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  1. Thanks for a fun time all you guys who put all the hard work into it! Was my first blow out and will definitely be back for more!
  2. I've used a product very similar to this I bought at Chicago fly they have their own kit.....but it's awesome definitely worth the investment in the uv flash light. http://www.amazon.com/Loon-Outdoors-Finish-Fishing-Bodies/dp/B00JCBD5W8
  3. Your right I think i misspoke, looking more closely at my anchor i think its a 5 lb anchor
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I like the clamp idea Terry! I might try that first before I break down and buy a fiberglass pole. I guess the spots I have been trying to anchor off on may have been too fast? My thinking was to anchor off in the faster moving water below slack water areas that I want to fish without putting the boat into the slack water itself so as not to frighten off a potential fish? Im assuming you guys put your boats at the down stream portion of the slack water you are fishing as well? but float in the slack water with the boat?
  5. I'm interested in kayak fishing on the river more , i usually park the yak and get out and wade because my 15 lb grapple anchor doesn't seem to hold well on the current in the fox river where i usually fish. ive been looking into getting a parkNpole from yak attack or a stake out pole to anchor with instead but they are $80. Does anyone have any experiences with these on the river? do they work? would be nice to use the kayak more to cover more water without having to get out every time i want to hit a spot . do they work in strong current? Has anyone tried to make one? how did you do it? Ive been thinking about using a broom handle or peice of PVC and attatching a large nail or railroad cleat in it.
  6. i have been to three oaks multiple times, clear water, i regularly see largemouth cruising the shore, there are some nice northern, tons of gills. and it is beautifully landscaped.
  7. sounds great! do we need to register ahead of time, or do we just show up?
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