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  1. Jaxon Matheny

    All around Spinning Rod and Reel for Smallies

    I love the E6X series of rods by G. Loomis. They run in the $180-$200 range. If that's too expensive, look into Fenwick's HMX series, or 13 Fishing's Omen rods, or even 13's new One3 Fate series they just released at iCast. Get a MH for any flipping/pitching, heavier current, and heavier lures. I'd suggest fishing squarebills in current or larger topwater such as the Whopper Plopper 90. Get a M for basic applications such as cranks and spinners. ML works best for finesse, such as tubes and ned rigs, and jerkbaits. I generally fish skinny water, so I suggest a shorter rod for maximum accuracy with those topwaters, say 6'3"-6'6", a mid-length rod for all your cranks and spinnerbaits (6'6"-7'), and anything over 7' for the flipping, pitching, and finesse tactics. As for reels, a 2500-sized reel is your best all-around bet, and can work with anything smallie-related. I am a Shimano guy, and my favorites are my Ci4+ (at $220 regular price) and my Saros ($150). A cheaper option, and in my opinion the best value reel, is the Pfleuger President, which starts around $60 now I believe. This kind of fishing can be rough, so maintenance on your equipment is essential. I highly suggest having 3-4 setups. I always have my topwater setup (6'6" Medium Heavy-Fast E6X w/Saros), my crankbait setup (7' Medium-Fast Omen 2 w/Ci4+), and my tube setup (7'3" Medium-Extra Fast E6X w/Ci4+) with me, with a utility rod in case my three go-to's aren't working and I'm in unfamiliar territory.
  2. Jaxon Matheny

    Whopper Plopper

    I will attest to the Whopper Plopper's ability to catch fish. I finally wore out my first one, about 250-300 fish on it. I've caught maybe 300 total on this lure just this season. the small size in bone or loon seems to be the best for smallies.
  3. Jaxon Matheny

    Teaming Up

    While I haven't been very active, I've had a hectic year so far. Finally, I'm looking at some free time that I can use to travel around the state in my never-ending search for bronze. If' anyone would like to meet up and fish some moving waters, I would absolutely be willing to set something up! I generally only have the ability to wade, however, if an individual were to offer their boat, I'd gladly pay for gas/borrowed time! I live in Bloomington, and unfortunately have only been able to hit local creeks, the Vermilion, and Kankakee tributaries since I returned to Illinois since my return to the state. Therefore, any knowledge on good skinny waters, as well as new fishing buddies, would be wonderfully appreciated! Thank you for the wonderful organization! Attached are a few of my better Illinois smallies.