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  1. Was good to be on the water. Enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to doing it again..... I’m sure there are fish there somewhere! 😏
  2. My buddy is a no go...... something about a bachelor party tonight and guaranteed hangover tomorrow. I'm still in.
  3. I’m planning on attending and might have a buddy who is interested.
  4. jcarroll

    Kish Wade Outing, 6/24/17

    Never had the kayak on the Kish.....I'd be up for a float if it materializes.
  5. jcarroll

    Fox River Float, May 6th

    Another weekend of Lake fishing! Ugh.
  6. jcarroll

    Kish Float: 4/22/17

    Would love to join you on the 6th if you still have a spot open. Never fished the Kish and it seems like this would be a good introduction.
  7. jcarroll

    Hi Everyone - New to ISA

    Appreciate the hints! You may just see me out there!
  8. jcarroll

    Hi Everyone - New to ISA

    Thanks for the feed back on the Big Rig. It is a heavy one for sure. I'm also going to look at the Wilderness Attack 14. I'm a tall guy so I think I need a sit on top. If you have any others you would deem worth investigating, Id love to hear about it. Maybe I should just get a bass boat!
  9. jcarroll

    Hi Everyone - New to ISA

    New member who just wanted to introduce myself and say so far I have enjoyed reading all the great information posted here at ISA. I am in the St Charles area and mostly fish the Fox. Would enjoy meeting other anglers who fish the same area. I fish both fly and a baitcaster. I like to wade and Kayak. I am actually considering a new kayak and just tested a Jackson Big Rig.....man is that a comfy seat! Before I pull the trigger, I would love to hear any pros and cons from other Kayak fisherman regarding that rig or any others they are familiar with. Cheers! John Carroll