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  1. I believe your self conscious is showing you a gentler side,one that you have buried in your Rock and Roll Persona. Or a simple Treble hooks are never ever good when you stuck it in his eye man.. Went for the low hanging Cheech and Chong Reference..Peace BassMan
  2. Ed, You have done a masterful job for the ISA. Stay strong and take care of your wife. When she is feeling better and you can sneak away hope to see you on the water.
  3. I believe it is because we live in the State of Confusion.. Don't worry legalized weed will sort EVERYTHING out.. Just like the Lottery.LOL
  4. Hi Gary, Hope all is well with you and that the lakes in Missouri are treating you well.. Cliche of the day is everything and everyone are connected..Problem of the day ,some don't know some don't want to know and some don't care. Great topic and book recommendation.
  5. So let me start by saying I have not been out on the Fox Fishing yet this season. I'm sick of highwater and rain been working around it all spring and I must be getting old because I don't really feel the need to dabble or fish in the chocolate milk. My observation the other day was there are a lot of quillbacks heading into the creeks and If my memory stands correct they are usually ahead of the smallies coming into the creek before spawn. Just wondering what everybody else thinks of this years spawn and when you think the river will actually drop. I had a week scheduled for the UP this week for pre spawn bass but the river is too high and fast for getting around.. Timing is everything
  6. Yes Yakima gear is expensive. With that said I bought a roller loader for the back of my Hyundi and loading is pretty slick even for a 64 year old. I purchased a 10 .5 Pescador Pro 100 for river and small lakes . it 55 lbs Sot and from my experience it's pretty tough. I believe it built on the old tarpon hull and tracks straight especially for a smaller yak. I have hit a few large submerged rocks , and dumped it and it ended into a log jam without losing the seat and any gear that was in the front nose covered department. has a comfortable lawn chair seat with high and low settings and i bought it from Ack with a 240 cc Werner paddle which was in the 120.00 dollar range. My extra equipment is a paddle leash , homemade anchor and a couple of plano 7400 boxes which fit under the seat. The enjoyment of exploring different water and mobility to haul has been great. Good luck in your hunt for YOUR yak!
  7. Congratulations! It will be a great time for All of you!. I love the area, hope the fishing is outstanding!
  8. I as well have been bitten by the kayak bug. You can't beat the extra mobility and have gained access to out of state rivers that before would have been out of reach. I thought a great point for spring fishing was the 120 rule. This is a combination of air and water temp being above the 120 mark. 60 plus 60+120 makes an easy guide to prevent hypothermia. I know there is all kinds of warm weather gear and experts on here that don't tip there kayaks when fishing but I myself have been seeking comfort and not speed when it comes to my fishing and I thought i would share this for what it's worth. Peace!
  9. Bart, I have had decent luck and wear with Orvis boots . Mid Cost about 145.00 I believe maybe a little more or less. Convenient to try on at Oak brook and if they crap out before a season you get a return or refund after that they are prorated. I am pretty hard on my boots and I like them better then most.
  10. Looks Good.. Most Crayfish I see in the Fox are a Mottled green.. They will catch fish hop, crawl ..Hang on!
  11. I was up in the North-woods for a few days and a chatterbait in crawdad color with a blue gill colored Keitech swimbait was my go to lure every evening. Caught two to three largemouth every evening after dinner with a 21 inch pig ripping a slow rolled lure with a lot of enthusiasm it ACTUALLY PULLED my rod out of my hands till I re- grabbed the rod. I find this bait very good on Active fish not so much when the bite is slow..
  12. I have had nothing but good luck with their guarantee policy, speaking to Mr Grandt he is a a man of his word! I liked thee 007 B 6 1/2 spinning for large fish.. But the 007a was great for extreme feel and big panfish and handle the last 3 lb bass on a wacky worm with ease. They are out of Arlington Heights and their high price rods are very decorative! I am a public services Manager/arborist/ musician so simple sensitive rods work for me..Pm me if you wany some info, I am no expert by any means but my St. croix, Falcon rods are stiiting in the garage for special occasions and these rods are my bread and butter rods.
