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  1. The Ned Rig

    The Kankakee just eats jigs I think it's the sharp edges of the lime stone. I try to go as light as possible and still feel the bottom. If I'm fishing out in the current the only cast that comes through pretty good is if I cast slightly upstream and the jig hits bottom just below me then continues down and across. when it snags in front of a rock you basically pull it upstream against the current and then let it keep going downstream. Don't know if that's a good explanation. I've gotten fish out of the main flow in this cold of water tight lining a dropshot rig but it's tough. I would work as many small eddies as possible. Still lots of junk on the bottom to snag on. I lost all my neko rigs in eddies. Lost all my flies in the trees last time I fly fished out there.
  2. Vintage Lures

    Like the single hooks. I need a good excuse to start drinking wine.
  3. What do you do next?

    Good stuff. If I miss a fish I'm trying to check hooks for sharpness. Many times the rods out of position to set the hook or I'm not focused in. Sometimes you need a mercy fish that hooks himself. I've been fooling with circle hooks thinking it would help the less experienced fisherman I take out but they help me too. As far as catching one usually just repeat what I just did. If I get two a lot of times I change lures to see if something else works or try different hook types or rigs what ever I'm working on (try a Ned RIG). If I get two or three fish on the same lure and then nothing I'll change up lures try something faster and slower maybe downsize. I need to fool with color more this seems to be important with trout. A lot of times the fish don't stop biting they just have moved. When they're active they run a cycle around a pool if it's a small enough creek intercepting them is no problem. We've all been in small creeks when the fish get spooked and shoot past us downstream. I'm sure this is happening on bigger rivers. Catch a few fish, the school gets spooked and now they're behind you. This is why Bob Long and Ken g can work downstream presentation so effectively they keep running into the school as it regroups and heads upstream. I need to work on that technique too.
  4. What do you do next?

    I was involved with a smallmouth tagging study one time we tried to tag 10 fish every mile usually at a bridge pool. You'd catch the fish measure him, take a scale sample to figure out the age, clip a specific side fin that would identify him as a tagged fish (the tags get algae on them hard to see) and put a T tag in him that would wedge inside and has a phone number on it. Many times while I was fishing the pool I would recapture a fish that we had just tagged a few minutes ago.
  5. The Ned Rig

    That stand up video is great. It looked familiar so I looked up neko rig its a worm hooked in the middle with a weight screwed into one end so it stands up. I was messing with it in high water on the kankakee a couple years back picked up some fish but then snagged and lost all my rigs.I'll have to try a weedless or texas rigged ned or neko rig. Thanks for video and wire weed guard tip.
  6. What do you do next?

    Administrators 3,616 posts Gender:Male Report post Posted 10 hours ago If I have a fish show himself, by a swirl on the surface, or a missed hit, I pick up a senko type bait and throw to that spot. “60% of the time, it works every time” Seriously, I keep a senko tied on at all times, ready for just such a situation. I heard you're suppose to wait until you feel the weight of the fish before you set the hook on top water. I usually start looking around get distracted, get startled and set the hook too soon so it's good for me to have a follow up bait like you said. In real clear water when fish miss a topwater bite you can see them searching the surface for what they missed. If a fish follows I've pulled off the "musky figure eight" with a crank bait occasionally. If they follow and there is a piece of cover near by sometimes they'll go to that. If there's a rock or some wood run the next cast by it. I've had fish hang under the boat and come out and hit the next cast. Bill Calhoun told me about fishing the eddy your body creates in the current.Fish follow in and settle in behind you or just end up there. It's crazy to drop your lure right next to your feet and get a good fish.Dan Gapen calls this body fishing. We might be able to add the question what to do when you hook a fish and several are following along.
  7. What do you do next?

    You have a fish follow in and turn away... what do you do next? You have a fish hit and miss him..what do you do next? You catch a fish...what next. You get a couple out of one spot and then nothing..what next. Thought it would be interesting to hear what you guys do. Remember "there are no wrong answers" don't you hate when they say that.
  8. The Ned Rig

    This presentation reminds me of the original Charlie Brewer slider worm. They make lots of different jig heads some you can work weedless so you can get pretty fearless and cast them into anything. I use the light wire spider wide gap that has a 2/0 hook for 3 1/2" bass pro tubes.This is my go to lure. The original slider worm and head is very good. The tube casts a little further and mimics a crawfish on the bottom and is pretty snag proof.
  9. Some Sad News

    Norm was always ready to go fishing it didn't matter if it was hot or cold, low water or flooding. He always had a story. He knew the river, it was hard to find a spot on the Kankakee that he didn't know about. He was persistent we'd be out all day in terrible conditions he'd never complain then we'd catch something and have to stay out longer. One day a bunch of us are in a parking lot on the river in downtown Kankakee we'd had breakfast and were trying to figure out what to do The river was flooded into the parking lot zero visibility. Norm walks over to a telephone pole the water was about a foot deep behind it drops his lure in and gets a really nice smallmouth. Oh man now we have to stay out and fish in this stuff all day. The last time we talked we had planned on going to the Blowout he was looking forward to it.All of you guys were very important to him. i think he was always trying new things to be able to share with other fisherman. Norm was a great dad, fisherman and friend. Phil Fiscella
  10. Nice Rack

    Anyone using a Thule rack for a van with a factory rack ? Looks like it just hooks to edges. Thanks
  11. The original umbrella rig Interesting talk on salt water fishing with spoons or "tins" Check out explanation of why they work at 5:55.
  12. swimming jigs, worms, bucktails

    Slightly frozen caught a few today swimming a tubejig. I'll try the thumping tail. I like the idea of tying one type of lure on and using it all year just changing size, weight, retreive, color,and trailer.
  13. A few videos i've been watching Classic Charlie Brewer check out his retrieve about 47 minutes in. These gentleman including John Skinner the Bucktail guy seem to work with one lure covering lots of different depths and speeds.