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  1. I have had good luck with boots lasting 3-4 years. I credit to removing the boots from the trunk or truck bed and stuffing wadded up news paper in the boots. you will be surprised how fast the paper dries out the boot.
  2. Terry, just wanted to let you know Bill K. and I are coming to breakfast Saturday.
  3. Scott, put me down for number #2 August 13 - 17.
  4. Yes. I've used it for several years. Saves me from driving miles only to learn the river is not wade-able As you can see it has data for several states..
  5. Sad to hear. I very much enjoyed talking with Ron during our stays on the Menominee. He will be missed.
  6. I plan on attending. Looking forward to it.
  7. Scott please put me down for the first three days, August 12-15. I will send my deposit shortly.
  8. Want to say a big thank you to Scott for setting up this trip. The accommodations were great as was the group of guys there August 13-17. We all caught a good number of smallies with very good size to them. Here is a pic of Don Zahrobsky with a typical smallie. http://i63.tinypic.com/2qb6b0y.jpg[/i
  9. Scott I am very much looking forward to heading up on Saturday, but I do have a question. I looked on the web site for Tinker's Dam but I see no mention if bed linen and towels are provided? . Could you fill us in?
  10. Sorry to hear of your loss Terry. My thoughts and prayers are of you and your family.
  11. Pat M


    My wading boots have fallen apart. I have had them about 4-5 years. I have a friend with the same boots but a year newer and his boots are doing fine. Mine disintegrated where the lug sole attaches to the upper. In view of this it may not be the boot but how I care for them. After returning from wading I set them on a shelve in the garage about 8 inches apart to let air circulate around them. It takes about 4 days for them to dry completely. How do other members care for their wading boots?
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