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  1. Time to fish under the ripe mulberry trees and enjoy the bonanza of catfish and carp.
  2. A unique online tournament that’s River smallmouth-only and runs June 7 to June 30. Allows shore, wade, kayak, canoe fishing. Read full rules here: https://tourneyx.com/app/lib/rules/1559321554_SS_June_2019_Rules_.pdf 5 biggest river smallies scored make your catch total (inches), and you can cull along the way. $25 entry fee. Uses the TourneyX app. If interested, register here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/river-runners-smallmouth-showdown This is a good one for smallmouth enthusiasts who want to dip their toe into tourney fishing and it’s very unique in that it’s river smallmouth-only!
  3. I use USGS Naperville and consider a stream flow of 200 CFS or lower good for wade or kayak fishing. When I take my kids, I prefer a lower flow — 120 CFS or less.
  4. Is now closed. Guess they couldn’t remain profitable in that location. It was a fun place while it lasted — had some good events there plus a helpful staff and quite a selection of fishing kayaks and accessories. RIP.
  5. Eric


    Yeah it does have that articulated fly look/action. Seems human nature to automatically compare any “new” lure to something familiar. Happens every time a new lure is posted about. We all do it. I’ll probably get the iguana just to display on my desk along with a few others I’ve collected.
  6. I wonder if the man entering the river at or near the dam was some type of angry stunt or suicide attempt, and then the woman went in after him. I haven’t found an article yet that states a motive for him being in the river. Too cold for swimming. Didn’t say they were fishing or boating. A really odd set of circumstances for this tragedy for sure. You pretty much have to TRY to drown in the Dupe at this flow and they found perhaps the one area of maximum danger. Once again on dam removals, too little, too late! The great (broke) State of Illinois!
  7. https://chasebaitsusa.com/products/frillseeker
  8. On February 11, the Valley of the Fox chapter of the Sierra Club hosted Charlie Zine (remember him from Paddle & Trail in Aurora?) as the featured speaker of their Monday night meeting at the Batavia library. "Charlie and his friend Chuck completed an 8-day kayak paddle of the entire 223 miles of the Fox River from its humble beginnings in Colfax, Wisconsin to its dramatic conclusion at the confluence with the Illinois River in Ottawa, Illinois. Along the way they experienced its evolution as it passed through natural areas and woods, to golf courses and airports, from small towns to small cities. They witnessed the impacts of 18 man-made dams (plus 2 beaver dams) and the restorative effects of 3 dam removals. They camped along the river and ate in riverfront bars, diners, and restaurants." I attended to hear Charlie speak and learn about his adventure. It all sounded like a lot of fun, except for needing to cross the Fox Chain and worry about wind, waves, power boats, etc. He had a nice slide show with maps and some photos from his trip. They had a nice turnout, considering the evening brought freezing rain. Guessing around 30-35 people attended. Here's an article from last summer if you want to read more details about the trip: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/aurora-beacon-news/sports/ct-abn-spt-rick-armstrong-column-st-0805-story.html
  9. The Fox Chain 'O Lakes draw-down is usually in November. I think it normally goes for a week or two, depending on how much water they want to release. I agree that a higher flow rate is starting to feel like the new normal on the Fox! It certainly has been an odd fall and winter. I've been following the USGS graph religiously and never saw a window of opportunity to get out and wade. The flow has remained beyond my comfort level. Looking forward to warmer days and kayaking.
  10. I've seen Mike a few times on the Fox and he has always given me a wide birth and a friendly wave. Sometimes he stops and we trade info on numbers caught and techniques used. I'm sure we fish a lot of the same water. He has always been courteous. I think the Fox is more accommodating to that type of activity. Lots more room to move around. Of course, there are the dams, so you're somewhat limited from pool to pool. I understand what the original poster is saying about the Dupe. Excellent points made. Not sure if Mike is posting on here much these days, but would be interesting in hearing his thoughts on it and if anything will be done differently this year. I'm kinda surprised anyone would want a guide on the Dupe. Being a small river with a plentiful population of smallies, it's a pretty easy river to fish. An inexpensive kayak and a free afternoon for a float trip will provide plenty of opportunity.
  11. I admire the risk taking and business savvy of these young YouTubers. In addition to $$$ they make off their channels, they’re teaming up with Mystery Tackle Box, etc. on licensing deals, promotions, etc. They are having a big influence on a whole new generation of anglers and adventure seekers. No doubt they are putting the time and effort in!
  12. They have to consistently publish content and work to build up a large subscriber base. Their videos are monetized, so they are getting paid from YouTube based on the #of views (#of ads shown). I imagine a lot of people are living vicariously through the YouTube anglers, especially over the winter months. I agree about the investment in quality gear and learning all the editing tools. Some of these guys have amazing artistic skills, and the tenacity to get multiple, interesting angles and add visual and audio effects to polish it off. Add in drones and cool underwater shots and it takes it to a whole new level. Jon B. seems to have set the bar for this. I really enjoyed his trip to South America with Alex Peric. I also enjoyed Alex’s trip to Lake of the Woods. There’s so much amazing content out there these days. It’s fun to follow their antics and adventurers versus the old-school “teach techniques and pimp products” that we’ve been spoon-fed since fishing shows first aired on TV. Great variety out there on YouTube!
  13. Got it a few days ago. It looks very nice. Kudos to all who contributed / created it.
  14. I’m honestly not sure. I’ll have to give them a second look. I hadn’t ever paid attention to creel limits because I don’t ever keep bass. My friend Kevin pointed out the regs while I was loading up my kayak. Now I’ve been reading the signs and noticing it more and more.
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