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  1. I admire the risk taking and business savvy of these young YouTubers. In addition to $$$ they make off their channels, they’re teaming up with Mystery Tackle Box, etc. on licensing deals, promotions, etc. They are having a big influence on a whole new generation of anglers and adventure seekers. No doubt they are putting the time and effort in!
  2. They have to consistently publish content and work to build up a large subscriber base. Their videos are monetized, so they are getting paid from YouTube based on the #of views (#of ads shown). I imagine a lot of people are living vicariously through the YouTube anglers, especially over the winter months. I agree about the investment in quality gear and learning all the editing tools. Some of these guys have amazing artistic skills, and the tenacity to get multiple, interesting angles and add visual and audio effects to polish it off. Add in drones and cool underwater shots and it takes it to a whole new level. Jon B. seems to have set the bar for this. I really enjoyed his trip to South America with Alex Peric. I also enjoyed Alex’s trip to Lake of the Woods. There’s so much amazing content out there these days. It’s fun to follow their antics and adventurers versus the old-school “teach techniques and pimp products” that we’ve been spoon-fed since fishing shows first aired on TV. Great variety out there on YouTube!
  3. Got it a few days ago. It looks very nice. Kudos to all who contributed / created it.
  4. I’m honestly not sure. I’ll have to give them a second look. I hadn’t ever paid attention to creel limits because I don’t ever keep bass. My friend Kevin pointed out the regs while I was loading up my kayak. Now I’ve been reading the signs and noticing it more and more.
  5. 1 over 12” and 2 under 12” That’s what I see posted on many of the signs along the Fox where I fish. I get the idea of thinning out the smaller ones. Just seems odd to keep a bass under 12” for table fare. Can’t imagine there’s much of a filet off a bass that small!
  6. That was neat to watch. Wow that guy has skills!
  7. Eric

    Our guys?

    Ah, OK. Thanks John!
  8. Eric

    Our guys?

    Saw these guys at the Fox yesterday, laying down casts on on a seam in 5,300 CFS. The tall one looked familiar. Think I’ve seen him at a Cast & Compare. Wondered if they were smallie fishing and if they caught anything. Pic is zoomed in and cropped...
  9. Friend Randy told me about this less expensive Whopper Plopper clone... https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Berkley_Choppo/descpage-BCH.html
  10. I’m 10 lb on my son’s caster so he can get more distance. I’m 14 on mine ‘cause I like to short-leash and horse big bass. Ain’t 14 gettin’ broke.
  11. Beauty of a report! Those numbers are “died-and-gone-to-heaven” smallie fishing! Thumbs-up!
  12. Wow! http://amp.wmur.com/article/wild-video-rabid-beaver-attacks-father-7-year-old-daughter-kayaking-on-river/22695511
  13. Eric

    Kayak PFD Suggestions

    Buyer beware! IMHO, the majority of the PFDs promoted by big names in the “kayak fishing” industry are over-engineered, bulky, hot and uncomfortable. They are promoting them because they are sponsored by the manufacturer and get them for free, or severely discounted. I highly recommend you try them on and see what feels best for you. I went to a reputable paddle store and tried them on. I got one with a thin back and without a bunch of pockets and crap. The only thing I added was a whistle, attached to the zipper. Be sure the PFDs rating and intended use are for paddling.
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