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  1. I hope your wife is doing better and gets well soon.
  2. I will be a Bass Pro Shop this Tuesday nd lookimg for  a good quality fishing waders. What do most fishermen recomend?  The Simd Freestone or Hogdman H5?

  3. James M

    Kish open?

    I never fished the Kisk and I am from Plainfield. Is there good streaches of this river that are wadeable?
  4. Scott, Disregard my last reply that was 7 minutes ago. I overlooked the "Fishing & Hunting report" in the Illinois Outdoor News" with the report on La Salle Lake. My Bad!!
  5. Hi Scott, Has of the ISA memebers been out to La Salle Lake yet? I just received the March 25th Illinois Outdoor News yesterday and on page 5 under "Mixed Bag" it sates that the DNR has announced that the La Salle Lake State Fish & Wildlife area has set its schedule the 2011 season. Which is what you have confirmed earlier on your reply. But what is confusing is the attached email reply that I got from the DNR today. But I guess La Salle Lake will still be open From: DNR, Illini <DNR.Illini@Illinois.gov> Subject: RE: Lasalle Lake To: "james martin" <threshold1955@yahoo.com> Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 2:00 PM Our summer help will not be on board by April 1st. We are waiting for Springfield to advise us as to what we are doing. Please keep checking back with us. Sorry for any inconvenience. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: james martin [threshold1955@yahoo.com] Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2011 3:12 PM To: DNR, Illini Subject: RE: Lasalle Lake Hi, Your website does state that LaSalle Lake is open for fishing From 6:00AM on April 1st. I assume this is also for this year 2011? I would just like to verify this before going out there to fish on Saturday April the 2nd. Thanks James C, Martin threshold1955@yahoo.com --- On Mon, 2/28/11, DNR, Illini <DNR.Illini@Illinois.gov> wrote: From: DNR, Illini <DNR.Illini@Illinois.gov> Subject: RE: Lasalle Lake To: "james martin" <threshold1955@yahoo.com> Date: Monday, February 28, 2011, 8:58 AM As of right now we have no staff for that site so we don't have an opening date. Please keep checking back with us. We are waiting on Springfield to tell us what to do. Thank you for your interest in LaSalle Lake. It is suppose to be March 16th this year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: james martin [threshold1955@yahoo.com] Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 6:15 PM To: DNR, Illini Subject: Lasalle Lake I bank fishing on LaSalle Lake open March 15th or April 1st this Year? James C, Martin threshold1955@yahoo.com
  6. Hi, Myself and a few of my friends who are also ISA memebers were hoping to make it out to La Salle Lake next Saturday April the 2nd. I checked the IDNR website which gives the dates and times but does not confirm for this year 2011. I have emailed the ILDNR earlier either late February or early March and got a reply informing me that at the time they do not have anyone out at that location and to keep checking back with them. I also checked the Chicago Sun Times the midwest outdoor article last Wednesday and it said that Heidicke Lake new postponed open date was April 1st but the date for La Salle was tentative which I assume the ILDNR cannot get anyone out to that site and no open date has been confirmed. I emailed the ILDNR again last Wednesday and did not get a response yet. This all problay has to do with the ILDNR buget cuts. Has anyone else heard any news recently about when La Salle Lake will open this year? If so, please share this information with me. I really want to get out and fish soon! Thanks James Martin
  7. Hi, Has any of you fisherman tried fishing Pewaukee Lake in Wisconsin this year or anytime? This lake is just 20 miles west of Milwaukee and I am thinking of taking my nephew fishing who lives in the Milwaukee area fishing at a lake near by. I searched on the web and link link and this lake is over 2000 acreas big with one boat ramp. I never even been to this lake yet and may look at other but if anyone wants to share adive or their experiences feel free to respond. I would like to go there around late July to early August since I will be fishing in northern Wisconsin this June 19th through the 26th. Thanks, James Martin
  8. has not set their status

  9. Hi,[/font] I was at the outdoor show at Tinley Park today. I have heard lots about chatter baits and have not tied one on my line yet. I am very anxious to try these new inventions so I purchased 3 chatter baits in 3 different colors at the show. From what people tell me they are short of a combination of a spinner and a crank bait. I fish in rivers mostly and the DuPage a lot. Anyone who wishes to share their opinion and or advise on chatter baits feel free to reply to me. Thanks and I am also looking forward to the bronzeback blowout on the 24th and best of luck with the smallies!
  10. I plan on wading the Kankakee this Monday since I have a personal day to use up before next month. If anyone else is interested in wading the Kankakee this Monday feel free to email me soon if interested. I live in Plainfield and fish the DuPage most of the time. I am going regardless, but would rather fish with another river fisherman. Looking forward to hooking a few smallies. James M
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