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  1. Drive up to MI. Plenty of cheap places. I can make it back home in 2.5 hours (holland to k3). I think it's prettier up, but may be biased. Not the rain issues like down there. Summer steel is running. Can fish a pier and let the kids swim.
  2. I've been out of the loop for a while. Article from Daily Journal. Not sure if this is old news or not.... Pipeline construction to start soon; Kankakee River water will be used for testing Robert Themer rthemer@daily-journal.com 815-937-3369 | Posted: Monday, February 23, 2015 9:39 am Work is expected to begin soon on a 79-mile pipeline through The Daily Journal area to carry heavy crude oil to a Griffith, Ind., terminal from the tar sand fields of North Dakota and western Canada. Canadian-based Enbridge Energy Co. plans to start building the 36-inch diameter pipeline in early to mid-March to link a terminal in Flanagan, Ill., to its terminal at Griffith, Ind. The new line will be placed on the same right-of-way of another Enbridge line that crosses Livingston, Grundy, Kankakee, Will and Cook counties in Illinois and Lake County, Ind. The site where a heavy crude oil pipeline is planned along existing Enbridge Energy right-of-way through Kankakee River State Park. The new 36-inch diameter line will run 79 miles from Flanagan, Ill. to Griffith, Ind. carrying the first tar sands oil by pipeline to the northwest Indiana refinery. The tar sands crude reaches Enbridge's Flanagan terminal via a decades-old Canada-U.S. pipeline, which had new links built starting in 2010 to the tar sand areas in both countries, according to Michael Barnes, Enbridge's U.S. spokesman at Houston, Texas. The new line from Flanagan to Griffith will be its first pipeline to bring tar sands oils to northwest Indiana refineries, he said. The Illinois Commerce Commission already has approved the new Flanagan-Griffith crude oil line. The company now is awaiting approval from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to use water from ponds and streams along the way to test the completed pipeline, then discharge the water back into those sources. Among the sources are the Kankakee River, west of Warner Bridge Road; Rock Creek and Alreja Pond, west of Peotone; and Crane Creek in southwestern Essex Township, and other sources in Livingston and Cook counties. Once the pipeline is operational, there would be no recurring discharges of test water, the company stated in its EPA application. The majority of testing is to be done with water withdrawn from and returned to the Kankakee River, about 1.7 miles west of Warner Bridge Road. One test would use 10.1 million gallons of river water. Two others would use 5.5 million gallons and one or two more at 200,000, an IEPA notice states. One or two tests would involve 165,000 gallons each from Rock Creek. Four tests would involve a maximum of 530,00 gallons from Alreja Pond. For Crane Creek, one or two tests involving 200,000 gallons. The EPA notice said its assessment tentatively found this testing of the new pipeline is not expected to contribute increased pollution to the water sources, or in the worse case only short- term pollution with no long-term or permanent impacts to aquatic life habitat. Public comments to the IEPA may be made until March 13 on NPSDES Permit No. IL080073 at IEPA, Bureau of Water, Division of Water Pollution Control, Permit Section, P.O. Box 19276, Springfield, Ill. 62794-9276, or by calling 217-782-0610. Construction of the new pipeline should have no significant impact where it passes through Kankakee River State Park, or other areas, because it will be on the right-of-way that previously has been cleared and maintained for the existing line, Barnes said. In the state park, "They are going to do general mitigation, although that has not been finalized," said Kathy Pangle, park superintendent. "I don't think they're going to have any impact more than they already had." Two other pipelines cross the river and the park about 3 miles west of Warner Bridge. They pass through what appears on maps to be the narrowest area of the park on both sides of the river. Enbridge has conducted public meetings about the pipeline at Schererville, Ind., and Sauk Village, and has one scheduled for 5:30-7:30 p.m. Feb. 26 at the Lincolnshire Country Club, 390 E. Richton Road, Crete. Based on construction timing, a public meeting will be scheduled in Kankakee at a later date, the company has announced.
  3. Nate D


