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  1. FYI for those starting at the cabin tomorrow August 13, I actually won’t be arriving until weds evening August 14. See you then. ericg
  2. Oh no that's terrible to hear that he is gone
  3. I just took the last spot Would actually prefer the second week as it would fit my work schedule better, if anyone decides they want to trade let me know.
  4. I did get out for a few hours in the afternoon. Only caught 3 smallies but some good size- a 17 and a 16. Largest one came on suspending jerkbait and was my first ever suspending jerkbait fish ( thanks to Pauls suggestion). Rapala Xrap XR-8
  5. Hi Paul, i have another event in rockford sat am so wont be able to do the float , ill probsbly hit the kish for a spot hop in the afternoon. Will try to make it to breakfast though: still Cherry Valley Cafe at 9 am? ericg
  6. I had a slow day, picked up one decent smallie 13 or 14 inch range and thats all. spent most of the outing paddling rather than fishing as I chose a longer stretch than I should have with the time that I had available. EricG
  7. My CPAP does run on my trolling battery BTW. Have had it in tents before. Eric
  8. Would love to be there but have to help my Mom move that weekend. Sometimes Mom comes first! Eric
  9. Absolutely, thanks for the help. Eric
  10. I like "The Fish Grip" plastic, lightweight, works well. I also keep it tied to my kayak while kayaking and clip it to a tree branch to hold position sometimes. Leaving it tied to the kayak anchor trolley rope I can clip a large pike by the lower lip and let go of it, the plastic grip holds it for me. Haven't tried this device for wading, just for in kayak. eric
  11. my brother Tim and I had a nice float, we each had a smallie caught at the put-in before even getting the boats in the water. double digits for each of us as well. nothing bigger than 14". My brother also got two Northerns and I also got a couple rock bass. Tim got most of his fish on a twister, I used Hula, senko, crank. Tried topwater a bit at first but no topwater action. Thanks to PaulT for showing us the put-in and take out points. EricG
  12. My brother is coming with me, we will both be kayaking EricG
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