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  1. NW Region 3rd Saturday, March

    Agreed. I may fish in the afternoon.
  2. NW Region 3rd Saturday, March

    I’ll do breakfast. I may do a little fishing in the afternoon.
  3. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    I agree. He made our Door County trip something to remember. Even if we couldn’t convince him that Mongolians hunt wolves with eagles.
  4. NW Region 3rd. Saturday Breakfast Meet

    It was a good breakfast with a great bunch of fishermen. It was good to see you all. Terry, you are missing an “i”.
  5. Good smallmouth flies for a beginner in fly fishing

    Agreed! Barr's Bouface
  6. Good smallmouth flies for a beginner in fly fishing

    Jude Bug and a Clouser Minnow....enough said:-)
  7. I'll take the 19-21 if it's still available.
  8. NW Region Pizza Party

    Nice to get together with you all. Thanks for setting it up Terry. I'm looking forward to the float next month weather permitting.
  9. NW Region Pizza Party

    I'll be there.
  10. Rich's Ultimate Worm

    I saw it Cabela's a while back.
  11. Kilbuck Creek Keepers

    I'll be there.
  12. Kish Stream Samplings

    Terry I may be interested. Will neoprene waders be acceptable? You should wet wade.
  13. NW Region: Kish Wade

    I might have second thoughts about going to Sylvania with Jude again next year. He does look a little scary with that knife and a little grin. Now I'm picturing him standing outside my tent holding that thing. Didn't he get that knife from you Terry?
  14. NW Region: Kish Wade

    Great job Terry! Cancelling outings, not acknowledging comments, stealing man-cards and hurting feelings.....we are falling apart up here in the NW region.