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    Wading Staffs

    I have an old foot injury which doesn't bother me much. It is does when walking on rocks. I purchased a Hammers Collapsible Wading Staff Fishing Stick a couple years ago. I like it a lot, it allows me to take weight off my foot when needed. It is most helpful when covering longer distances wading creeks.
  2. Put Lauren and I down for August 11-15. Thanks, Ken
  3. Catching fish during our time has been more difficult than any of our previous trips. Even with that we still have caught many nice smallies and walleye, I have had a great time spending time with my daughter and the other guys here. . At the end of today we witnessed the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen! I will a picture could really capture the view. We happen to be at a perfect spot on the river.
  4. KenS

    Hickory creek

    Thanks for the links. I didn't know about them. I am going to look into the group further. I could join you to do some cleanup in Pilcher park .
  5. KenS

    Hickory creek

    Sean, what areas did you see that needed clean up? The carp are all Common carp no Asian carp.
  6. KenS

    Hickory creek

    I actually did pretty well on the creek after work on Friday. The best one was just over 17". I started throwing a ned minnowz and switched to a rubber frog and stayed with it the rest of the time. Most smallies I caught were around 10" with a few rock bass . Water clarity was very good above the dam. The clarity of the water backed up by the dam was greatly reduced. The decreased clarity continued for miles past the dam. There are carp all over the creek below the dam but almost none above it. Another change in the creek above and below the dam is the gradient. The creek drops quite a bit more from the dam to Joliet also with more abundant rock compared to areas from Frankfort through New Lenox.
  7. KenS

    Hickory creek

    Fished Hickory this weekend and got my Hickory PB smallie.
  8. The wind was a challenge with kayak control. A gust of wind took my hat which I was able to rescue. Other than the wind, it was a good day on the water. I tried a jerk bait with only getting a follow to the kayak and another fish that only bumped and swirled at the surface. All my catches were on a swim bait and a ned. Paul, thanks for showing me around. It was a good day to be out catching smallies.
  9. My daughter and I got back last night. We had a very enjoyable trip. The weather was great but a few more clouds would have been welcome. Most of the time the fish were neutral. Most areas where there had to be many fish we could only get a fish or two to bite. Still there are were enough biting where we ended the trip with 145 fish between us. Of those fish we got one 24.5" northern and 9 walleye with 6 in the 15.5" to 18" range. I recently got a bump board so was able to get accurate length measurements. The longest smallies were 19.25", 19", 19" with several 18.5" to 17" range and numerous 16" fish. Those smallies sure can put a fight! Ned rigs were the baits we threw the most but also caught them on fat ikas and 5" Kalins grubs. I could only caught a half dozen on top water.They would only hit within a couple feet from where the bait hit the water. The walleyes mostly came on jerk baits. Thursday we had a full boat with Lauren, Rich, John and myself. The morning was slow but after we stopped for lunch and went back out they were "on" and we put 51 on the boat for the day. There were a couple of sturgeon that hung around the lodge.
  10. Add me to your list. I plan on camping both nights I will be bringing my kayak.
  11. Thanks Norm for the post. I took the day off of work, signed up and am planning on going.
  12. Sounds like a good trip. I should know in a few days if I can make it.
  13. I picked up a bag of California Craw RTDs and Finesse Shroomz weedless green 1/10 oz. I tried them on a river I have never fished, the Elkhart river in Indiana. This was over the Labor day weekend. The first day was good with 3 dozen smallies caught and few largemouth and rock bass. The sizes were small but had a good time. I fished varies baits but the ned rig was by far the most productive. The second day I concentrated on types of spots where I caught the bigger fish. I caught 24 with most in the 13 to 14" range. Not big, but average size was much better than day 1. All fish were caught on the ned. The smallmouth were under overhead cover next to current. I would drop the ned next to cover and they would dart out and grab it. Usually only one fish per spot. I already have picked up more plastics and jig heads. The weed guards work great. Rigged backwards after catching over 20 fish. Typical location they were at.
  14. Scott thanks for putting the trip together again. Please put me down for two for the 8/15 - 8/18 slot.
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