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  1. The fly line standards that we are using today were developed back in the split bamboo era and are out dated for modern graphite rods, especially the fast action rods. I had been using SA Titan lines on all my streamer fact action rods and really like them. As Rob said, they are 2 weights heavier than the designated AFTMA line weight. So in this case, just match your fast action rod weight to the SA Titan line weight and you are set- 6wt rod to 6wt SA Titan line. SA also just came out with a new Titan Long which has longer handling section than the regular Titan. If you are the type of caster that like to carry a lot of line in the air, the Titan Long may be the line for you. The longer handling section also give you better line control in the water, mending.
  2. Tom L

    Mono rig?

    As John said, it sounds like a chuck & duck. It also sounds like a modified Euro nymphing technique. Had tried the chuck & duck before. It has its times and places, but I didn't enjoy fishing that way.
  3. This is the fly I'll be tying. Overall it is about 4" - 4.5" long. I had good success fishing this pattern at highwater last year for smallmouth.
  4. I'd seen some gear guys fished with a spawn sack or a bead under a float with good success. The kings and the cohos would mostly be dead by then, but the browns and the steelheads would still be around.
  5. Thank you Ed for getting us together and thank you everyone for attending. It was great pleasure to see and talk to such a passionate group of anglers. I believed I counted 15 attendees last night. Several more came after I took these pictures.
  6. Yes, only 3 more days. The past several years, we'd been drawing about 15-20 attendees at each meeting. Hope to see more this year.
  7. So looking forwarding to this event. It is always a pleasure and fun to host such a great group of fishers.
  8. Nice reports and great fishing guys. Wished I could have been there with you all. Did any of you run into the TightLine guys?
  9. If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use.
  10. Bought this on DVD years ago. Been watching it over and over, and still picked up new info every time. Glad that someone put it on YouTube and now more people will benefit.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LshIDly_qww
  12. Glad to see situations are getting better.
  13. Tom L

    On the Fly

    Cool drone shots. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.
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