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  1. Here’s a few pics from the tournament. I’d like to add we where able to raise $400 that will go to “The Coalition To Save The Menominee River” which really was the whole point of this event. Good barbecue, cold beer and a riverside view didn’t hurt either.
  2. Eric, entry is not all that steep when you split it three ways. All the proceeds are going to a good cause, a resource many of the membership enjoys if I’m not mistaken.
  3. Dave P has a 3 man boat, a drift boat to be exact. I also told him the entry fee is the same even if he only has 2 anglers.
  4. Gentlemen, it’s three man teams which would negate a kayak or canoe, that’s the reason. Drift boats, skiffs, rafts, John boats......craft that can legally hold and fish 3 anglers. Correct, Tom would Tom would Rock it!
  5. 2 MORE SPOTS LEFT! Deadline to enter will be June 1st... Smallmouth Fly Tournament held near Chicago, Illinois. Tournament will be open to teams of three with a boat. Entry Fee is $375.00 per team/boat. Great prizes from Nautilis Reels, Scientific Anglers, Full Day Guided Trip with MWACo., TFO Rods, Stealthcraft Boats, and much more to be announced in the next week. All proceeds donated to The Coalition to Save the Menomonee River. Every angler will receive a tournament shirt, SWAG bag, dinner and drinks Saturday night. Friday June 29th: Angler meet and greet. Location: South Moon BBQ in Montgomery, Illinois Saturday June 30th: Angler/team check in at 5:00am. Location TBD If you are interested in signing up please visit www.midwestwaters.com and fill out the sign up form. Much more details, rules, and locations coming soon! #illinoistrophywaters #midwestwaters #nautilusreels #flyfishing #scientificanglers #tforods #stealthcraftboats #dupageflyco #smalliesonthefly @nautilusflyreels @scientificanglers @stealthcraft_stealthraft @templeforkoutfitters @dupageflyfishingco @stealthcraftboats @smalliesonthefly
  6. mikea

    Mike Allen Seminar for OBTU May 16th

    Thanks Forest, hope to see lots of familiar faces and new ones as well.
  7. Thanks Terry, It's a double standard. That's why I would like start the conversation and include the club's conservation Director. I know I'm not alone when I say I'm tired of picking up no less than three deflated pool toys and countless other garbage left behind by tubers. I cant believe it's 2017 and were having a littering debate.
  8. It's not "dangerous" at all. If it doesn't have a hull ID number or a water usage sticker it doesn't belong. The danger is floating down a river with current while in a craft with which no means to control it whatsoever. With the tubers comes litter and underage drinking. This is a fact every river angler in our area knows and it directly impacts our river environment. I would like to know what the ISA leadership position is regarding this proposal?
  9. mikea

    A Beautiful Smallmouth Fishing Video

    Thanks Tom, members can visit us at are website www.midwestwaters.com or follow us on FB and Instagram. I'll mention the conservation efforts of the club, which I hope to have included if or when we do another.
  10. Lol, yeah it'll go away just like are toll system was supposed too.
  11. I'm talking the Dupage specifically here but I know you boys experience the same BS. Enforce these "watercraft" to have a sticker and I bet it addresses a lot of issues.
  12. Would the leadership entertain creating a petition to present to the IDNR? It would require the individuals that float are waterways in what amounts to pool toys to have a "Water Usage Sticker"? I don't understand why this isn't enforced or required right now? Why do fisherman, kayaker and canoist have to purchase a permit, but anyone with a Wal-Mart pool toy does not? Frankly the past couple seasons the litter and under age drinking that go along with this our out of controll.
  13. mikea

    Back to the Buck

    Nice work Terry, and Merry Christmas.
  14. mikea

    ISA Road Trip 2016

    All good thanks Scott
  15. mikea

    ISA Road Trip 2016

    Any more on this?