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  1. Nice! That sounds fun, not surprised!
  2. They are the lightest most comfortable wading shoe for moderate terrain I’ve ever tried. Perfect for Hiking long a distance to a good spot, float tube or to wear while kayaking. good grip and feel great on your feet, but if your fishing areas with a lot of chunk rock/rip rap they don’t have any side protection so that’s really the only case I’d go with a traditional boot over these. I really enjoy how comfortable they are. They are well worth buying in my opinion. Don’t know how much life you’ll get out of them because I just got them a few months ago.
  3. Wow that’s horrible! Nothing is guaranteed! Hope nothing like that ever happens again but with these leaking coal ash ponds all over it feels like only a matter of time.....
  4. Pretty rough way to go by choice. Sad no matter what the motive.
  5. How do we know if & how many tickets are still available?? Thanks!
  6. Very cool. Years ago I used to take notes on my phone after or during my trips and save them in emails. But never consistently. I should look back and try to find them...
  7. This my favorite show. It can be a bit tight as it Not as big as some other shows but lots of great vendors, custom bait manufacturers and good people all around. Hope to make it Sunday for a bit.
  8. They did but most have melted with the recent warm temps.
  9. Took The family Out to Matthiessen State Park for some hiking before the frozen waterfall melted and got some near pics. Thought some would enjoy.
  10. 👍 went to rams game last week. This D is the real deal.
  11. Niiiice Paul. I hope we have some decent days Christmas week I can take advantage of.
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