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  1. Smallmouth baits

    5 top go to baits for river smallmouth ready go!!! 1. Tubes 2. Swig jigs 3. Spinner baits 4. Senkos 5. Top water buzzbaits
  2. NW Region Pizza Party

    Count me in terry!!!
  3. G loomis bronze back rod

    Merry Christmas to me!!! Went with the 6'9 med heavy fast action eric. Seemed like the best all around rod for throwing a wider selection of baits. Can't wait to try this baby out in the spring.
  4. G loomis bronze back rod

    Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this rod? Thinking about making it my next river rod paired with a lews tournament pro baitcaster. http://www.gloomis.com/content/g-loomis/us/en/home/conventional/rods1/bass/BRONZEBACK_SERIES.html
  5. New kayak

    Thanks Ericg!!! Look forward to meeting you in the near future!!!!
  6. New kayak

    Thanks for all the responses. I think I'm gonna go with a coosa and I haven't even gone to look at one yet lol. Now I just need that Christmas bonus pronto?
  7. Waders and vests

    I recently bought these from bass pro about 2 months ago and love them. They have a lot of storage pockets and are reasonably priced at 140$. http://m.basspro.com/White-River-Fly-Shop-Osprey-Chest-High-Stocking-Foot-Breathable-Waders-for-Men/product/11100605012319/
  8. New kayak

    Thanks for the response Ben k. Very informative. I'm going to hit up rocktown adventures on Saturday to look around. I'm very excited to do some kayak fishing in the spring.
  9. New kayak

    I'm going to be transporting it on top of my jeep so weight might be a factor. I was thinking about getting the old town predator mx which 12 feet 82 pounds
  10. New kayak

    Thanks Jim!!! Pretty sweet that you guys are on the team. Definetly gonna look into those!!
  11. New kayak

    Hey guys I am planning on buying a fishing kayak soon!!! Was looking for something stable I can stand up in. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at the fs12t ascend from bass pro
  12. New member

    I do not terry dodge. Only familiar with the river around cherry valley. Perhaps we will have to meet there for some grub before fishing the kish in the spring. Sound good?
  13. New member

    Hahah sycamorons terry dodge!!! This was my biggest smallie of the year caught up in cherry valley. 19 incher 3 pounder.
  14. New member

    Thanks guys and yes rich I live in sycamore
  15. New member

    Hello fellow bronze back addicts!! Just joined the alliance and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Eric Doty and fish mostly the Kishwaukee river by wading and baitcasting gear. Glad to be apart of this alliance and hope to do some wrangling and danglin with some of you guys soon.