    I was torn between this and the drift boat a few years ago. Settled with the db because I always wanted one as a kid and reminded me of good ol' days on the Snake. Impractical for Illinois in my opinion. Didn't stop me from buying one. Rivers in Illinois are easy to row so I do get lucky sometimes when someone feels ambitious enough to try rowing for their first time and let me fish. You don't need all that 'rocker' a db offers either. Hard to row and fish at the same time. I don't fish alone out of the drift boat. That's why I like the 'technical skiff' idea like Towee and a few others. I could use it on rivers and lakes. Fish solo. I like the idea of a boat that is a melting pot of a few different styles.
  4. Nate D


    Anyone fish out of a Towee or Hog Island skiff? Towee looks cool, but looks like it's a balancing act to fish out of. Hog Island seems like a good boat, but want to know how it handles or how easily it gets on plane.
  5. Nate D

    Kayaking the K3?

    Clear. I'm able to float it with a boat, you'll be good with kayak. I use a drag chain when using my canoe. Helps slow you down in the more swift stretches. There's a troll that lives under the bridge.
  6. Was out behind VFW last weekend. Willow trees are looking good. There's a lot of other vegetation out there right now. Most of the plugs seem to be doing well.
  7. I've done the 'chuck 'n duck' as well as 'swinging flies' for them. The CnD is easy, technique doesn't matter, and effective. It's an easy way to catch a big fish on the fly, but I'm not the biggest fan. I'd rather just use a spinning or baitcaster setup rather than do the CnD. If you're going this route, eggs, egg sucking leaches, and nymphs are your best bet. Personally, I like a spin set up for chrome...less wear and tear on my arm. Using a spey or switch rod to swing flies is also a possibility. You have to be a little more proficient with a rod to pull this off. A lot more fun than CnD, but I've only caught a few fish doing this. I've done a lot better with the CnD. This is a good site for steelhead inquiries...http://steelheadsite.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21&sid=b97a7ac1bc04ad609838ab2289d51a85 I hope you do well.
  8. You guys still looking for some volunteers for upcoming classes?
  9. Thank you Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, for what I now consider your worst feat yet. Forget filling the airwaves with horrible Beatles covers. Forget single-handedly making America care about 'American Idol' for the first time since Simon Cowell ripped William Hung a new one. Your newest act has hit too close to home to not care. A friend recently informed me that Steve's new trend of using rooster feathers as hair decor has ruffled many fly fishermen's feathers. Grizzly feathers and capes are now being used as a hair extension and prices are climbing. I just checked Ebay...stuff that you find at a fly shop for $30.00 has +30 bids for over $120.00 and higher. Some fly shops have been 'cleaned house' of this fly tying material. If you don't believe me, check out the link. Check this out: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/more/wires/06/03/2080.ap.us.from.hackles.to.hair.3rd.ld.writethru.1074/ I can only hope this fad dies as quickly as the Beanie Baby, Pet Rocks, Tickle Me Elmo, bro icing, Shake Weight, etc.
  10. Thanks guys. Help much appreciated. Hopefully we'll be able to stretch some lip and then post some pics.
  11. I'm taking my little cousin out on the Fox who probably has no patience for fly fishing. I am going to put a spinning rod in his hands. Not really looking for quality fish as much as quantity. Fishing for anything that bites. I know I will catch flak for asking, but any suggestions as to what to put in this kids hands? Bobber and minnow? Jig? Spinner? Plastics? I've been out of the traditional tackle realm for a while.
  12. Kurt Kopala and his motley crew are preparing to release a fly fishing magazine for the bass buggers as well as the rest of the Midwest (locations, equipment, fly tying, etc.). Aimed release date is June 15. I believe this could be a great asset for a lot of guys as well as something to read while enjoying fine Kentucky bourbon with a briar pipe full dark Cavendish tobacco. http://atightloop.com/
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