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  1. Tom L

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Glad to see situations are getting better.
  2. Tom L

    On the Fly

    Cool drone shots. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.
  3. Tom L

    Puglisi Hair Substitute

    Genius, Thanks for sharing.
  4. Tom L

    Black Stealth Cougar

    Lately I've seen some tiers tied these divers on 60 or 90 degree jig hooks. I wonder if that helps the fly dives better and get more action than on straight eye hook. Rich, does this look familiar? Brushing the eyelash yarn with a steel brush sounds like a good idea.
  5. Tom L

    Tying @ DFF with Tom Loo

    Thanks John. I'll be tying the Hollow Minnow tonight. This fly is very deadly. It took many smallies from the Fox last year, including a 20.5"er. Hope to see you all there tonight.
  6. Tom L

    This Tequeely for Ronnie

    Nice ties Rob. And thanks for sharing a picture of Ron. Ron never smallmouth fish without a Tequeerie and a Meat Whistler. In fact he mentioned about these 2 flies so much in his fishing reports that it served as a foundation of my success when I first started fly fishing for smallmouth and later served as a foundation of my development of the Foxy Craw. A toss to you Ron! A Tequeerie & Meat Whistle and of cause follow up with a Gin & Tonic.
  7. Tom L

    Ron Kurasz has Passed Away

    This is very sudden and sad. I was looking forward to seeing him at the Blowout. We had planned to steelhead fishing in a few weeks. We also planned to fish the Menominee and Alaska together later in the year. I'd known Ron since I first joined the ISA in 2012. He is a great guy, great fly-fisher, and a great friend. I'll miss you Bro!
  8. Tom L

    New member intro

    Welcome Mike! If you are into fly tying, the tying season for the Chicagoland will start soon. Look out for the announcement.
  9. Tom L

    New member introduction

    Welcome Erich. The Fox is a great smallie fishery but well underated. Glad to have you on board.
  10. Tom L


    Fake News???
  11. Tom L

    Who's tying what?

    Nice articulated steelhead popsicles.
  12. Tom L

    Hand shaped balsa popper

    Very nice looking bug. Definitely will hunt. Like the way you used a net to paint and gave the fly its textures.
  13. Tom L

    Excited to be a part of the club!

    Welcome to the ISA! Sounds like you will fit right in.
  14. I will be working today at the restaurant. Looking forward to seeing the gang. Thai Garden 225 W. Golf Rd. Schaumburg,
  15. Tom L

    Who's tying what?

    I've been filling my steelhead box. My typical go-tos; all on tubes: eggs, wooly buggers, stone and wet flies.