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  1. Ed, Thank you for setting up the opportunity for the ISA to participate in the Trout Fishing for Kids event again this year. Dan Grigas and the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County do a great job of getting kids out fishing throughout the year. A good turnout of youngsters yesterday with lots of smiles and several heavy stringers of trout. Even the weather was relatively good for this year's event. Thanks again! Craig
  2. Ed, Count me in. I'll see you at Sunmist at 7 a.m. on March 30. Thanks! Craig
  3. Mike, I'll be there Saturday. Will come early to help with set up.. I'll bring a blue tarp we can use for the Velcro fish pond. I also have a couple of kid-sized fishing rods and a few buckets we can set out as targets. Craig
  4. Ed, Thank you for coordinating the ISA's participation in the "Trout Fishing for Kids" event with Dan Grigas of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. Despite the typical inclement March weather for this event, it was great to see the kids enjoying themselves and catching lots of nice fish. Those trout are probably the biggest fish the kids have caught in their young lifetimes. Several even bagged their limit (5). Lots of smiles on their faces as well as their parents. Dan did a great job organizing the event as always. Programs like this are a great way to introduce the yo
  5. The 2017 Northern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days event has come to a close. Despite less than desirable weather conditions over the weekend, there was a good turnout of families with kids eager to try hands on, outdoor-related activities. The big tent takedowns occurred yesterday along with collecting up all the signage and event equipment for storage. The NIH&FD committee is already preparing for next year’s event. Be sure to mark September 22-23, 2018 on your calendars and plan on joining the fun. A big THANK YOU to the following volunteers for enduring the heat and humidity,
  6. Just 5 more days to the Northern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days event. I have only 3 volunteers making time available for it so far. Not nearly enough to do the job and fulfill the ISA's commitment to this event. How about some others stepping up and helping the ISA support the future of fishing and other outdoor activities for the next generation? If you can make time available to volunteer or have questions about the event, please post here or contact me at cholde701@aol.com. Thank you! Craig
  7. Thank you, Pat. Saturday the 23rd will be great for however long you can stay. Still plenty of opportunities for other ISA members (and friends) to step up and help out this coming weekend. Was down at Silver Springs State Park today to mark out set-up locations for the big vendor tents, Boy Scouts breakfast tent, Hawg Trough placement, dog training area set-up, heritage re-enactment camp, etc. The IDNR has the park grounds looking real good. Weather forecast for the NIH&FD event weekend is getting better every day. Reply to this post with your ISA activity preference and the day/
  8. We have one week to go until the Northern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days event. The ISA is in need of several volunteers to support this event. The objective here is to promote the sport of fishing and love of the outdoors with the next generation. The Kids Casting Area is pretty much what the ISA does at the Sgt. Tommy's event every year. We need the full-time equivalent of at least 3 volunteers to staff this activity during the two days of NIH&FD. This year the ISA is looking to step up and cover the fly casting and fly tying activities at NIH&FD. If you're an ISA
  9. The Illinois Smallmouth Alliance will once again be at this year's Northern Illinois Hunting & Fishing Days celebration to be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 23 and 24, at Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville, IL. The hours are 9 am to 5 pm both days. It's a free event that focuses on outdoor activities for the entire family. The website www.NIHFD.org has a rundown of the types of activities that will be available for attendees to enjoy. The ISA is in need of several volunteers this year to help the kids in the casting area AND with the fly fishing demonstrations (both cast
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