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  1. As of yesterday the Kankakee sheriff department closed the river until further notice due to the high water. Here's a few shots from this morning at 36,600 CFS Have a good weekend Captain Austin Adduci www.grabyourflycharters.com (630)886-1964
  2. The title says it all head over to www.grabyourflycharters.com and take a look. Happy Holidays guys
  3. Tomorrow 4/28 just opened up. Last minute cancellations equal a deal. Call me if you want it. Thanks guys, Captain Austin Adduci (630)886-1964 www.grabyourflycharters.com
  4. Yes, Forrest this offer is still good and should remain good for the distant future.
  5. Guy and Gals, I am pleased to announce that the 100.00 discount on full day trips ONLY for Alliance members is back for 2016. If you're wondering why it stopped in the first place, it doesn't matter. If your asking yourself if I'm desperate for trips, the answer is NO. I offer this to members because I believe in what the organization does for our water. Simple as that. The normal add will be printed in the coming Bronzeback Bulletin. I only have availability on the Kankakee the months of March, April, May, and August. I hope to see you guys on the river this season. Thanks for all of your support over the years, Captain Austin Adduci (630)886-1964 www.grabyourflycharters.com
  6. I'm in again this year with my rig two seats open you fish I row. First two to respond get them.
  7. Guys, it's not just the dup that's struggling this season. The kkk is off as well, guides that I've talked to across the midwest are all struggling this year. Just enjoy what fishing is really about and be happy being on the water.
  8. Thank you both. You guys deserve the credit, you both handled yourselves great in the wind. The fly isn't really mine. I was given some flies from Eli of Great Lakes Fly to try down here it is called the wombat you can see on his site. I ran out of the ones Eli sent and tied up my own coping his.
  9. Thanks tom. It's you and ed then. Let get in touch tomorrow after these storms today to finalize everything.
  10. Guys, Frank had to bail out for family reasons. There is still a open seat for Wednesday.
  11. The new fly shop is now open as of yesterday. It's on the north east corner of naper and Ogden in Naperville.
  12. Frank and Ed in and done please give me a call tomorrow (630)886-1964 Thanks guys
  13. Fellas, I have my first trip of the season on the k3 next Friday. My buddies that I normally experiment with are either out of town or have to work so, I need help. I need two guys for next wendsday for a full day float on the river. I need one guy casting gear and one guy flyfishing. I will supply the gear and flies all you have to do is show up and fish. It's totally free. The first two guys to respond get the spots. Ready, set, go.
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