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  1. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    Yes, we had a good turnout to enjoy a great Thai dinner along with the camaraderie. There was a lot of reliving past trips and plans for future outings. As always thanks to Tom Loo for being such a gracious host providing the appetizers and ice cream for dessert.
  2. Ed Buric

    Duplicating a $469 Swimbait

    He sure does know what he is doing. I really appreciate the way he improvises
  3. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    thanks Tom, I got busy earlier today
  4. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    2 more days
  5. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    There are always a bunch that attend without responding here. btw just 3 more days
  6. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    Tom is always such a gracious host, I urge all that can to take advantage of this opportunity
  7. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    In just 4 more days
  8. Ed Buric

    Meeting @ Thai garden

    And that is just 10 days from now
  9. WE will again hold our October meeting at Tom Loo's Thai Garden Restaurant, 225 West Golf Road Schaumburg http://thaigardenusa.com/ The meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00pm.
  10. Ed Buric

    10 to 15 Thousand Smallmouth

    I am interested, will let you know for sure shortly I just checked out the location of the hatchery and it is just too far for me so I will have to take a pass
  11. I became eligible to vote in 1962 and I have not missed voting in an election since, I am really looking forward to this one
  12. and on it goes http://queticosuperior.org/blog/trump-administration-re-opens-boundary-waters-watershed-mining
  13. Ed Buric

    ISA Road Trip 2019

    # 1