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  1. Norm Minas Photos

    Very cool thanks William!
  2. Some Sad News

    That's a great story Phil thanks for sharing.
  3. Norm Minas Photos

    Will do mike, thanks for the photo also.
  4. Remembering Norm

    Nice post William... hope you are doing well sir. That's a great pic of Norm.
  5. Norm Minas Photos

    If anyone has some good pics of Norm from fishing, conservation events or any events please post hi resolution versions of them here. I'm going to put together a poster board/collage for his wife Tammy. I think she'd really appreciate that. Also, If anyone could help chip in a bit and or share his go fund me link that would be helpful and appreciated. For as many views as the post got It hasn't gotten as much traction as I thought it would. Thanks! https://dm2.gofund.me/4fzunp-norm-minas
  6. Very cool pics! Looks like you put in some solid time this year. I get the feeling you have a passion for it. Send me a message this spring if you want to chase some smallies. welcome to the group!
  7. Norm Minas' Wife needs our help

    https://www.gofundme.com/4fzunp-norm-minas heres the link. If you guys could share on these other groups or in any other way that would be helpful. Thanks !
  8. Norm Minas' Wife needs our help

    Just had a very sad conversation with Tammy Norms wife and I'm really hoping we can all step up in Norms honor to help take the financial burden off his wife. His extended sickness, hospital time and treatments were not all covered by insurance and she will not be eligible to receive his pension until she turnes 60 which is 2.5yrs from now. I want to see if as many ISA members as possible can come together and chip in to take some of the financial stress off of her during this tough time. If everyone could donate to the cause, I know they'd appreciate it. https://www.gofundme.com/4fzunp-norm-minas Best regards, John
  9. Some Sad News

    That's heavy news..... we've lost a great one. I learned an immense amount from my time and conversations with him about fishing and life. The sadness of this is lessened because I know his suffering is finally over. I find solice in knowing he'll be looking down on all of us with a smile when we step into the river to tug of war with the almighty smallmouth...... something tells me a part of his spirit will always be with me when I step into his home water. "peace"
  10. old infisherman magazines , any interest

    I'd like them if you don't donate them, I'll put them to good use!
  11. First attempt at tying smallie swim jigs

    Nice looking bait & fish!
  12. Gear ratio too slow for rivers?

    Hook sets for me difffer in several ways per situation and hook type.... and like norm said eliminate slack and when they surface to shake the hook put the rod tip in the water to keep them under the surface....
  13. Winter fishermen

    Here's to all the winter fishermen on here.
  14. Camping far west suburbs

    Thinking about getting out the Pop up & camping at jelly stone & checking out the fall colors at silver springs state park for a night this weekend. Anyone have any experience or suggestions on camping in this area or anywhere close to Minooka IL? We've done starved rock before also. Thanks!
  15. Anyone have any experience with this yak? Thinking about getting one. Any info is much appreciated!