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    Illinois River/Illini State Park

    Not the best fishing park in the area. Like Eric said, the rivers are all high and dirty. You can bank fish a few spots but I don't think it is worth the time. You are better off fishing ponds or lakes right now. Problem with that is, you don't have many options near by. Maybe Lasalle Lake or Heideke lake to the south and east of Illini. Both are big boat lakes or bank fishing due to being perched lakes. LaSalle water temp is probably very high right now. Heideke is not in service and may be the better option. Maybe others can suggest other options.
  2. mannym

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Thank you John. Hopefully, the creatures that live there get much needed help. I bet the bugs are Incredible right now.
  3. mannym

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Thank you for sharing. That is amazing. Hopefully this rain will fill it back in and allow the fish to live another day. If you see a red Murry banana seat bike like this, let me know. It was stolen back in 1985 and assumed the local dirtball used it to ride down to the canal to smoke his Marlboro reds.
  4. mannym

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    I haven't made it down there to see. Any pictures?
  5. mannym

    One of my favorite beers

    I had one the only time my wife and I had dinner there. I thought it was pretty darn good too.
  6. mannym

    Float and fly kit

    While going through my fishing gear this past weekend, I found one of those clear bobbers.
  7. mannym

    Any Rod Builders here

    I have been thinking about building rods and wanted to get some feedback on the experience. For those who sell, is it a time worthy business? At the end of the day, are you making $5, $10, $15 per hour while building? Is the price point for largest margins way up the scale? I assume you do not want to make rods that compete with what Walmart and Farm and Barn sells? My intent is as always, looking to hustle for a little side cash. My wife wouldn't allow me to do strip shows at the local nursing homes. So here I am looking to build them instead of showing them. ( I hope this isn't to offensive. Sorry if it is) I would love to see any custom builds if you have pictures to share. Hey John G, Lets get together some weekend and catch up. We need to make some plans to explore the stream between us.
  8. mannym

    Any Rod Builders here

    I pretty much thought the same about this. I have a pretty good job but seem to always want to find ways to pay for my hobbies. I am still going to build a few for myself. I especially want to build some pack rods for the BWCA and other canoe camping destinations. Thanks Guys!
  9. mannym

    Lefty Kreh

    I watched his dvd's when I first started tying. RIP Lefty
  10. mannym

    2018 BBB Kayak has arrived

    Sweet ride!
  11. mannym

    off the grid(ish) midwest trip

    1..Wisconsin river has many many options. shuttle services should not be hard to find. 2. St Croix and Namekagon rivers are a bit past the 4 hr drive, but worth the extra time. They have plenty of camping options. Do plenty of research. There are some sections with white water. 3. If you were up for an 9 hr drive, the BWCA is probably the best for not hearing any artificial noise. Ive been here every year for the last 12.
  12. mannym

    Knoxville Area

    If the fish don't cooperate, the French Broad is a fun whitewater river.
  13. I am starting to get stir crazy and need to go on a little trip. Can anyone share any experiences with fly fishing streams in the Shawnee? I started looking around and thought Bell Smith Springs looked good. The springs must keep the water levels consistent enough to support a decent fish population. I am planning on going mid to late Feb or possibly early March. ' Thanks folks
  14. mannym

    Who's tying what?

    Very nice. This storm will force me to work from home tomorrow. I guess I will turn on my laptop at the fly bench.......
  15. mannym

    New member introduction

  16. mannym

    Drone Pics 2018

    The Drone came out this past weekend. After an hour of updates and charging of batteries, I took her up to 399 ft and snapped a pic. Maybe next weekend, I can do another flight. I also attached a picture from a flight I did in late Spring.
  17. mannym

    Drone Pics 2018

    Sounds like a fisherman's wet dream- ponds all around you, a river next door. And now, just a big old open wound. I recall somebody telling me the story about how it was sold under false pretenses. Thanks for sharing.
  18. mannym

    Drone Pics 2018

    A little bit of a snow blanket.
  19. mannym

    Drone Pics 2018

    I never had the pleasure of fishing those ponds. But I have heard many stories about the fish quality. Do you have any pictures from that area before the digging started?
  20. mannym

    You've Probably Noticed......

    Do you work in the industry?
  21. mannym

    New member intro

    Welcome Mike. Hope to hear about your adventures on the fox. I am down near Starved Rock and the Vermillion.
  22. mannym

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    Now you know why I decided to explore the Shawnee during late winter, early spring.
  23. mannym

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    I was looking on google earth and saw that Bay Creeks turns into a small lake. It looks man made. Expect the same there in terms of species? LB, SpotB, crappie? I also saw that many many people swim there in the summer. I assume it has deep holes.
  24. mannym

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    That right there is worth 100x the yearly ISA membership. Thanks for the contributions guys!
  25. mannym

    Shawnee National Forest in February

    That would have been a very interesting read.