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  1. I just read on Facebook that Michigan has issued the permits for the Back Forty Mine by the Menomonee River. This is very bad!
  2. Frank

    New Member Intro

    Welcome and nice job with the Ned Rig!
  3. Frank

    One of my favorite beers

    The Kishwaukee Brutus Hunter is that something you would drink by the Kilbuck Terry? LOL!
  4. Frank

    Fox Kayak Trip May 12th

    Are the fish starting to bed in that stretch of the river? Fished a river last Sunday a there were smallies on beds!
  5. Frank

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Malone makes some great products for transporting kayaks!
  6. Frank

    The Ned Rig

    I throw it in rock all the time. You lose a few but that's the risk you take to catch fish. You need to pay attention to where you are putting it. If it is real rocky you need to keep your rod tip up! I will even use a 1/20th jig head on occasion
  7. We did not catch a fish in our group. Our float did not start out well at all. Pour Mike and Jude both flipped the kayaks with in 100 yards of our put in. John and I finished the day with nothing to show for our efforts. I tried the Ned Rig , jerk baits and paddle tail swim jigs. First time shut out on the Kish!
  8. Mike Gillig will also be there he let me know last night.
  9. Thank you Scott yes I can see the events now!
  10. I tried signing out and sign back in and it is still blank!
  11. April 2018 yes and it is totally blank.
  12. This article was written in Wisconsin but we here in Illinois can still contact our representatives and voice our concerns also!
  13. Jude I did not see it on the calendar either but it was in the digital newsletter. Maybe it's is fake news!
  14. Hope this next little storm does not bring to much rain!
  15. Jude it was in the May issue of the news letter.
  16. Paul I plan on being there and Norm Perkins may also join use. Not positive on Norm but possibly.
  17. Frank

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Don't forget to consider how your going to use the kayak. What types of water you going to fish. You going to do any trips that you will be camping. All things that need to be thought about. Good luck and try to try out some before you decide on what you get.
  18. Frank

    Suggestions for Kayak Research

    Kevin talk to the guys at Rocktown Adventures they could set up some demos for you to try!
  19. Frank

    Lefty Kreh

    I just saw on Facebook that Lefty Kreh has passed away! Is this true if so very sad day.
  20. Frank

    NW Region 3rd Saturday, March

    Jude that is just wrong on so many levels green biscuits and gravy! I would vote for breakfast also.
  21. Frank

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    I just found out today about this sad news. Ron was a great guy and a true gentleman. I was glad to have him as a friend and will truly miss him. He was so smoothwith the fly rod he made it look effortless ! Rest in peace my friend
  22. We had a good turn out today for breakfast total of 10 showed up. We had 3 generations of Trybuls at the table which was very cool. It was great seeing everyone and looking forward to next months 3rd Saturday Breakfast.