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  1. Working at Henry's part-time since this Summer, I was lucky to work the day Joe brought this fish in and had the DNR document everything. I was also one of only 3 witnesses to the live release. The fish took some time to fully relax and rehabilitate in the tank at Henry's (cold water in the tank helped), but was easily in great shape at the time of release. Good to see this hunt have a good ending for the record fish
  2. Interesting, but I'll save myself the labor and keep buying Congo Hair from FTD until the price approximates EP.
  3. Damn. Damn....Damn. This is extremely sad and surprising news. Tom texted me today to let me know since I hadn't been on the forum in the past weeks. One of my earlier memories of Ron was a few years back, seeing him ambitiously navigating a rocky, flooded Wisconsin riverbank looking for Spring steelhead. I cringed a bit, but admired his determination despite his age. Ron was a phenomenal caster, and my overworking youngish arms envied the ease with which Ron could throw a line. Ron joined me and several others on a group trip to Belize last March, and insisted we fly down and back together on the same flights. We had a lot of great conversation during those hours together. That week, Ron achieved his (and so many accomplished fly anglers') goal of catching a permit on fly on the flats. He was planning to return this month, a year later, to catch another, or more. I guess, reflecting on my experiences with Ron now, I bring these things up because the thread that connects them is this: Ron never quit. Ron, to the end, never stopped setting goals and pushing himself as a fly angler. He didn't flyfish to be cool, but to constantly improve himself and have a good time in the process. I have nothing but respect for that. Also, Ron always had authentic hat game. Ron was cool anyway.
  4. Not sure what you were using before, but those are cool baitfish patterns. When people say they're trying 3D fibers I expect the EP "peanut butter" style baitfish.
  5. Just following up on my previous post. The bill by rookie rep Matt Gaetz of Florida that aims to eliminate the EPA is HR 861. Get on those phones this week. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/861/
  6. Good thread and thanks all who participated already. I called my House rep about HR621 last week; now it has been taken off the table (but it was not Chaffetz' first attempt and I don't suspect it will be his last). I will call my reps every day this week about HR622 ("To terminate the law enforcement functions of the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management and to provide block grants to States for the enforcement of Federal law on Federal land under the jurisdiction of these agencies, and for other purposes.") and do the same about Gaetz' bill when it is introduced. Will you join me this week in doing the same?
  7. Tim A

    hollow pleyes

    I love Pop's Hollow Fleyes and I also utilize the hollow technique when tying large musky/pike flies.
  8. Like a variant on Landweir's El Barto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhKcCiFY7Mc
  9. PM Sent. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience...
  10. I'm selling a perfect fly rod for chasing smallies--a moderately used TFO BVK 9' 6wt 4pc with fighting butt. Would also be a sweet stick for carp in freshwater or small bonefish, snook, and reds in saltwater. Excellent lightweight fast action rod but definitely not a stiff broomstick. Rod and sock only--TFO rods don't come with tubes. Retail $259 new Only asking $120 for fellow ISA members. I can prob get more on eBay but want to offer you guys first. I'll bring it to the early Show tomorrow in case you want to check it out and purchase first hand.
  11. So I took these flies fishing today with my friend Kory. I fished the rainbow trout color and Kory fished the black/orange. Kory nicknamed the pattern, "Eats McGee" The nickname must have worked its charm on the fish, as we got a bunch of eats from pike, musky, smallmouth, & largemouth. Most were medium in size, but the smallmouth pictured below was ~18" and Kory got the big fish today with this solid pike! (Keep in mind, the fly is ~12" long)
  12. Thanks, fellas! Glad you dig 'em
  13. These are just more of my go-to pike and musky flies. On my mind so I thought I'd share. Basically a tandem hollow-deceiver with a few bells and whistles--er, I mean, eyes and rattles. There's also palmered marabou in front of the forward-most bucktail clumps and I've glued 3D eyes over weighted dumbbells. The forward hook is a 60* jig hook (6/0; rear is 5/0 straight shank). To augment action and hook-up ratio, I typically tie these with the rear hook pointed down since the jig hook will point up. They are very sparse to keep weight down and to increase motion and sink rate. The fish don't seem to have any problem "hearing" or "seeing" these flies despite my defiance of the bulky flared deer hair head (e.g. Beauford) trend. I tie these a little sloppy because I don't think the fish care and I usually fish tannic or muddy water. What you're seeing is a fresh-off-the-vise look, and after a swim, the bucktail tames a bit. Not so happy customers
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