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  1. I upsized on accident. I typically wear a size 13 and ordered a size 13. These boots were larger than a typical 13 shoe. They worked well with my White Water neoprene sock waders. For wet wading I just tightened them down and they worked great. The insole of my boots are "tacky", no slipping in the boot at all and great ankle support. Hope this helps. Really good product.
  2. John, these boots are great. I've used them for 2 years with waders and wet wading. Traction is great on slippery, moss laden rocky river bottoms. Drys quickly, very durable and extremely comfortable. Try Amazon, I got a good deal.
  3. I will be heading to Eagle Ridge with my wife in Galena to golf and chase smallies with the kayak. Would like to fish the Galena River north of Galena, float downstream and get out in town. Has anyone floated/fished north of town and have an idea where to put in? Thanks for the help.
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