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  1. jude

    Isn't It Funny...

    Looks like I should have bought some really nice golf clubs instead.
  2. Yeah...that logo is very well done.
  3. Isn't that a paddle in their logo? Hmmm...I guess it's an oar. Drift boats OK and Yaks not OK? Seems odd.
  4. jude

    New Member Intro

    Don't forget Terry. He lives up here too. Welcome aboard, Andy. Always nice to hear of another Kish Rat. Look forward to meeting you. Let's hope the Kish stays a little more stable this year than last. Look forward to meeting you.
  5. jude

    Too much time on my hands

    I may have to start using "Marco" when we go out to eat.
  6. You'll probably hook every one of those poor bastards.
  7. Definitely the top of a manhole section. Very often larger sanitary sewer lines run along creeks and rivers, since they are the lowest points. The surrounding can then be developed, with the sewer pipes running down towards the creek. Or a deer. It could be a deer.
  8. jude

    Too much time on my hands

    I'll second that.
  9. jude

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    Leave it to Ed....
  10. jude

    Webcast Show

    Nice job Terry! That was fun to listen to. I just looked at the Frontier 12. You will very likely see another Nucanoe on the Kish this year.
  11. jude

    On the Fly

    Very cool.
  12. jude

    New member

    Congrats and welcome. It's a pretty good addiction to have.
  13. I am logged in. I see the calendar. The calendar that I see is blank. Every month of it is blank. You just don't want Frank and me to join you 'cause you know we'll catch all the fish. I'm on to your shenanigans.
  14. Thanks for the help, Terry. For some reason, there are no events at all on the calendar when I pull it up. Hmmmm...conspiracy?