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  1. I've got a meeting in Wausau on 10/11, and am planning on fishing my way up and back. I'm on 90 & 39 the whole way so am looking for sites close by those expressways. So I'll be going by Madison, Portage, Stevens Point and into Wausau. Could go a bit farther north also. I'll be wading and of course fly fishing so add that to the equation. Since I don't get to fish for trout much that is my top species, but also interested in good water for other species. And any good craft breweries to hit would be much appreciated too. PM me if you don't want to leave locations here. Thanks in advance.
  2. I just started with this setup. Put OPST Commando head (225 gr) on my 6 wt. shoots far when I cast correctly. The main issue I'm having is the running line (OPST Lazer) is very thin & curls. For tips I went with a floating tip & T-8. Good luck!
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    Eric, I hope you have better luck with your LL Bean Gray Ghost boot than I have. Got a pair with the Boa closure late July this year and loved them at first. But, back loop tore a couple of weeks ago. Boa closure sticks at times coming off the water-so I now carry pliers with me in case it sticks again (I've had to use them already to pop it open). I'll be returning mine to Bean soon (once they dry out) and waiting for the new Orvis boot with Boa closure coming out beginning of next year (saw them at the Early Show).
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    WI River Float-July 2014

    River float for smallies with a couple buds.