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  1. Sure, if I'm done shoveling by then.
  2. C'mon, people...don't make me eat with Terry all by myself!
  3. I'll be there with no comment regarding your dumbness.
  4. jude

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks!...oh wait... Merry Christmas to you, Ed, and the rest of the ISA gang. Even Terry.
  5. In. I'm gonna judge the hell out of their B&G.
  6. jude


    Let me guess: someone used "ironic" incorrectly?
  7. I have to be in Cherry Valley that day, so I should be there.
  8. jude

    Duplicating a $469 Swimbait

    Damn. That was impressive. Thanks for the link.
  9. jude

    Just Sayin'

    Hmmmm.... 2019 Blowout meal?
  10. jude

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Cool turtle fight shots! I took Scott and his son Tristan upstream of Cherry Valley. It was pretty slow, but no-one got skunked. I picked up seven (all on the JudeBug), Tristan caught three, and Scott managed one. No real size in any of them. It was fun introducing some enthusiastic fishermen to the Kish. We got plenty of excercise.
  11. jude

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Looking forward to meeting you too, as I've never met a palindrome with so many letters before. Not sure if I'll be fishing, but I will be there for the Country Breakfast.
  12. jude

    Kish Outiing Date Change

    Terry might be there too.
  13. jude

    Isn't It Funny...

    Looks like I should have bought some really nice golf clubs instead.
  14. Yeah...that logo is very well done.
  15. Isn't that a paddle in their logo? Hmmm...I guess it's an oar. Drift boats OK and Yaks not OK? Seems odd.