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  1. Its happen to me and friends in the Buckeye with a game warden and a watercraft officer. The game warden was just hell bent on impressing the chief for busting a poacher taking trout over the limit. If he had looked closer he'd have seen that the stringer had the limit of trout mixed with panfish. He was lessthan happy after it was pointed out to him after his supervisor drove up. The watercraft officer was a 'Rambo' want-a-be that asked first if we had a job then proceeded to write violations for several individuals for pfd not worn, (not required to wear), pfd not safe (still had the price tags on). Too many individuals in a 17' canoe( two adults & a teen). The best was each canoe and kayak didn't have a fire extinguisher, visual distress flag or flares ( that is require of powerboats or when on Lake Erie not a small stream in southcentral Ohio). Then we had to take half a day fromwork to face the judge halfway across the state. The judge look at the citations and our pictures of the items in question and officer, he dismissed everything. We wanted to share our appreciation to the officer for his effort and sent him a certificate for donuts and coffee at Jolley Pirate. Needless to say those involve shared the pictures and statements to the district supervisor and department chief.
  2. Paul, Repair kits are available at www.oakorchardcanoe.com. They may offer some suggestions. Also post a note on River Smallies. There are a number of old school 'glass' paddlers that will probably offer some suggestions or resources. I'll look thru my files for notes articles or sites that might be helpful. Its been a decade since I did any 'glass' repair. Search for powerboating boards for similiar material. Rick
  3. WOW! That makes me want to do a roadtrip especially withmany similar streams nearby. Its hard to avoid the natural beauty and attraction in flowing water to an ole' angler & paddler. NICE WORK!!!
  4. Bterrill, A couple of us from TOSA are planning to attend. Hope to see some of the ISA folks, too. Kinda be a inter-regional mixer.
  5. Check out riversmallies.com. There are a number of anglers with tips and experiences to tweak or outfit that canoe and similiar solo canoes.
  6. The ISA is really doing it right! Very impressive! Nice work!
  7. #12 Honey I'm not going to the sporting goods department!
  8. I'm been a big Shimano fan in the past. I've been very disappointed with the quality and service with issues with Shimano (Stradic,etc.) reels. The only thing I've found that has continued to perform well has been the Sahara line. I began to change over to Okuma a couple seaons back and haven't been disappointed in the products or service. Okuma will continue to be culled into my angling outfits as I discard Shimano.
  9. Jonn. I apologize. I do use the description in a vague manner. Some of of here call the swim jigs ,"wiggle" jigs. Kind of a regional "hill country" description.
  10. Let but it this way. I sold my little 4-cyl. ranger to my son and purchased a 6cyl. Silverado. I needed a bigger vehicle to tow my 8 canoe hauler (or 16 kayak) trailer. Then prices broken $3.75 I sold the trailer to a new livery in the reagional. Nearing $4 I've postponed plans to fish IN and ILL. this year. I have plans to attend a RiverSmallies event in PA. this month IF the prices stay below $4. Other wise I'm planning to stay home catch up the to-do list, finish my solar exchanges and limit my fishing to within a one-tank radius. I have had more inquires to guide this season then past as people of looking at getting more regionally orientated.
  11. I make my own. I get my materials from Stamina. Checkout www.venomlures.com . They were running a great special on swimming jigs/chatterbaits.
  12. Great work deserves recognizing and share in the community.
  13. Guys, I use a waterproof bandage from the first-aid kit. Never know if its a hole in the wader letting the water in. OR One in my hand (after removing hook) with vital body fluid flowing out. Been there both ways!. OUCH!
  14. Joe, That's great! I'd seen a saltwater fly the was similar for redfish, but it never set in to try int for bass. WOW! There is a thought. Great insight!
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