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  1. Single rattles, these abviously weren't meant for flies, but I had them laying around and figured I'd try it out.
  2. https://goo.gl/photos/qej1yL1W5ddP483u6 I decided to switch up my tying materials for once, never messed around with 3D fiber before. Easy to handle, quick to tie, but how well do they keep shape after a few catches? I hope to find out tomorrow..... Also, normally I go crazy in the winter tying like a maniac. After a few years I realized I hardly throw a fraction of what I tie in the winter season. It's good practice, but gets costly after a while. Going forward I think I'll tie my patterns the days leading up to a trip.....
  3. Thanks! moorish mouse for sure and those typically use deer hair on the belly for buoyancy and pushing water. I decide on the muskrat fur because it has better action on still water in my opinion. This winter I'm going to tie variations in size and color. Just ordered the materials today. I have quite a few streamers to tie as well....
  4. Closed cell crafting foam and wapsi fur foam for the top; never had one sink on me without being in a fish's mouth. I was thinking Oliver
  5. Muskrat belly fur. It came with a tying kit I bought from Calebla's almost 18 years ago, it was actually very difficult to work with.
  6. The muskie flies have two hooks a piece. The trailer hook is a gamakatsu circle hook, so it's hard to see. Will be testing those out this weekend, so we'll see how well they do. The topwater deer hair bugs I try to design like torpedo. Whenever I tie them like poppers, they end up twisting my line up while casting, so the more aerodynamic design has given me best results, and they still push water just fine.
  7. https://goo.gl/photos/KuzB6QCg1eNKf9uG8 https://goo.gl/photos/FrYus28nnKsfucss7
  8. I'm planning on floating either the Mackinaw or Vermillion river on Friday. Strictly testing out new fly patterns that I haven't been able to try out yet this year, but of course with the agenda of catching smallies. I have some nymph patterns that I want to dead-drift and some streamers I want to strip. What's the clarity of the two rivers as of now? I haven't fished the Mackinaw since 2011 and I heard it isn't doing that well right now. Thanks in advance!
  9. I realize that smallmouth are caught year-round given the right conditions. I'm about to go back to my hometown around the Mississippi and wonder if the streams that flow into it are producing anything yet. I'm not taking my kayak with me so I'm hoping I can travel the banks and maybe wade a little bit, but USGS reports that the water level is about 2 feet higher than ideal for the location I normally get into them. Anyway, just to get my fix I'm going to strip some articulated baitfish around some areas and see what happens. As the water temperatures are still in the 30's, I'm wondering if I'm jumping the gun a bit.
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