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    Orland Park, IL
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    Fishing,anything mechanical,love to be on water; knowledgeable about ILL. river and kankakee river,don,t own a boat,but know my way around them,and am willing to help anyone that has a boat but needs help getting it to water.I live in orland area,south side kid my whole life.

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  1. I would be interested in volunteering Saturday,let me know.
  2. Dan G

    Camp ISA Weekend: 10/2 - 10/3

    Steve,I can,t camp but can I still fish with you guys,I have wanted to fish the kish for a long time and I would like to come on Sat,is that OK.Thanks Dan.
  3. Dan G

    Flood before and after

    John, Can you now get acsess at cement plant in Ogglesby to old dam, and where else would you recommend to get shore access to wade.
  4. Dan G

    The River Rats: First Trailer Released

    SAM,I like the crossed rods and skull logo best, I and my grandsons have been calling ourselfs the River Rats for the past coulpe of years now, I love the whole idea.I fish the kankakee and the Desplains but I would love to learn the Fox, especially the lower around Yorkville. Why does no one ever talk about the lower Fox around Dayton dam and up north to Oswego? is accsess harder or fishing not as good. Would love to go fishing with you guys sometime, let me know when would be a good time.
  5. Terry, I would like to go fishing with you guys, can you give me directions to cafe after getting off 90, i am coming from sw chicago, thanks Dan.
  6. Dan G

    Apple River Q's

    The Apple is a great river to wade, but access to good spots can be tricky, the state park area is good and if you follow Apple Canyon rd to the lake you will pass over the river , stop and fish this area, it,s now legal and you can wade the pool under the bridge and go up or downriver.I should be there this weekend, it will be my first club outing, looking foward to the weekend.
  7. I fish the DP at rt 6 and Harlem, Stony Creek forest preserve, have caught a few but no pattern, do you know what they were using?
  8. Dan G

    Yorkville fishing

    Would like to fish with someone who knows area around Yorkville Dam and Blackberry creek area, avail to fish on weekends and Friday evenings, thanks Dan from Orland.
  9. has not set their status

  10. been fishing Ill river,past couple weeks,white bass have been good,sauger and walleye to,and this is fishing from shore.