to find if the laws have changed in 20 years or not. 1. First if the waterway is navigable for commerce it falls under Federal Law and is fine for public use. Illinois Navigable waterways are listed on the ILDNR website. https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/WaterResources/Pages/PublicWaters.aspx 2. The Kish and its branches are not listed; therefore, it is not considered a public waterway (navigable) for the purposes of public usage. 3. Public use right then boils down to bed ownership and riparian ownership. a. A Riparian Owner owns the land abutting the river and gives him access rights to use the waterway (and its water). b. A bed owner owns the bed of the river and can limit access and use of the river. In Illinois infinite wisdom, they have granted land owners bed ownership as well. Private bed ownership severely limits the publics right to use the river or stream. It appears to me that the rub is found deep in the Riparian Ownership rights. Certainly, where a FP district owns the land adjacent to the river it is fair game for the public. But how far down the river do the FP rights extend? This is probably a very oversimplified overview of the law but it begs the question “Next weekend can I legally Fish the Kish?”
  3. I was looking forward to this float and then it disappeared off the calendar..... I thought it was always posted in this forum to see who was interested??
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys......maybe I'll just take some gear and see what happens from shore. Keep it simple and safe!
  5. I'm headed for Illini State Park for the weekend. I've never been before. Looking at the Google satellite photos, it appears to be right by a lock and dam stretch of the Illinois river. Looks like Person Creek flows through the park as well. Has anyone ever fished this area? Should I bring my kayak or can you just fish the banks? Any input/knowledge would be appreciated. If there are any Blues fans out there, Big Dog Mercer is going to be playing at Starved Rock Sat night...… thus the last minute trip! John
  6. Was good to be on the water. Enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to doing it again..... I’m sure there are fish there somewhere! ?
  7. My buddy is a no go...... something about a bachelor party tonight and guaranteed hangover tomorrow. I'm still in.
  8. I’m planning on attending and might have a buddy who is interested.
  9. Never had the kayak on the Kish.....I'd be up for a float if it materializes.
  10. Would love to join you on the 6th if you still have a spot open. Never fished the Kish and it seems like this would be a good introduction.
  11. Appreciate the hints! You may just see me out there!
  12. Thanks for the feed back on the Big Rig. It is a heavy one for sure. I'm also going to look at the Wilderness Attack 14. I'm a tall guy so I think I need a sit on top. If you have any others you would deem worth investigating, Id love to hear about it. Maybe I should just get a bass boat!
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