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  1. We had eight members show up to enjoy a hearty breakfast and some great comaraderie on a gloomy Saturday morning. Thanks to all that came out
  2. RICH will run a fly and jig tying session using eyelash yarn and and satin material, this will be Saturday, March 9th from 12 - 3 ? at Run a ways restaurant rt 56 just East of rt 25 in N. Aurora. They have a back room that could hold about 20. Anglers can tie along or watch.
  3. I didn't know about that. I hope all goes well and you gain at least another 40 feet on your cast.
  4. In exactly 1 week or 7 days depending on how you prefer to put it😄
  5. We will again hold our midwinter breakfast get together at 9:00am Saturday, February 16th at the Sunmist restaurant 501 East Lake street, Addison Il. https://www.google.com/maps/place/501+E+Lake+St,+Addison,+IL+60101/@41.9269034,-87.9759028,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x880fb2e21ecd19e7:0x54e68263b0a0e428!8m
  6. Scott is right, it is an easy drive that takes about 5 hours. All but the last few miles beyond Marinette are limited access highways. The experience is well worth the drive. If you can you definitely should do it.
  7. Scott is unquestionably the workhorse of the I S A
  8. I was thinking of taking a ride up to Cherry Valley to have breakfast with you guys but with the weather forecast I will take a pass on this one
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