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  1. Noel, only one thing. That guy was full of crap. Out.
  2. Welcome, Really nice pictures and catches. I think I saw you a week or so ago just before the brutal cold. I'm around the DuPage a lot. Saw Ron K wading also. Thanks for joining in.
  3. photo test

    Your address is 900n. Michigan ave. Apt007 chicago
  4. Upgraded Forums

    Decided to test uploading. Seamless
  5. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Yes, very nice and thanks!
  6. Drag chain retractable leash

    My experience is they don't work. i know three others that tried and it didn't work for them either. chains are too heavy and it's hard to find a suitable place that will hold the dog leash. You end end up pulling it up with one hand while trying to push the button with the other. weve found the best solution is a small cleat. Pop the rope in then pop it out when needed. extra rope goes under the seat. works best for the three guys I know hope this helps
  7. Back to the Buck

    Terry, great work on all of this. It really shows what just one dedicated person can do to help. Thanks very much.
  8. Thus the title of my post. Plenty of places for political discussions where people can go nuts. I was looking for this to really be abut the envoirnment and just some awareness and possible links to help our cause. I am happy that with five pages of posts so far, with people weighing in with thoughts and discussions without the anger etc.
  9. Bourbon Tasting with Pappy!!!

    I can't remember....
  10. I won the Bourbon Tasting with Pappy prize donated by Forest Miller. WOW it was great! He is absolutely a super expert on high end Bourbons and brought a great and rare selection for tasting. We had 4 guys and some great pizza and some very expensive bourbon. We learned a ton and for a closer, Forest brought the ingredients to make his special "Old Fashion" That was one of the best cocktails I ever had! He took great pains with fresh ingredients. We closed with cupcakes and then cigars in the garage. (I passed on smoking) THANKS Forest, for this. We had a blast.
  11. 2017 Blowout Snippet

    She was sleepin
  12. Yea I never posted political stuff since our forums are really not the place for that. And now considering the vitriol that is happening it's really not. I appreciate the comments that are conservation in nature. we have had lots of discussions about conservation and clean water etc. and I was putting this up with that in mind.
  13. The senate e voted 54-45 to scrap a rule designed to limit the dumping of mining waste in local waterways. The Stream Protection Rule was put in place by the Department of the Interior in the final days of the Obama administration, tightening standards for contamination of water and restoration of streams damaged by mining operations. The House approved the rollback Wednesday.
  14. Update Your Profile Page

    That's a funny and cool shot
  15. Anyone know this guy?

    I just went to post this and I guess you got it. Nice thing for him to do