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  1. Such a long winter, cabin fever had me feeling like Jack Nicholson in the shining......

    After a great breakfast at Cherry Valley we split up to attack different sections of the river, I was excited, first time on the Kish.

    Once we got on the water the spring fever broke, just couldn't help myself so I bailed off the kayak and went for a swim.  Jude saw me go and caught the enthusiasm and joined me.  Water was a little chilly, not too bad for a Minnesota boy.  After swimming around for a bit we decided to call it a day and let the others have the river.

    Next time out I'll try to contain myself and fish the river instead of swimming it.

  2. I have the ultimate solution, well for boats/trailers under 2,000 lbs, and it will save you money.

    Unless your boat is actually in the water for a long time, like in a marina (think it's a 60 days a year rule) you don't need to register it in Illinois.  I register my trailer and boat in Minnesota. Boat registration is about the same as Illinois, but the kicker is any trailer for under 2,000 lbs setup is a one time permanent sticker.

    I boat the sticker for about the cost of registering it in Illinois and put the sticker on the tongue of the trailer.  No plate, no plate holder no more fees. Sorry Jesse White ;)

    And it's legal

  3. Well I'm ready for a summer of kayaking in my new Cuda 12. I was up at Cabelas around Christmas and said I was going to use my Co2 vest for comfort. The sales guy asked me to reconsider as the chances of getting wet in a yak are quite a bit higher than in my bass boat.


    He told a story of having a Co2 vest deploy on him and having his mouth slammed shut, cutting his tongue pretty good. Sounds more like an air bag explosion than the slow deploy I thought a Co2 vest would do.


    So now I'm trying to find something that will do the trick for a sit-on-top with a therma-rest seat.


    Tried a couple, one with a high rear pad that was supposed to ride above the seat. Had trouble getting it high enough (I'm a 5'6" midget). Then I hit the 20% off sale at REI today, grabbed an Astral Ronny. Nice thin back which was very comfortable. Had a nice feature with a quick access knife tab for cutting anchor line and avoiding the submarine maneuver ;)


    The trouble with all I've tried is that the front is pretty bulky and rides up, Seems like it would get in the way for fishing.


    Any feedback is appreciated: what you like; what you don't; what's your favorite; what features you like.

  4. So I started a search for a lake cabin up 'der in Wisconsin. Grew up in Minnesota so I really didn't have any idea just where all the lakes were in WI. Messed with Google Earth, got tired of zooming, got WI state HWY maps, they show roads and towns, missing my lakes.


    Tried and tried to google lake maps, the realtor's have hijacked this search ;) Eventually I decided to just drill down in my searches. About page 15 I found Professor Higbee's Stream & Lake Maps.


    Ordered up a 4'x4' laminated copy, maybe $40. It's detailed and beautiful. if my wife didn't have veto power it'd be hanging on the living room wall. Simple truth is that one map saved me a year of poking around in WI to figure out where to go. Still has HWY's and county lines but they are pushed into the background to highlight the lakes.


    So I contacted the published, asked to get a copy of the two counties I am interested. He says just as soon as his new printer is up and running that will be easy as pie.


    They do Illinois. Wisconsin and a scattering of other states (Minnesota is coming), heck, if you want a wall size map they'll even churn on of those out. On the laminated version they put a couple of grommets in to make hanging easy. You can use those non-permanent type markers and write on it to your hearts content.


    If anyone is interested here's the link (and, no, I'm not affiliated with the map making industry)





    Michael G


  5. 20 some years ago I went up to the only Midwest store where I could find a Kayak, Rutabagas up in Madison and bought a 'Rebel' for $500.




    It served it's purpose, fished the 4Lakes Ponds in Lisle day and night, lot's of fun..


    Well after this summers attempt to fish the fox fish with the ISA I realized it was time for an upgrade.... something not too heavy, built for the rivers, able to track so I can fight back upstream and make do in still water and I needed it by early spring so I can tag along on the Sylvania trip....


    The 2016 Cuda 12 on $200 off end of year closeout from our friends at RockTown Kayak.




    Had to get the wife to sew some 2" Nylon straps to upgrade the ceiling mount.




    Too much fun...[





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