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  1. I'm planning on being there.
  2. Some Sad News

    So sad, my thoughts are with his family and friends. Thanks for sharing those great stories.
  3. Great photos and catches, You will love this place. Welcome!
  4. A great step forward for the club, I'll stand with deputy dodge.
  5. Camp Kish 2017

    I'll be showing up around 2-3pm at the campsites
  6. Camp Kish 2017

    I'll be there Friday evening, don't have a hard time yet but will update when it gets closer. I'm also planning on both nights and will be mostly boating. Whats the deal with campfires? do they have some pits?
  7. Camp Kish 2017

    Just sprained my ankle pretty bad but I'm looking to make at least one day, hopefully both.
  8. Fish Grip or Glove?

    I've always liked the knockoff cheapo boga grips for smaller pike, control the lower jaw to remove the hook and easy to hold onto if they thrash (we're talking pike) the big boys need a glove, I use a mechanix style.
  9. Lucky Hat

    I forgot about the doubles, that was too fun.
  10. A Beautiful Smallmouth Fishing Video

    Great stuff, represents the niche fishing I love the most.
  11. Lucky Hat

    I WILL post a better group shot... tomorrow. I need to resize a bunch of pics. Paul and I had a good day, consistent action with the majority of it on topwater, we each broke double digits. Didn't crack 17 inches but had a handful of fish just shy. I had a great time seeing some old faces, some new faces and getting on the water with smallmouth brethren. Hope to see everyone at the camp out next month, if not sooner.
  12. Lucky Hat

    Count me in, I'm looking to float as well and open to options.
  13. Camp Kish 2017

    I'm dying to get on the Kish this year, I'll confirm at later dates but so far this looks good.
  14. Jackson Mayfly Setup

    Very cool boat, Those built in rod tubes are the best. Have you got to demo test the boat on the showdown rig? I'm not sure your car or abilities but that looks like its going to force you to lift your Jackson nearly chest high and level. I would suggest checking out a simpler roller/slider system, you lift the nose of your boat up on it, then lift from the back and slide it into the saddles. This way you never have to lift the full weight of your boat. It will save you around 300 too which the wife might like
  15. Northwest Region

    Play it backwards? My year has felt more like groundhogs day, plan a trip at optimum river levels for it to be blown out with rain the night before. I have some horror stories.