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  1. A great crew of guys and gals doing a great job. thanks to all.
  2. Congratulations on winning this. Great job.
  3. Jim J

    Outdoor notebook and bob m

    Thanks i missed that issue I will email him
  4. Jim J

    Outdoor notebook and bob m

    I heard ON was no more. I have not seen an issue and I saw on a site someone saying we’ll miss him etc. thats all I could find. just trying to find out info.
  5. Does anyone have any definitive information on bob and outdoor notebook? thanks.
  6. Jim J

    THANK YOU!!! 2018 Bronzeback Blowout

    Always nice to see you every year and thanks very much for your support. jim.
  7. Jim J

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    Jude hit it. He had the face to go with it. I always got a kick out of that routine. Some may have thought his schtick was serious but it usually wasn’t. He generally kept a sense of humor. Yes a longtime member who was always active. I will toast him with a gin and tonic also. I heard rumor he could fly fish ok..
  8. Jim J

    ISA magazine

    Looks great! Thanks for everyone's work. Got mine yesterday. Will be interested to see the data on the Fox River survey.
  9. Jim J

    Anglers bash Jeep ad

    Every time I see these suv ads it makes me barf. they show stuff that no one does. climbing up the side of mountains Through forests across streams likes there’s public places that don’t have no trespassing signs and owned by no one where you can just take your 4wheel car anywhere stupid and fake what else is new. Anglers bash Jeep's stream-splashing Super Bowl ad as irresponsiblehttps://usat.ly/2o5SqGk
  10. Noel, only one thing. That guy was full of crap. Out.
  11. Welcome, Really nice pictures and catches. I think I saw you a week or so ago just before the brutal cold. I'm around the DuPage a lot. Saw Ron K wading also. Thanks for joining in.
  12. Jim J

    photo test

    Your address is 900n. Michigan ave. Apt007 chicago
  13. Jim J

    Upgraded Forums

    Decided to test uploading. Seamless
  14. Jim J

    Bronzeback Newsletter

    Yes, very nice and thanks!
  15. Jim J

    Drag chain retractable leash

    My experience is they don't work. i know three others that tried and it didn't work for them either. chains are too heavy and it's hard to find a suitable place that will hold the dog leash. You end end up pulling it up with one hand while trying to push the button with the other. weve found the best solution is a small cleat. Pop the rope in then pop it out when needed. extra rope goes under the seat. works best for the three guys I know hope this helps