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  1. Sorry I was both 24hrs early and 24hrs late for the Saturday outing. Couldn't fish Saturday but I Kished-it Fri and Sunday total of 10 hours on the water way upriver from the groups. Friday was smallies on paddle tails and jerk baits. Sunday only caught fish on flashy jerkbaits. Fishing was slowish maybe 25 bites total and caught half of them but was nice I'd say all medium to larger size fish I don't think I caught any dinks (< 13" that is)
  2. Joe R

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Don't have but a few minutes but I will ramble quickly... #1 consideration is what kind of water you are fishing and get a hull design that best matches that; are you fishing lakes or rivers and if rivers are you doing upriver paddles and in some case that sections with super fast water. Many yaks you should rule out just by that consideration. You rule out many yaks if you want to stand also (not important to me since I take a more efficient hull design for longer upriver paddles at the sacrifice of not being able to stand up). River fishing will expose bad traits of hull designs. Some yaks track way too poor while fishing and too many paddle corrections are needed whether fishing upriver or downriver. Some deeper V type hulls track great when paddling but will grab with the current when sideways and you will get pushed downriver more so. Weight is definitely a consideration but there are ways to overcome weight with more involved loading and unloading methods. A dolly is a must if moving yaks of any distance or if heavier. Dollys are cheap. Go with a SOT don't consider a sit-in unless, as Eric mentions, light and cheap are important. That use to be my mindset but weight turned secondary over comfort and fishing convenience (and the fact that you could store things in a SOT hull and SOTs are safer and easier to deal with if you overturn. Aside from a place like Rocktown, which I'm all in favor of, the internet will provide you much more yak options. For internet shipping, huge selection, low ship costs, good service, these are the best choices for sure: I've bought yaks from both of them. https://www.austinkayak.com/ https://www.paddleva.com/ For local stores that have no cost for "ship to store" places like REI, West Marine, etc Sierra Trading Post has great prices for cosmetic seconds or discontinued yaks and their shipping costs are low. (Those Ocean Kayaks are great for river efficiency and big swell great lakes fishing, and are good for river fishing also, great example of kick-ass hull design for anything - they really cut through water I had one) I just sold two yaks to friends cheap and bought two cheap new yaks this year that have quality hulls; West Marine Pompano 12' yak on sale for $399; its essentially an older model Wilderness systems Tarpon 120 or a Perception prescador 12'. Why did I buy this yak? Cheap and it's only 28" wide and longer this will be the yak I use for upriver high water paddling. Lots of good reviews on its paddling performance (speed and tracking). So far I like it. Third Coast Avalon 10' yak on sale at Blains farm and fleet for $429; its essentially a relabeled Evoke kayak they sell at Cabelas but a lot cheaper. Why did I buy this? Cheap and I wanted a 10' yak to fit in my van and it's light enough and has a couple big hatches, comes with yakattack rails, and fits the purpose of being a lake and downriver fishing yak and to be used for slower current upriver paddles. If you want a SOT and weight is a factor you could also go with thermoform yaks and if you do two choices are: Eddlyline or Hurricane. For older folks with back issues these are easier to load on top of a vehicle. These may be in my future although you have to be more careful since hulls are less robust and they are pricey. Don't discount canoes also, I've been kicking that around. Kevlar solo "pack" type canoes. Why? geez at 25-30lbs great quick hit vessel. Pricey but very cool I've spent a lot of time fishing with a buddy who has one so easy to handle.
  3. I'm a definite solid maybe LOL. Gauges stay the same I'm better than 50/50 to make it, which is pretty good for a last minute change your mind fisherman like me which ever way the wind blows literally. Haven't fished Kish yet this year that's unusual for me.
  4. Joe R

    Wader Repair

    I wade in winter if you wade cool waters plug the pin holes with aquaseal. Or before fall. Pin hole water in the waders is no big deal in warmer months any pin hole with water nov through march is nasty. If needed use it on sketchy seams that arent looking so great.
  5. Joe R

    Just 4 Fun

    Expert means you can do it for a living and quit your master forger job.
  6. Joe R

    October Dinner Meeting

    Set a reminder in my google calendar just now, just need to not to have yet another 12hr work day.
  7. Joe R

