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  1. Scott the dates are wrong, it's 25, 26,27. I could do Friday basically any time.
  2. Norm Minas Photos

  3. Some Sad News

    Sad indeed.
  4. https://www.americanrivers.org/2017/07/fishing-guides-perspective-mining-menominee/
  5. Zumbro River Question

    I think the river at Rochester is pretty small.
  6. Zumbro River Question

    I have fished the Zumbro several times but downstream (north ) of Rochester. It's a pretty river with really clear water. Good smallmouth fishing but perhaps not a large amount of Brutus class fish. Good wading access at Hammond and Millville but that's about 30 minutes from Rochester.
  7. In the grand scheme of things Gordon, you are correct and unfortunately I think they have won this battle. It's already pretty much game over, maybe for a generation or two,. Money pretty much controls everything. Did you ever read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayne Rand? she talks about the the dollar sign " $" being basically the letters "U.S" laid on top of each other. When I read it I thought it was whacky, but the older I get, when it comes to pretty much any issue in politics all you have to do is "follow the money". I have not read "Atlas Shrugged" but another scenario that seems possible is "The Handmaids Tale" by Margaret Atwood. That's a good, if frightening, read. Fiction, for now.
  8. Since the current Administration views the environment as just another commodity to monetize and wants to reverse 50 years of environmental progress by turning the EPA in to a shill for the oil and coal industries perhaps what we need here is more "political" discussion. We could call it "pro-environment" or "earth-friendly" as to not offend anyone.
  9. I think this discussion has shown admirable restraint in not naming names. On the other hand if you want to engage our politicians you need to know those that wish to do the most harm. If you want to write these people here is a good start. http://www.ecowatch.com/privatize-public-lands-2317119748.html
  10. And then there is this, tho it has not been voted on yet: http://apachenativeamericans.us/2017/03/minnesota-wisconsin-and-wyoming-have-decided-to-eradicate-wolves/ The douchebaggery runs deep
  11. More stupidity...................http://blog.humanesociety.org/wayne/2017/03/trumps-interior-secretary-reverses-ban-lead-ammo-national-wildlife-refuges-first-official-act.html?credit=fb_postwp030317.