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  1. Dubbing Loop vs X-cut Rabbit Strip

    I'm a big fan of Dubbing Loop also. Timothy hit on several good points (less bulk, less weight, fun to tie) of the Dubbing Loop. One other thing I would like to add to that is the flexibility to customize the loop and let your imagination rolls, for example: you can add flashes, mix up colors or materials and so on. For small flies (size 10 or smaller), I like to split the thread instead of looping the thread. The downside to the Dubbing Loop technique is that it is more time consuming to tie, it requires a little bit of practice, and it can be downright messy. One final note on this: WAX is your friend in this technique.
  2. Winter go to smallie flies

    Good start and good looking flies. Try hanging them in water to know for sure if they will stay horizontal. Some materials (e.i. Zonker strip) are buoyant in nature and will lift the tail up.
  3. Happy New Years

    Happy New Year! May your fishing prospers in 2018.
  4. Welcome Noel. Looking forward to reading some of your adventures.
  5. Some Sad News

    R.I.P. Now you can catch all the smallie you want. Our prayer will be with you and your family.
  6. Only the River Knows

    Stumbled upon these masterpiece films. Beautifully done. Great to pass the time.
  7. Upgraded Forums

    Simple and clean. I like it. One of the pictures in my Fall-Run report was showing sideway, but now it is right side up after the up grade.
  8. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Found it! Buried in with 100s of email. My bad.
  9. Bronzeback Newsletter

    Didn't receive mine also. Checked spam folder, nothing there.
  10. Craft-Fur Muddler

    In the past, I usually uploaded the pictures from my computer direct to the ISA site without going thru a third party. But as of late, this method has been returning errors and the pictures would not upload. Scott suggested to use TinyPic, so I gave it a try. This is my first time using them. It is easy enough that I could do it in one or two tries.
  11. Craft-Fur Muddler

    Thanks for you patience. My normal way of uploading pictures have not been working, but I finally figured out a different way. Big thanks to Scott.
  12. The Early Show - 11/12/17

    Thanks Rob. Working on an article for the bulletin. After more than 2 years of testing and tweaking, it is ready to be unveiled.
  13. I have to apologize for not posting this earlier. I had mentioned about this fly several times the last 3 years in my fishing reports and had demoed a few times at various fly tying events; but I didn’t realize that I had not posted the recipe. Mark K had asked for the recipe recently, so I thought this is a good time to share. Happy tying!!!! Craft-Fur MUDDLER Hook: Daiichi 2546, Size# 2 Thread: Ultra Thread 140 for the body (color same as the craft-fur), GSP 100 for the head to spin deer hair Tail: Craft-Fur Wings: Pearl Flashabou, Craft-Fur, Silver Flashabou, Craft-Fur, Gold Flashabou, Craft-Fur Belly: Red Krystal Flash (8-10 strands) Collar & Head: Deer Hair (spun & clipped) 1. Tie on the craft-fur tail and coat the tail (the portion that is closest to the hook, approx. ¼” to ½” in length) with UV glue. Cue the UV glue to stiffen the tail. 2. Add 4-6 strands of pearl Flashabou wing. 3. Add craft-fur wing (approx. ½ pencil width). 4. Add 4-6 strands of silver Flashabou wing. 5. Add craft-fur wing (approx. ½ pencil width). 6. Add 4-6 strands of gold Flashabou wing. 7. Add craft-fur wing (approx. ½ pencil width). ​8. Add 8-10 strands of red Krystal Flash belly. 9. Whip-finish the Ultra Thread and change the thread to GSP, ready to spin deer-hair collar and head. 10. Spin the deer-hair collar (approx. 1 pencil width). 11. Spin the deer-hair head (approx. 1 pencil width) and whip-finish. 12. Clip the head and collar to shape. 13. Clip the tail to length (approx. 2-3 x the hook length) and shape. ​
  14. Light for Curing UV Glue

    I've been using the one that came with the UV kid from Clear Cue Goo. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=GOvPuaCo&id=5F744C3A4142EBE9521E5D72BE3D3AB54B08C4F9&thid=OIP.GOvPuaCo05-gkeSgV9e3uAEiEi&q=clear+cure+goo+uv+light&simid=608032994385854501&selectedindex=7&mode=overlay&first=1 I think it was retailed separately around $20 and the entire kid was around $60 that included one UV light and 3 bottles of glue. CCG has another UV light model that is more expensive around $60 and the kid is around $100. What I notice is that the more expensive one gives out higher intensity of UV and the flashlight itself is better constructed and looked more durable. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=yqaHwVZF&id=76360A12AF5B7FCF60EECC9A887B91433B7DA7A0&thid=OIP.yqaHwVZFrp7q8MysJNH0mgEsDH&q=clear+cure+goo+uv+light&simid=607996985358945077&selectedindex=2&mode=overlay&first=1 I think you can get by with the less expensive ones and the drawback is that it will take longer to cue the glue.
  15. Plunk Your Fly

    I don't think the mono loop would help, Mark. But if you tied this fly on a tube, it will solve that problem. To minimize the tangling problem on my CF Muddler, I keep all the craft-fur on top of the hook shank and coat a small portion (about 1/4 to 1/2 close to the hook) of the craft-fur tail with UV glue and than zap it. This helps tremendous.