    Camp Kish 2017

    80% chance I'm out best case I show up late Saturday wade last 2 or 3 hrs before dark. Spend the night fish Sunday morning a few hours that's only scenario that may work if workers complete work early afternoon and are of my property by say 1 or 2pm. Not very likely but we shall see.
  8. Joe R

    Camp Kish 2017

    Okay so looks like they are starting work on my storm damaged house Friday and will be completed on weekend sometime. They are ahead of schedule can't leave wife home alone to deal with the tear off and install of roof, gutters, etc
  9. Joe R

    Camp Kish 2017

    I will let you know thursday if i can make it got this bug-cold thing that started monday just going to try amd make it through the work week and see where i stand, id be out there saturday and leave in the evening if i come. Id be wading fishing from the left side of the plate cant swing from the right due to a arm issue it feels dorky but it works. Terry dont worry about catering for me im not familiar with main branch but i pretty much carry food drink medical kit back pack when wading and cover as much water as i can and negotiate the land in spots where wading is sketchy. Id probably look to wade up to a 1 or 2 mile section up down river from the camp spot. Possible one way wade if bike or car shuttle is possible. Its not unusual to see me riding a bike down a road with waders and a couple 2pc rods strapped to my back pack. Chicks dig that stuff.
  10. Joe R

    Camp Kish 2017

    If im in town i will try and make a day of it. Love camping got lots of gear but since i have acute sleep apnea i need 120v Ac. I was joking around about getting an inverter and trying to run it off my trolling battery for kicks. We will see.
  11. Joe R

    Lucky Hat

    Paul, both rivers the smallies are very willing if you are in the right environment. Sunday Kish I focused on pike for starters in your old neck of the woods, and wow on big teeth, but in the afternoon when it hazed and clouded over there were a lot of smallies very shallow over gravel in 10" to 2' of water in current so i went through a lot of keitech and optimum opti shad swimbaits on 16th ounce jigs fishing them just sub surface and tickling the surface. Emulating fleeing baitfish was the biggest frenzy getter. Regarding the musky it was reported to me by a friend of mine who was wading my takeout area that day. He was fishing for smallies but he followed them around some waitng to see his go pro pics but he is a long time avid fisherman including a musky psycho so there is no doubt in his identification. 2 fish were hanging together good size. No doubt they came up inimpeded from the rock im still amazed at the differnce in fish comparing early season cold months to this time of year. Clear water late winter and spring i see next to nothing but now i see a lot of gamefish and a large schools of quillbacks and suckers. Its all about no dams and fish having ability to get out of skinny water in cold season.
  12. Joe R

    Lucky Hat

    Geez havent logged in for awhile was busy traveling during the weekdays out of state helping my kids move into their colleges. Got back end of week and fished 5hrs south des plaines saturday and 8.5hrs south branch kish sunday. Boy super disappointed i didnt know about the outing i would have went for sure. Fishing was on fire brought about 60 fish to hand 7 to 1 ratio smallies to pike. Keep an eye out on south branch for 2 muskies swimming together. I assume must have run up way far from rock river.
  13. Joe R

    Mazon River

    So frustrating Illinois laws seem to be a rubber stamp year by year insufficent progressive thinking. I know there are a lot of non navigable waterways that get a lot of traffic that may at least have public access and for the most part landowners have more or less accepted people passing through. Id imagine its the less frequented rivers with just bridges for informal access are more problematic. Since i fish the kish a lot many different areas i always wonder if dropoing a yak in at a bridge is legal. Eveb if it was as soon as im down river some i may be on private land. Just seems crazy that if you are floating thru on a yak that its a problem in many illinois areas.
  14. Joe R

    NW Region Outings

    I think I'm good (as of now) for the July wade...as long as gauges look okay.
  15. Joe R

    Northwest Region

    Desperation LOL, whatever it takes. I hit the south branch Sunday started off downriver didn't like the looks (too stained) so headed up river where there was adequate visibility. Not a good smallie section but caught several and a couple pike. Actually where I was water was low and too slow. I'm not planning anything in advance its always the night before deciding what river and if I'm fishing things are too unpredictable this year.