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  1. Topwater bat

    I thougtht you turned your PM thing off years ago, something guys wanting your spots or giving your a hard time I forgot our conversation
  2. Topwater bat

    The Rat is awesome, made by Spro, picked up one this spring the action on that thing is unbelievable and some how it gives off a glow in the water especially in stained water but not sure how it does it though. Do you have a vip to McGraw or what, pm me the password for that place, I owe it one, got skunked there earlier this year, did not think it was possible.
  3. Sturgeon Bay recommendations ?

    Thanks guys for the info, especially about all the tourneys that happen in the month of may. I may have a change of heart & work is giving me grief about taking additional time off during our busy month's but I was wondering if these areas can be fished in the fall or do they move to deep water ? I may just go up in the fall, its beautiful up there that time of year anyways.
  4. Sturgeon Bay recommendations ?

    Thanks Ed I no idea about the tourneys.
  5. Just over a year ago I was invited to attend a fund raising event for a local high school that I have no loyalties except the free dinner & open bar that came with the ticket. Truth be told its pretty fancy evening with formal dress and all. As I was enjoying my cocktail and looking at the tremendous amount of gift baskets, auction items to bid on, of course they have one for a one night stay at an upscale bed in breakfast in Door County. My mind went to catching trophy smallmouth when I looked at this place and never dreamed I would win the bid, I mean really not one other person bid on it the rest of the night ?? So $220 later on a Sunday overnight overstay, I need to use this thing before it expires. Looking for contacts or information on where to fish. I have a 16' alumacraft boat I will be bringing with. I really want to stay close to shore, don't care for big water with my boat. I will also throw waders in as well in case of windy condition. Going to go this up coming month for pre-spawn. I know several guys in the club are very familiar with this area. Ed & I talked briefly about some places to fish. Any advice or local guide info I can get would be great.
  6. 2017 Blowout Snippet

    Thanks to all that who worked to make this a great blowout, really enjoyed the speakers, great food, and comradery with fellow ISA members. Also would like to thank Jim J for keeping his cool while announcing the auction items while the table of drunk assholes where rude, disruptive during the whole thing. Sorry for the language but if you sat near them you would understand, hopefully they will be not be asked to come back & one guy even won vexan rods, OMG !!
  7. I read lots on the subject but voted yes because it is my lively hood depends on it but was disappointed that was my choice.
  8. Monster Smallie on the Lakefront

    What beast that fish is !! Guy is one of the owners of Tight rope jigs, which I have bought a few in the past, not to bad & a member of the cast crew you tube show that has lots of footage on lake Michigan smallies, pretty cool stuff.
  9. Whopper Plopper

    You said Tallywacker hahahaha
  10. Fox water willow planting 7/9/16

    I plan on helping out
  11. bronzeback bulletin

    Thanks to all who have worked on news letter and those still currently making it happen. I always enjoy reading them.
  12. Smallmouth cleaning the nest

    Awesome footage !!!! Can you please remove all of the algae from this river, it will make things much easier when spawn is over
  13. Eric anyone Eric ?

    Where the hell is Eric ? Rumor has he may be posting on some different forums ? Did somebody piss him off ? I know he is fishing somewhere unless he lost his arms but I bet he could use his feet and out catch most of us. Where art thou ?
  14. Was Afraid This Might Happen

    Really you were watching judge judy ?
  15. I learned yesterday that Boogerman buzzbaits have gone out of business, this sucks, they have been my go to topwater for several seasons. I have been on the internet & to a few bait shops, nothing left in 1/4 & 3/8 oz wtf ? I was considering buying a few honeybuzz until Eric posted the design change so I figured I would stay with Boogerman, now I cant get either one ? If anyone is skilled enough to build a nice loud buzzbait where the prop hits the shaft let me know, I will glady buy it.