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  1. I recently got a whole butch and ringneck pheasant feathers. We should try to tie a cockatoo. What you think rob? http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/patterns4.asp?page=3
  2. I would like to go but kind of confused with the directions
  3. I want to get into tying with this rig It called ultra rig by aqua flies https://www.madriveroutfitters.com/p-14975-aqua-flies-ultra-rig-kit.aspx
  4. Rob I'll be coming tomorrow. I got some cocktail if you need some
  5. Coffies sparkle minnow. In witch I got Stan and rob's done. Post pictures later. A whole butch of things
  6. Hello am a advid fly Fisher and fly tier. I am looking to upgrade my stuff I fish with. What are good examples of a good upgrade ?. I fish for large mouth, small mouth and panfish. If you have some thing in mind please let me know. Thanks Colin Danenberger Email- colindanenber01@gmail.com.
  7. Sorry I had no idea that was happening. Feel free to contact me next time. I sent you a message Rob
  8. Thanks to everyone for the guidance. My friend Cory who is a tourament bass guy. He is 19 years old and looking forward to having long nights tying years a head.
  9. Hello everyone who fishs for l largemouth and small mouth bass and tie bass flies. I have a few friends who would like to tie bass flies. I am no expert but i do need help. I need help on the tying side of things and maybe fishing some what. I just don't know what to start out on. I know clouser minnow is a good start. But I need examples of good flies to start for both large mouth and small mouth bass. I need to know what threads to buy, what size hooks, what type of hooks, I just need some help on this. I also don't want the flies to be to complex. Maybe a few books that mite help too. I mainly fish for largemouth bass. But have caght Small mouth bass on the flies I tie but not to the point I feel comfortable on showing. Feel free to email me or P.M. me on here. Thanks for the help in advance. Email- colindanenber01@gmail.com.
  10. Caght two largemouth in Bloomington IL on a white and chartuse clouser minnow
  11. Mike that's a good streamer. Looks simple to tie . Great Info and good post.
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