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  1. What if the river is blown out ? Will the tourney offer a refund if cxl ?
  2. thanks to the ISA for planning these events, good to talk fishing and get a full belly
  3. That was super cool, thanks for always finding and sharing posts like this
  4. For those of you who like a extremely loud top water bait buzzbait ,I found something very comparable to the once now defunct Boogerman buzzbaits made in southern Illinois. When they went out of business a few years back, Eric found one made by Strike King called the honey buzz I believe but I could never get it to make that clacking noise like the Boogerman's. I tweaked the wire every way possible but never could replicate the sound I was looking for until I happen to be at the fishing show in January and just happen across a buzzbait made by a guy out of Indiana called the "Rowdy Buzz Lures". I kinda for forgot I had it till last week when I was pond hoping and couldn't believe how loud it was, I thought this is gonna be killer cla cked up stream in our rivers. I stopped at the Fox a few days ago, didn't have any takers but it is plenty noisy and should draw their attention. One improvement that was made is the shaft that gets banged to make the noise seems to better a little more dense and not wear down like on the Boogerman which had a softer metal. If you sling a baitcaster pick one of these bad boys up ! they do make different sizes that should work on a spinning rod as well.
  5. I wish I would have read this Saturday, bite was impossible in the afternoon and gave up around 5 after being cooked, but I was hiding under bridges most of the time so not that bad. Do recall the time I met you in the evening on the Fox in the Elgin area ? It has been a few years, but that specific pool currently has some construction going on creating some unique fast water seams, has great depth & current. I spent time there on Sat but couldn't find any big girls to cull out but thought you might want to check it out if you haven't ventured up north on the fox lately but my guess is you are well aware of this and have already scouted but now finally down to a decent flow could hold some bigguns
  6. yes it is, kinda my fault though, could have put my full name down for this site, I tried to correct it at one point but had trouble in doing so, nice job in tourney
  7. Nice job by Kevin D to make a run to almost 80", both Eric's are pro's I have learned from past experience, I cant image the amount of hours it takes to really know the fox, I have tried for several years but it never really amounts to much because I don't fish it on a regular basis. Congrats to both Eric's and yes bump boards do not lie !!!
  8. Eric is closing in on 90" already, that # would win 90% of all Kayak tourneys and that would be large mouth bass, this guy is doing it with smallies, dude is a pro, I didn't even have the balls to sign up this time around; however there is another guy that is within 10" or so of catching him, two weeks left.
  9. that guy could catch a fish anywhere
  10. I will be attending as well along with two other people to help out, observe, or what ever you need, always wanted to attend this event, finally get to
  11. k olson

    Fox open

    C'mon Paul, you should be showing off those mad skills !! You want me to believe you caught over 900 fish up north, did you barrow Scott's spare fish counter ?? Lol .
  12. k olson

    Fox open

    Where are all the kayak fishermen ?? This Sunday is the Fox Open tourney and it is lacking sign ups. I know what your thinking Eric probably has it wrapped up but he cant win them all and is going to have an off day sometime this century. Bart, Mark, Jim J, Paul T, John G.????? Eric posted a link to sign up in his last post, Rockton is giving away a Nucanoe Flint series Kayak is they hit 15 sign ups, everyone is eligible to win this just by signing up, 1000$ value. Get signed up so they don't cancel, I want a shot at the title !!!
  13. All kinds of good input on this thread, I think what type of water you are going to fish is really important for the different style yaks. I mostly agree with Eric's thoughts; however if you ever plan on fishing 500-1000 acres lakes you better be rigged up exactly like the picture he posted if not more. I have fished in the KBL for the last 3 years and I'm getting left behind & having trouble staying competitive because I'm paddle only, most of the people fishing in this league have a pedal drive and or a small battery powered motor. Good luck.
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