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  1. It's the biscuits and gravy. Legendary.
  2. How to cast for distance

    Damn...looks like a fly guy. I'll bet he could out river dance Terry. Not that I'd want to see that.
  3. Welcome! Darn nice fishing. Looks like you know your way around moving water. I have a feeling we'll be seeing you around.
  4. Handling a Bass

    Good thing you read the article, Terry. Who knows? Someday you may have to handle a bass.
  5. photo test

    This is never going to go away, is it? Damn internet bullies.
  6. photo test

    Wow! That was easy! I'm gonna have to start posting some photos! (This was from this fall when I went hawk trapping with some bird banders.)
  7. Spaghetti-os for breakfast!?!
  8. blowout donations

    "Smallmouth Fishing for Idiots"? Sorry Terry...I couldn't resist.
  9. Thanks for all the work you do for the ISA. I can certainly lend a hand/brain to your efforts.
  10. Topwater bat

    "...mimics to perfection how a little bat swims." This didn't seem right to me. They fly with both wings flapping in unison. Why wouldn't they swim the same way? So I google "swimming bat". No, it does not "mimic to perfection" how a little bat swims. Bats swim like they fly. A breast stroke as opposed to the freestyle action of the lure. I'm sure it works, but why the B.S.?
  11. Camp Kish 2017

    Regarding distance...my float from belvedere to CV was just under 8 miles and took me 7 hours. I had to rush the last couple miles to make sure I got in by dark. I fish faster than most guys I've fished with. I checked the distillery-camp route and its a little bit longer than that. With the varying paces people fish, I'd suggest putting in at Bauman and taking your time. Good luck!
  12. Camp Kish 2017

    Yes you can still get out and wade, which is much easier in the 12' sit on top. I'll leave two out tomorrow morning, and if you can't make the 12 footer fit , you can take the little one. If all goes according to the Dodge protocol, we will get three inches of rain tonight and it would be a moot point. Fortunately, the forecast and conditions look great, so it should be a stellar weekend!