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  1. Sure would be nice if a few more people would step up. We have over 200 members and we can not come up with enough help. Seems always the same people doing the events! What' going to happen when these folks can not do the events and no one takes point on this stuff!
  2. Norm Perkins and Mike Gillig will be coming also!
  3. Don' forget this Saturday the 20th is the Northwest Region breakfasts at Cherryvalley Cafe. Who is planning on coming I know I will be there,
  4. No it is Thursday 25th thru Sunday the 28th
  5. Scott put me down for Saturday 3-7
  6. Is the ISA going to have a booth at any of the outdoor shows that are coming up. Have yet to see any info on signing up to work them, Schaumburg is only 3 weeks away!
  7. Happy New Years

    Happy New Years to everyone! Hope it is a year full of good health and good times
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas hope you have a great day with your families!
  9. Some Sad News

    My wife and I will keep Norm in our prayers!
  10. It was nice seeing everyone at breakfast this morning . Helps with the winter blues can't wait for the next one!
  11. Happy Thankgiving

    Just want to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all the ISA members and hope you have a great day with family and friends!
  12. New Books

    Just started reading the Smallmouth book and it is very good!
  13. The one thing that bothers me alot is seeing the Pro tournament guys flip the fish in the boat on the carpeted floor of their boats. This can not be a good thing for the fish!
  14. October Dinner Meeting

    Great seeing all the gang and talking about last year and next year's plans. Tom thank you for putting on a great spread!
  15. October Dinner Meeting

    Sounds like we are going to have a great turn out this year!
  16. On October 18th the DNR has scheduled a meeting on the Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishery from 6 to 9pm at the Crossroads in Sturgeon Bay. The meeting has been organized by Scott Hansen, Fisheries Biologist Sturgeon Bay. The agenda will be to provide information on the status of the smallmouth bass in the Door County waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan and provide an opportunity for discussion and collect feedback about the smallmouth Fishery. I know a few guys fish Door County and may have some questions and input on this but not able to attend. If you do have any thing to say or questions you would like to ask please email them to Bill Schultz at Smalliecentral@gmail.com and he will get them to Mr. Hansen.
  17. October Dinner Meeting

    Looking forward to it. Great food and great get together with the guys! This is a must do if you have not attended it yet.
  18. Great job Bill brings back some great memories. Hope you guys are there next year with us.
  19. ISA Road Trip 2018

    Scott put me down for the 18th thru the 25th.
  20. NW Region Outings

    I think Terry is doing the wrong dance! Since he first put it up it has done nothing but rain. Terry you sure that's not the rain dance your doing you might have it mixed up! Looking forward to fishing the Apple again it was fun last time we had a good group.
  21. Kish Wade Outing, 6/24/17

    That sucks again! We just can't get a break.
  22. Sturgeon Bay recommendations ?

    Quarry Launch!
  23. Sturgeon Bay recommendations ?

    Kim I will be up there May 6th thru the 8th and May 24th thru the 27th. You could also fish Sister Bay and Egg Harbor. If you put in at the Quarry Latch you can also hit the flats. All offer good fishing fairly close to shore.