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  1. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    I sent Scott some additional pics for the Blowout slideshow, but here are a couple of my favorites that I thought a few others here would like to save. These are from ISA activities at Glenwood Forest Preserve in Batavia. The second one is pretty wide, so click to enlarge.
  2. Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    Damnit! So sorry to read this news. Everybody gets their name in the bulletin eventually! (I think Ron would chuckle at that.) Gonna miss his wit and grit.
  3. Jeez!!! "Where do you want to put the coal ash pond?" "I dunno. How about right next to the river?" "Seems easy enough. Any mines or aquifers nearby?" "Who cares, we'll probably be retired by the time any problems arise." [ APPROVED ]
  4. Hand shaped balsa popper

    We know how finicky bass can be!
  5. New member intro

    Welcome Jon. I look forward to reading more from you.
  6. You've Probably Noticed......

    Design and marketing
  7. You've Probably Noticed......

    Our forums were upgraded to the latest software version. Our website was HTML (main pages) and PHP (functional web forms), both of which are still very relevant today. The issue was with our web host — who no longer allows anything else than their proprietary “apps” to be hosted on their server. Thus, the need for the change. It was either switch web hosts and re-do the forums, or bring the rest of the site in line with what our current web host allows.
  8. Excited to be a part of the club!

    Welcome. How do you report conditions on such a large expanse of the Fox? In my experience it can vary greatly from pool to pool as you go north to south. At what type of frequency are you reporting river conditions and via what channel(s)?
  9. Winter go to smallie flies

    I like a blue and white hair jig for winter smallies on the Fox and Dupe. This season I’ve been using an olive and chartuese hair jig tied by friend Erik O. and it has been decent for smallies and killer for Fox walleye!
  10. Welcome. I saw your Instagram page recently (I'm @fishthefox). Looks like we fish a lot of the same water. Really nice catches and photos. Nice to see another caster kicking ass out there! Run and gun!
  11. With the cold snap, looks like there will be plenty of safe ice for a while! Hoping to get out on McGraw with some licensee friends and also to a few forest preserve lakes where ice fishing is allowed (hint, hint Eugene). I'll be at Blackwell FP on February 10 from 10 AM - 2 PM to help out nephew's Boy Scout troop ... more/less showing them the ropes for ice fishing. Probably just 'gills with waxworms.
  12. Winter go to smallie flies

    Lots of good info here: http://www.fishthefox.com/float-n-fly.html You can also take a look at the sizes and patterns here: https://punisherlures.com/collections/float-fly/products/float-fly-hair-jigs
  13. Only the River Knows

    Gorgeous. So much technique in putting this together. Some things unexpected such as the smokes and the Shakespeare trucker hat. The story is somewhat ironic ... a solo escape from "duty" and an immersion into nature, but obviously filmed by a second person and dozens of very planned shots. But if you can get past that and take it for what's on the surface (that's a pun for you fly fishers), super enjoyable! We are so spoiled by the gems on YouTube. Thanks for sharing Tom.
  14. Where were these pictures taken?

    Pics look good to me Manny!
  15. photo test

    Checkout the fun artwork of Richard Blanco on Instagram. Lots of fly-related stuff... http://instagram.com/slackertide