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  1. SeanL


    What’s up everyone? Just wanted to take a minute to officially introduce myself. My name is Sean and my usual smallmouth territory is the Fox River. I joined the ISA last year but just couldn’t find the time for any of the meet-ups or events. I’m looking to correct that this year as I just renewed my membership. Looks like there are some kayak events this year which is great! I would love to explore some of the other rivers in IL as I have only scratched the surface on some of those.
  2. SeanL

    Jackson Mayfly Setup

    Forrest, I didn't sell off anything crazy, just ORVW 10 and a Lot B. Plus a few bottles of Weller 12 since that's all the rage now.
  3. SeanL

    Jackson Mayfly Setup

    That's essentially how I funded my Coosa HD a few months ago, figured I would get more out of it than a few bottles of bourbon and beer.
  4. SeanL

    Mazon River

    Mark, I appreciate you taking the time to check into this. Although the answer wasn't what I was hoping for, it will keep me out of some potential trouble. Guess I'll venture further west and check out the Vermilion more instead. I used to fish near the Matthiessen park area but have plenty more areas to explore there.
  5. SeanL

    Mazon River

    Thanks for all of the feedback guys, I'll have to check out that book as it sounds really interesting. Looking to explore a bunch of unfamiliar territory in the kayak. Still kicking around the idea of checking out that river if I get a chance sometime.
  6. SeanL

    Mazon River

    Hey everyone- looking for feedback regarding floating this river after reading mixed comments about some possible issues with the locals. If we put in/take out at bridges, is it an issue? I used to live in the Ottawa area and always wanted to venture over, but never felt comfortable doing so. Just want to gauge any possible issues before venturing out there.
  7. SeanL

    Fox River - boat traffic

    Anyone been out around the South Elgin area this past week? Debating on whether or not to head out in the morning but didn't know how much of a workout the paddling has been.
  8. SeanL

    Fox River - boat traffic

    John, I appreciate the insight. I would love to come help on July 9th but will be out of town on vacation. I will keep an eye out for other events to attend.
  9. Hey everyone, newer member here. I just picked up a new kayak and am getting anxious to get out in the Fox, but also realize that boating season is coming up as well. Just looking for any feedback on what the boat traffic is like during the summer between Elgin and St. Charles. Do boats tend to shy away from areas around Five Islands/Blackhawk? Just trying to map out a game plan and figure out areas that will have less traffic. Any advice is much appreciated. My other option is the west branch of the Dupage, but this river is less familiar to me. Thanks, Sean
  10. SeanL

    No smallies,No problem

    People might be having heartattacks if those were smallies on the stringer, j/k nice fish
  11. Not really a fishing scene but funny nonetheless- Clark Griswold: Where the hell is the damn dam tour? Hoover Dam Guide: I am your dam guide, Arnie, please don't wander off the dam tour and please take all the dam pictures you want. Now are there any dam questions? Cousin Eddie: Yeah, where can I get some damn bait?
  12. SeanL

    A Short Quiz

    Yeah I think he nailed it with cotton
  13. SeanL

    Warrior Jigs

    Those are some nice looking jigs and do look very snag resistant! I want to try some out, how do I go about ordering them?
  14. SeanL

    One Lure- Ten Minutes To Use It!

    So has anyone else found the magic lure for smallies yet? I've been killing them on a brown/black chatterbait for the past 2 months now and I am getting very consistent action.