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  1. Tom L

    Lizard fishing

    Ha! Ha!
  2. Tom L

    ISA Road Trip 2018.

    Nice reports and great fishing guys. Wished I could have been there with you all. Did any of you run into the TightLine guys?
  3. If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use.
  4. Bought this on DVD years ago. Been watching it over and over, and still picked up new info every time. Glad that someone put it on YouTube and now more people will benefit.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LshIDly_qww
  6. Tom L

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Glad to see situations are getting better.
  7. Tom L

    On the Fly

    Cool drone shots. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.
  8. Tom L

    Puglisi Hair Substitute

    Genius, Thanks for sharing.
  9. Tom L

    Black Stealth Cougar

    Lately I've seen some tiers tied these divers on 60 or 90 degree jig hooks. I wonder if that helps the fly dives better and get more action than on straight eye hook. Rich, does this look familiar? Brushing the eyelash yarn with a steel brush sounds like a good idea.
  10. Tom L

    Tying @ DFF with Tom Loo

    Thanks John. I'll be tying the Hollow Minnow tonight. This fly is very deadly. It took many smallies from the Fox last year, including a 20.5"er. Hope to see you all there tonight.
  11. Tom L

    This Tequeely for Ronnie

    Nice ties Rob. And thanks for sharing a picture of Ron. Ron never smallmouth fish without a Tequeerie and a Meat Whistler. In fact he mentioned about these 2 flies so much in his fishing reports that it served as a foundation of my success when I first started fly fishing for smallmouth and later served as a foundation of my development of the Foxy Craw. A toss to you Ron! A Tequeerie & Meat Whistle and of cause follow up with a Gin & Tonic.
  12. Tom L

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    This is very sudden and sad. I was looking forward to seeing him at the Blowout. We had planned to steelhead fishing in a few weeks. We also planned to fish the Menominee and Alaska together later in the year. I'd known Ron since I first joined the ISA in 2012. He is a great guy, great fly-fisher, and a great friend. I'll miss you Bro!
  13. Tom L

    New member intro

    Welcome Mike! If you are into fly tying, the tying season for the Chicagoland will start soon. Look out for the announcement.
  14. Tom L

    New member introduction

    Welcome Erich. The Fox is a great smallie fishery but well underated. Glad to have you on board.
  15. Tom L


    Fake News???