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  1. Is there any interest in having an ice outing this year? I would be willing to put something together that includes food and maybe prizes for big fish and such?
  2. Winter go to smallie flies

    I am finally getting time on the fly bench. Wondering what everyone uses for winter time river smallies? I was going to start with the standard Clouser and meat whistle.
  3. Winter go to smallie flies

    I have always liked upstream from me for big bronze. The SF area has always been a favorite stretch for me. The area behind Kish cabins comes in at a close second. Crappie candy flies are next.
  4. Winter go to smallie flies

    None taken. I think Ice dub looks like hair from down under. Lol
  5. Winter go to smallie flies

    I probably have and just assumed the gravel pit was making the noise. What i have seen are trees along the shoreline with all of the bark missing. I figured it was the ice Pushing onto shore after a river rise. Hmmm, i may start flying the drone over the river when it starts to thaw.
  6. Winter go to smallie flies

    As I crossed Lowell bridge, I noticed water rolling over the ice this morning. I think heading south might be needed if I want to catch a smallie in January.
  7. Flasher Help

    Same deal for me. I charged one of my fl8's, said good but wouldn't start. Bought a new battery (9 ah sealed) and bam, off to the races.
  8. Winter go to smallie flies

    Received my cabelas order and hit the bench right after dinner. I haven't dubbed much but happy with how it turned out. I.should ask a smallie for a second opinion. Hook- #6 60degree jig hook Small brass bead 6 wraps of .025 lead wire Rabbit tail Purple flash Black ice dub
  9. Winter go to smallie flies

    Most definitely.I have 6-7 spots near me with deeper slack water. I also want to check that little stream across the big river.
  10. Winter go to smallie flies

    A balanced Meat Whistle.
  11. Winter go to smallie flies

    Now that is funny yet so true. I often ask myself if the art of fly tying is more for the guy at the bench than the fish.
  12. Winter go to smallie flies

    Thanks Tom. Water helped, but not completely. Seems I am still a shade off. (Most people who know me, can confirm this, hehe) I may try a few other patterns mentioned in this thread this evening. Hope everyone is staying warm.
  13. Winter go to smallie flies

    This evening, I gave it another go. So far, none are perfectly horizontal. But I have been trying to avoid adding any more weight. Perhaps replacing the rabbit zonker body with dubbing will work for this size cone head. I may tie a few with Marabou to see how that goes.
  14. Winter go to smallie flies

    While waiting for Cabelas to ship my new materials, I gave it a shot using whatever I had at hand. I used: #8 jig hooks with either rabbit zonker or chenille for a body. Both had zonker tails. I didn't quite get them to land flat. But I see how easy it is to make the adjustment. I am going to try some minnow colors next.
  15. Winter go to smallie flies

    The Balanced Leech is well within my skillset It is on my list. I used my cabela's gift card to order more dubbing. I realized I only have four colors, none of which were black. To my order, I added: Mustad 3407 #4 hooks, Umpqua U555 60 degree #6 jig hooks, more beadheads, dumbell eyes, and a dubbing twister I long desired. And just like that, a $75 gift card was gone.
  16. Winter go to smallie flies

    Although my goal is to catch on the fly, I expect to have a spin cast outfit handy for a float and fly rig. Rich, Yes, Indicator is a great idea. It is a similar presentation as the float and fly. I plan to hit the bench later today. I believe I have all the materials mentioned. Craft fur, jig hooks, pull chain eyes, etc. With any luck, I will have a few fly pictures to post this evening. Thanks Folks.
  17. Some Sad News

    RIP Norm
  18. I was thinking the theme to be family friendly. Perhaps an emphasis on teaching kids about ice fishing, safety and such.
  19. Where were these pictures taken?

    Funny you mention the "cheating'. I was told by a guy I work with that I cheated on the canal picture. I brought the SD card to work today. I am going to see what I can do with Lightroom today. Most scenes have at least 10 photos with different settings. Should be fun.
  20. While laid off, I decided to take my camera out and practice long exposure water pics. My set up is an older Sony Nex-5 with an FD adapter to use with my old Canon manual focus lenses. Based on the pictures I see here, we have several photography experts. I welcome all feedback from those who can help me refine my photography skills. Edit: The title changed. I decided to post multiple pics.
  21. Where were these pictures taken?

    If I recall, my camera can output both JPEG and Raw at the same time. I will have to see if I had it set that way. If so, I will try Lightroom and see if I can spiffy up these photos a bit. I also need to buy a few more lenses. A better wide angle being the first purchase. Thank you Mark.
  22. Where were these pictures taken?

    I did not shoot raw. But the only editing I did was on the Canal shot using Gimp. I do use ND filters to get the exposure time I needed to shoot these during the day. I almost always use a Polarized lens and or UV filter. Should I always shoot raw? Also, what editing software do you recommend?
  23. Where were these pictures taken?

    The Hennepin Canal is correct. The others though, are not from SR. But you were close Siusaluki. They are actually from Matthiessen State Park, Dells area. I am fortunate to live two miles south of this park. Rob G, Thanks for the compliment.
  24. Boundary Waters

    It is sad to read this. I have been to the BWCA every year for 12 years. One of the best places to get away from artificial noise.