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  1. 12 this morning @ spot #1. I was almost going to auction off those spots to the kayak guys.😁
  2. My 2 favorite spots are finally accessible. Almost 11 months later.😍😍😍
  3. It's been at least twice the normal flow since before labor day. Is this the new normal? I know it's was a wet year in 2018 but it seems to be a little weird how it hasn't come down. Any thoughts?
  4. I've noticed at least 6 guys this year smallie fishing with traditional lures as they fish for roughfish with their other rods. I have made contact with them and asked how they were doing, asked to see their catch, so far 1 smallie saved from the dinner table during the closed season. Is this new? Never noticed this happening before. Bill
  5. Third grip for5 years now. still love it!
  6. River is high and muddy right now. You might want to stick to shore in unfamilar water. I know there is a park on the west side about a mile down from the dam. I fished that area only once and did pretty good fishing below the bridge, but water levels are much higher now. Good luck. Bill
  7. I'm just like the cool kids now! Thanks Jim
  8. William Bonney 1835 Chippendale Rd, Hoffman Est, IL 60169 Jim, thanks for the offer! I'll send you postage. And yes dues are renewed. Bill
  9. Very cool. I like the ISA sticker too, can civilians get those also?
  10. Heard Jonn speak a few years back at the Arlington Heights fishing show. Two thumbs up!
  11. Two thumbs up!!!!! The 13 year old in me still giggles when i hear "Hairy Fodder"
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