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  1. The tournament organizer is leaving registration open for another week. The tourney began August 15. Late anglers will just need to catch up. A month-long tournament is a lot of time to fish!
  2. There's another "River Runners Smallmouth Showdown", this time taking place in August/September (August 16 to September 15). The entry fee is $25. More info: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/river-runners-smallmouth-showdown-aug-sept Tournament rules: https://tourneyx.com/app/lib/rules/1559321554_SS_June_2019_Rules_.pdf The rules and regulations of this tournament will adhere to Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) standards, with the exception that participants may wade or fish from shore without the use of a kayak/canoe. Additionally, due to the nature of river smallmouth bass, PICTURES MAY BE SUBMITTED WITH AN OPEN MOUTH WITHOUT PENALTY. This is a good way to dip your toe into tournament fishing and have some fun competing in your favorite pastime. Good luck!
  3. Really nice sentiments Paul.
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a try. I like the looks of the big hook. Checkout the Din-R-Bell from Picasso Lures. It's super loud too! https://www.picassooutdoors.com/Picasso_Dinn_R_Bell_Single_Blade_p/pdrbsb.htm
  5. Level and flow just took a major nosedive today. Back to “normal” is gonna seem like a trickle! Good on the catching. When the flow was up around 5,500, my son and I were running into a lot of nice walleye out fishing for smallies with big swim jigs. It was rare when we didn’t encounter one during an evening outing. Brent topped out at 23.5” ... which is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen come out of the Fox. A lot of the ones we caught in the spring seemed skinny. Very different from the heavy ones we catch in the late fall. Those look like they’re right off a driftwood mount — perfect specimens!
  6. Fox is finally flowing under 2K CFS! First time since late September 2018! That was quite a run of above-average flow! Pea soup now, given the intense heat. But slower nonetheless for those interested. Would try topwater late day ‘till dusk around faster chutes and riffles.
  7. Definitely Paul. You’d rep your local rivers well. I really dig the river-smallmouth-only format, and that it allowed shore fishing. There are monthly tournaments with KBF rules, but as of now, they are paddle-powered and include river largemouth. It’s really disappointing to string together a sizable bag of smallies only to get completely eclipsed by LM. Not in favor of tourneys that mix bass, although I’ve won several with all smallies.
  8. As far as I know, the tournament director is the only person who can see the location data on the fish photos submitted. That’s to ensure that the fish were indeed scored on or at a river and not near any lakes or pond (river smallmouth only for this tournament). Location data is not available to the other competitors.
  9. For the ISA members that fish the IL River for smallies, what’s the state of its smallmouth fishery these days?
  10. Ha! Thanks. Friend Erik O. is a veteran “river rat” who covers the northern stretches of the Fox ... and represents it well! Like us, he’s a smallmouth junkie, but realistically ... a really humble and talented multi-species angler. I don’t know too many people who have their finger on the pulse of the Fox like him. I’ve had him out kayaking with me at least a half-dozen times. We’ve traded spots throughout the years and we were encouraging and rooting for each other in this tourney. It’s just a for fun / pride thing. Kind of “let’s see what we can do on the Fox” kind of thing. Hopefully, we’ll see more local river-smallmouth-only bass tournaments in the future.
  11. Time to fish under the ripe mulberry trees and enjoy the bonanza of catfish and carp.
  12. A unique online tournament that’s River smallmouth-only and runs June 7 to June 30. Allows shore, wade, kayak, canoe fishing. Read full rules here: https://tourneyx.com/app/lib/rules/1559321554_SS_June_2019_Rules_.pdf 5 biggest river smallies scored make your catch total (inches), and you can cull along the way. $25 entry fee. Uses the TourneyX app. If interested, register here: https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/river-runners-smallmouth-showdown This is a good one for smallmouth enthusiasts who want to dip their toe into tourney fishing and it’s very unique in that it’s river smallmouth-only!
  13. I use USGS Naperville and consider a stream flow of 200 CFS or lower good for wade or kayak fishing. When I take my kids, I prefer a lower flow — 120 CFS or less.
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