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  1. Thanks for the good feedback Kevin. I get the part about canoes. I recently replaced my Cranberry Creek with a 14ft. Old Town Osprey. I got lucky and found one for sale made of ROYALEX !! Cue heavenly music here. Much more forgiving on rocks. Super stable, I stand in it with no problem. I could see replacing the center thwart with a seat ( or move the front seat back a bit ) but the outriggers could seal the deal. I'll keep you posted if it looks like I could offer some trips this year.
  2. My family has owned property outside of Rhinelander WI. since 1951. My maternal grandfather purchased 80 acres of land including approx. 600 ft. of lakefront for $10,000. I would spend the entire summer there as a kid from the age of about 5 till I was 16. It was always my desire to live there some day. My girlfriend and I had planned on doing this in the Spring of 2021. The recent pandemic has changed those plans. It's likely we will have to move this year unless a minor miracle occurs. Though I will take early Social Security ( I became eligible this year ) I can't really "retire". My life as a musician, providing me with more fun than anyone has a right to, did not instill me with good long-term planning skills. πŸ˜‰ Ok, what has this got to do with fishing you ask ? One way I would like to generate income, on a part time basis, would be to do some guiding. From 1999-2007 I did somewhere between 300 and 500 solo floats on 40 or so rivers throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. A few of these I fished a fair amount and know them pretty well. Plus, there is my "home" river the upper Wisconsin. I talked to some people at the Blowout about this and I am doing a little research here to gauge interest from ISA members. A few things, I am not a guide---yet. My initial forays into this would be to get my guiding chops together and gain more experience on the waters. I do not own a drift boat, fishing would be done out of a canoe. Some of the rivers could require portages, this would require some degree of willingness and reasonable physical shape. I would make this available to ISA members only at first. It would be aimed at hardcore smallie anglers. Not interested in families, kids, newbs, etc. A few more words about experience. I'll use Tight Lines as an example. Some of those guys spend close to 100 days on the water in a single season. Over a ten year period ( I think they have been guiding on the Menominee for close to 20, correct ? ) that's almost a thousand days on one river. Now contrast that with your pal Gordo. My favorite stretch of river I have been floating for about 20 years as well. But, I may only float it 4-5 times a year ( I wade fish it sometimes too ) so lets say I have floated it 75 times. That's less than one season of the guides at Tight Lines. So I need more time on the water. I "know" it but not like I want and need to. That being said, I have caught many fish there and a good number of fish in the 20" class. So I would be willing to offer my services at a reduced rate, you save money and I get more time on the water. Again, using Tight Lines as an example, their day rate is $495. I am thinking $225 for a days fishing. There is also the possibility of overnight lodging at our place. Not sure how to price that yet. Also, you would have to let me fish........a little. There is also a "sleeper" river that I am finally cracking the code on a bit. BIG fish there. It's possible that I could have some dates available starting in July. Looking forward to getting some feedback from my fellow ISA members. You can PM me too if you want. Oh, here is a photo of a Wisconsin River fish I caught over Memorial Day weekend. I finally got to fish with Paul Trybul again after many years. Paul was the first guy to bid on the trip I offer at the Blowout, gotta be at least 10 years ago. Paul turned me on to a "new" river last week and this fish was caught on a borrowed Whopper Plopper. Thanks, Paul !
  3. But hey, there ain’t no climate change. πŸ˜‰
  4. I have one of the old ones that starts with the maps at the top of the state which I like better. I have tried to mark all the sections of rivers I have floated. Hope you are good to Steve.
  5. I have been using the Gazeteer's for at least 20 years. I have worn through 3 of the Wisconsin editions :-)
  6. Had a cool 'lil experience yesterday. I do most of my fishing in Wisconsin but in the Spring I like to make a few casts locally to get the dust off the gear and get the 'ol arm warmed up. I live just west of the Des Plaines River and there are several forest preserves along the river adjacent to Des Plaines River Rd. In between the preserves are dense wooded areas along the shore. Now I can access the river and fish from these preserves but I am always looking at "alternate" access points. From just south of Milwaukee Ave to just north of Lake/Euclid there is a concrete flood wall. At one spot the river is less than 75 ft from River Rd. This wall is 4-6 ft. high but at a couple of places there is dirt ( with grass ) that has been piled to the top of the wall on either side, I'm guessing this was done to get in or out of this area in an emergency. The land to the east of the wall is the heavily wooded FP land. Last Spring I got on the "other" side of the wall and walked to where the river is close ( maybe a 200 yard walk ) and on two different days I hooked a pike. So yesterday I wanted to see if there were any other ways to get to the river. Last year I tried to bushwack through the woods but the undergrowth of brambles and other foliage was too dense. Enter Google Earth, I use this all the time while scouting areas in Wisconsin. A quick look and, lo and behold, in between two areas of dense woods, right next to Camp McDonald Rd. is a large area that looks like an open field or prairie. I says to the girl "I'm off for some adventure". This is like 3 minutes from where I live. So I grab a coupla rods and my vest and I'm off. I park the car, cross the wall at one of the high points and walk a couple hundred yards. At the entrance of the "open" area there is about a 50 ft deep section of 10 ft high foliage but no brambles and there is a narrow foot path. Beyond this is an open area that is predominately high reeds, 4-6 ft. tall. These have not greened up yet and are still semi flattened from winter. It's another 200 yards to the river. But, the most striking thing is that the DNR or FPD has erected a 75 ft tall pole with a raptors nest on top. As I walked toward it the inhabitants made themselves known, a pair of Ospreys. They were not too happy with my presence and called out. As they flew overhead I could see the female was holding a fish. I continued on towards the river and the male flew to a nearby tree and remained there for a good while while the female went to the nest. I got to the river and started casting. I moved down the shore and was really not expecting to catch anything. At about the time when my attention starts to drift from lack of action, I looked down and a large pike took a swipe at my swimbait but did not grab it. I continued to fish for a while but no takers and I headed back. I have driven past this nest a thousand times and never noticed it but it's clearly visible from the road. I'll be back.
  7. I believe you are on to something, Paul. πŸ€“
  8. Ha ! That would be a first for a prog topic.
  9. https://youtu.be/cTL59_kHfCk
  10. 1, no 2, I must have set it up correctly because I got an email saying you had responded.
  11. First, I had not been getting notifications of new postings for about 5 months. Thought it was because my membership had expired ( renewed it yesterday ! ) but it was actually because I had somehow inadvertently routed the emails to my spam folder. 😞 Fixed that. This morning I woke up a 5 a.m. coming out of a vivid dream. I was fishing from the shore on my property in Wi. though as is the case with dreams the shoreline did not look like the property but I "knew" it was. I was fishing with a Mepps spinner and I hooked a Northern Pike about 20" in length. When I went to unhook the pike the Mepps had magically sprouted a set of three treble hooks. The pike was hooked bad and I had to do careful removal through both the mouth and gills. The fish did not thrash about but was still. After a minute or two and before I was done I put the fish back in the water so it could breathe. I then resumed the hook removal. After all 3 hooks were out somehow one of them had ever so slightly pierced one of the pikes eyes. I carefully removed that hook and released the fish which swam away. If you read this and want to do some Freudian analysis, respond and I can see if I get a notification.
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