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  1. Dodge's Diesel Pop

    Nice looking foam bug, Terry. I hope it will hunt up a Brutus for ya
  2. ISA Casting Sgt. Tommy's Kids

    I will be there
  3. Way Way Over And Above

    That is terrific customer service!! Glad the out come went your way?????
  4. ll bean

  5. Kish Float: 4/22/17

    Thanks Jude! I'll keep an eye on it. Whenever you guys decide
  6. Kish Float: 4/22/17

    I would like to join in on this event. How is put in/take out handled?

    Ray Raynor was like my Good Morning America while I was growing up on the north side of Chicago. RW = red/white. Rodger that! It was a fun tie. There where step by step instructions in the magazine. I had most materials. Some I made do.

    Never thought of those for Steelhead. I figured them for warm water species. I am going to get up there to try again, Tom!

    forgive me fellas but what is RW? I have not fished these patterns. Just getting a little creative. The complex ones with the zonkers are from Fly Tyer mag spring '17 issue. It's called a "white demon". I'll let you know if they hunt. Sadly my version looks like Ray Raynor's version! (I've just aged myself). The others are an interpretation of Tim Holshlag"s patterns. Thanks
  10. Ha! Three Blind Mice, Rat Patrol, Combat... This is a great fishing show!! Perhaps a dusting of a clear varnish or shellac (sp) will repel more water? Nice tie, man. Careful in the high water

    This is what happens when I work night shift then try and turn the body clock back around. Some simple stuff; 2 or 3 materials. Then more complex; 5 or 6 materials. I prefer the former.
  12. Open tying

    Cory and I tied a mess of bass bugs that will available for raffle at our Blowout.
  13. Open tying

    Cory said he may come by.
  14. hpu fly

    Looked that up Rich, thanks for that. Lots of streamer options there.
  15. Advice on fly rod for beginner

    Good advice and knowledge here for sure! I prefer a 6wt fast action. A moderate action 6wt with a Smallmouth bass line will give you plenty of power to land a large specimen, while still allowing plenty of sport for the little guys. I use Rio's smallmouth line, (6WT Floating). The bass taper shoots large, bulky or weighted flies with ease. ronk spelled out an important point, casting with a double haul method. Get on youtube and look up flycasting. casting is a skill and you will need some practice. hauling, mending, reach cast, roll cast. There are too many to learn all at once. focus on the basic cast at first. When you pick up the double haul, this cast will allow you to overcome windy conditions, as well as making large bugs easier to cast.