  13. ]So I know we all have our favorite Rods.. Who can own just one? I have been a fan and supporter of Grandt Rods for Approximately 10 years. Not being wealthy, I have an 007 All American spinning rod MEDIUM Heavy which has enough backbone to catch large pike, Small mouth and walleyes all the fish you may encounter in your endeavors. I unfortunately broke my first Grandt rod and it was due operator error. Evidently, you don't tighten your drag down all the way down when fishing a 20 pound carp just because your getting spooled a few times. I actually spoke with Jim Grandt and he was kind enough to replace This Rod for free... Lifetime Guarantee .. A Man of his word even when operator error was Involved. This Christmas my wife purchased an 007 A a faster tip spinning rod which was perfect for large panfish and river smallmouth which made this rod bend quickly and is super sensitive. In a kayak mishap, this summer in Michigan, I encountered a Mean strainer and flipped in a deep hole , I lost the007A pole.. actually lost my kayak as it floated downstream and the other Grandt rod as well.. In my old days I would have been CRAZY!! I didn't drown big upside, swam to shore and yes I was wearing a vest with waders which was quite an Interesting Situation. In the Middle of NO Where I started to wade back to civilization. I found my second favorite Grandt rod in a Sand bar, 4 feet under water, continued on my trek telling myself my Yak days were done FOREVER! I waded another 1/2 mile or so and in the distance I see a green Pescador stuck in a tree jamb. The Paddle lease had hooked into the tree and was holding the yak in the tree jam. I Flipped it over and low and behold there was my box of lures stuck in the front of the Pescador logo bunged in front, $200.00 to $300.00 of river lures which I had figured were gone, tightly sitting under the Logo. Never buy a Cheap Paddle lease..lol. My 007a was MIA and in a couple of weeks I saved some money and along with cash I had saved for a fishing trip and I replaced it with another 007 A. Local company, great service Made in the USA and I received a returning customer discount. While in Door County a hooked a 3 lb Smallie, on this pole and it was a perfectly matched fight. I can't say enough about Grandt Rods and if your looking for a higher quality rod you owe it to yourself to check them out. Kevin Summers The Fox River Fishin Musician
  14. I have sent my comments. I know we don't do Politics here However, due diligence on water discharges and profits at the prices of resources will be come the norm from where I am sitting. The Fox this spring had much effluent dumped into it out of necessity (raw sewage) This was all weather related. When it comes to profit all bets are off to the damage to resources we all enjoy. Thanks Gordon for the HEADS UP.
  15. Kudos to All that worked so hard to make this event a success! As someone who used to be "involved" I can appreciate all the time and effort put into the blowout to make this the premier fundraising event for the ISA. It was filled with laughs and camaraderie. I also would like to say that Tim Horton was one of the most amiable speakers ,you guys have had in awhile, and the tribute to Bob Rung brought back so many memories of willow plantings of which he was so heavily involved. Thanks again Everyone!, It was great seeing you all again! Kevin Summers AKA ' The Fox River Fishin Musician "
  16. Yes, Bob Was a true champion of our Illinois Rivers and streams. Had the privilege of planting willows with him and the conversation about the Fox and his thoughts on conservation were insightful to say the least. Planting and digging flew by due to his great knowledge and wisdom which he so freely shared. We were blessed to have him avail himself to our cause..
  17. kevin summers

    New kayak

    Thanks Mark, looking for stability and easy loading.Thought a bilge or Sponge would be a necessity in the Ultimate. I get down to Oswego on occasion but stay around Batavia for the most part unless I get a hankering for out a state fishing. Did you buy the ultimate locally? I do appreciate the feedback.
  18. kevin summers

    New kayak

    Mark , If you could would you expand your thoughts on the ultimate 12 and it's faults as a river craft. I've been looking hard at tis craft as an all around craft but spend 50 percent of my time on moving water. Thanks.
  19. I am of the Norm Minus school of wading boot care. Boots come off and are put on the garage floor ..sometimes they dry ,sometimes they don't before their next dipping.I have a pair of Orvis boots got a great deal on them they are now discontinued. If i get two years on a pair of wader its a miracle, boots average a couple of years as well. Hope everyone had a good year on the water!
  20. Anybody been out that way fishing? Have some time this week and was wondering about conditions. PM. me if you rather than posting on board. Please let me know what shape the river is in and if you have been having any Luck. Thanks
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