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  1. colindanenberger

    Pot Luck Picnic

    I'll see if I can attend
  2. colindanenberger

    New member introduction

    Hello my name is colin Danenberger am a fly tier and fly fisherman. Been fly tying for 5 years and don't leave home with out your fishing rod
  3. colindanenberger

    Central Illinois Fly Tying Event (Our 10th year)

    I got a couple in mind
  4. colindanenberger

    Central Illinois Fly Tying Event (Our 10th year)

    I can't wait to see you all again
  5. colindanenberger

    Central IL Bassbugger Fly Tying Event - February 26th

    Is this the fly? It reminds me of a tube fly https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=csX9n2KpjPc
  6. colindanenberger

    Central IL Bassbugger Fly Tying Event - February 26th

    OK sounds good rob
  7. colindanenberger

    Central IL Bassbugger Fly Tying Event - February 26th

    Never was much a synthetic type fly tier. Is the fly a minnow type? What hook is tied on it? Well new fly for me to try.
  8. colindanenberger

    Fly tying and fishing

  9. colindanenberger

    Fly tying and fishing

    Hello everyone I apologize for not posting anything in such a long time . Been busy tying loads of flies. My freind Jim Zoreb came to my house today and gave me some materials to try. Am guessing he tanned them himself. I have been playing with the Raccoon piece Jim has given me. So i just tied up 2 flies and probably will tie another 3. I Mite try them at a creek near my house which is called sugar creek. Witch i guess goes out towards indiana cuzz there's sugar creek there i have heard. The flies are parachute type dry flies and i'll list the recipe of what i used. As a side note I caught a 4 or 5 pound largemouth bass and as well as a couple crappie on the tuesday before thanksgiving on a size 6 mickey finn tied a little differently than the original fly is tied. Jim said i may be able to demonstrate how to tie it in January if we have the get together. Well i hope you guys and gal's enjoy this post and happy tying and tight lines
  10. colindanenberger

    Summer Flies for bass and panfish

    I will post more pictures soon. I've been playing with a fly and tied by jack gartside, the fly is The Sparrow. Here is the pattern from the website http://www.jackgartside.com/step_gartside_sparrow.htm Another couple flies that always seems to catch me fish are the,Teal,Blue and Silver, The, Bloody Butcher, The Red Tag, The gugler, and simple jigs that Jim Zoreb taught me how to tie and fish. The wet flies teal,bluer and silver and also the bloody butcher and very similar TBS- teal, blue and silver Tail- G. P. tippet Rib- silver wire Body- flat silver tinsel or Gold/Silver Mylar ( silver side needed)\ Hen hackle- Blue in a shade you prefer Wing- Teal flank or breast ____________________ Bloody butcher Tail- red hackle fibers or goose shoulder dyed red Rib- gold or silver wire Body- Gold/Silver Mylar Hen hackle- dyed red ( dark rich red color like blood ) Wing- Mallard blue feathers or Natural grey duck quill or any wing that is Black,or Grey or Blue in color
  11. colindanenberger

    the tying event in bloomington

    he are some flies that he tied and pictured himself
  12. colindanenberger

    the tying event in bloomington

    i have a couple new tying tips. I learned from a friend from the U.K. His name is Paul Slaney. Everyone should see how he ties and how much he buys ( far as the amount of stuff he buys at 1 time) He showed me a picture of 32 hen capes he bought( all at one time). i'll see if i can ask him for some pictures of his flies. He fishes mainly Salmon and trout but man can he tie
  13. colindanenberger

    the tying event in bloomington

    i'll be turning 25 on the 31st of January( the tying meeting) got lots so show and lots of flies i tied to let other see. what will we be tying?
  14. colindanenberger

    Dragonfly and Meat !

    I've really getting into to tying dragonflies and damselflies but not dry. There are loads of blue damsels and pale or dark olive one's and loads of rust / amber or orange one's around my usual fishing hole.. The Ponds apartments here in bloomington IL on G.E. road. There are two ponds . I use my coyote fly and use a wine or red thread. cuzz there seems to be a purple/caret colored dragon fly...the only way to explain the color is like an ISO color but on a dragon fly and man those fish nail it aggressively. i'll post some pictures soon of the flies i use. take care and don't be scarred on trying new things.If you fly tie i'll be more than happy to show you all how to tie.If any of you just PM me or E-mail me at colindanenberger01@gmail.com
  15. colindanenberger

    Summer Flies for bass and panfish

    my craw-fish and dragonfly/scud/minnow ( bead chain coyote fly) Bead chain coyote fly ________________ Thread- 6/0 or 8/0 Red ( UNI , Danville's or Veves will work) Hook- Panfish light wire ( Aberdeen) size 6-10 or smaller ( if you can find them) Tail-coyote Under-body- red thread or any bright color will do. Body- Coyote dubbing patch Eye's - gold bead chain Weight- .10 to .25 or heaver if you chouse Notes, I do change the body dubbing and body color as well. I do dye the coyote or other cream to white or tan fur with R..IT or kol-aid with White vinegar in the same bath.