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  1. Winter go to smallie flies

    I was planning ahead. I knew he would one day inherit this riverside property .
  2. Winter go to smallie flies

    I have never fished thae stretch by kish. Every year I think about hitting it with the yak but it doesn't happen. Jamie was a former student of mine. He said anytime he would gladly shuttle me upstream. We should get together and float it this season, or even just wade it if that's possible.
  3. Winter go to smallie flies

    Manny, I believe that the crappie candy I drifted under an indicator was also a blue and white (light blue), with a flash lateral line. The only time I used it in cold water (December no ice on the river) I caught a few fish. That was in one of the pools a bit upstream from you.
  4. Winter go to smallie flies

    I actually found a crayfish behind the washer once. They have also popped up in a few other places to my wife's chagrin.
  5. Winter go to smallie flies

    That could produce some cool footage.
  6. Winter go to smallie flies

    Have you ever seen or heard the ice break on the river. Sometimes the wall of ice is unbelievable. One spring the front half of the old mill pumphouse fell forward and almost blocked the flow. When the ice broke in the spring it pushed the front of the building right back in place. I was shocked when I saw what had happened. The power of ice, water, and current are amazing.
  7. Winter go to smallie flies

    That should catch fish. You should be able to tie a few more patterns before any open water in that stream is safe to fish.
  8. Winter go to smallie flies

    That I would love to do.
  9. Winter go to smallie flies

    Rob, though I have a thing about throwing wets and streamers for southern Wisconsin trout, I have had some considerable luck with micro jigs under an indicator. The chubs like them too . My pref for streamers has nothing to do with numbers. Yellow seems to be a good bet for me. Was yellow working for you guys. I have somewhat limited experience with wild trout but for numbers the micro jig has produced fish. Nice ties Manny! Are you planning on using these on some of the river pools near you if open water shows it's face?
  10. Winter go to smallie flies

    I have used the float-n-fly jig with fly and spin gear. For the fly rod I tie them on a less heavy jig. The crappie candy fly I have only used with a fly rod, but it should work fine with spin gear. I haven't fished other flies for bass in the winter months, only these two, and both have caught fish. Mostly in the winter I'm like Rob, in a cozy warm spot sipping coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.
  11. How to cast for distance

    That is quite graceful?
  12. Welcome Noel! Those are some impressive looking catches. You look like you truly enjoy the sport.
  13. Winter go to smallie flies

    I've had luck with the foat-n-flies in Eric's post. Also, I have used the crappie candy fly tied on a jig hook similar to what Tom Loo's foxie is tied on. Use pull chain for the eyes at the 90 degree bend in the shank. Bend the hook eye slightly back toward the hook point and it will sit horizontally in the water under the float.
  14. Merry Christmas

    And a happy new year!
  15. Some Sad News

    So sad to hear. Norm and his family will remain in our prayers.
  16. Where were these pictures taken?

    I like the shots. I am no photographer, so I cannot help you refine a thing. My photos are taken with a point and shoot set on smiley face . I am quite familiar with the areas photographed, however I will leave that part up to other members to answer also.
  17. hanukkah

    Happy Hanukkah to mine as well.
  18. Creeks and Friends

    Here are photos of 5 of the many creeks I was on this past season as well as shots of friends that fished them with me.
  19. Creeks and Friends

    Thanks gentlemen. I am a lucky man. Good friends and pretty water are hard to beat. Terry, I'll be your friend, and then you will have "friends" too.
  20. One of our own passed

    That is very sad to hear. A few yrs. back Dave and I fished a couple stretches of the Vermilion River near Pontiac together. We had a very enjoyable morning on the water hooking into plenty of small Vermilion River bass and other sunfish species. We were laughing and telling stories when Dave suddenly got quiet and drifted unsteadily to the shore. He said he was suddenly a bit dizzy and just needed a moment to sit. He said he normally would have an orange with him to eat when he started feeling funny like that, but he left it back at the car. Fortunately I had a Gator Aide with me. He slugged it down and soon he was able to get up and make the trip back to the car. I thought it would be best to call it a day , but Dave said he was enjoying himself too much to quit halfway through the day. He suggested going for lunch, so we did. Afterward he was feeling much better, so we headed to another stretch of river. We enjoyed the afternoon as much as the morning and even picked up a couple fish that hit the 12" and 15" mark. I wish I would have made it to some of those fly tying outings so I would have had a chance to see him again.
  21. Plunk Your Fly

    This afternoon I was in Water Street Pub in Peru Il. Along with some great food they have an extensive beer list including 31 draft beers, one of which is Hamms. They seem to like the Hamms signs. The Hamms bear, however, seems to enjoy the Leinenkugel's.
  22. Plunk Your Fly

    Thanks for sharing. I have heard of the fly, but never saw how easy it was to tie. I think it is a definite for the arsenal.
  23. Strike Indicators

    Yes, I have also used the thingamabobber and adjustable foam floats with success while nymphing for trout, panfish and bass. They also work well with small streamers tied on jig hooks so they sit horizontal below the float.
  24. Colin's fly saves the day

    Rob, that fish is a beauty. I think you are correct about the fly. Best used in clear, low, slow flow conditions.
  25. Less is More Mouse

    I saw this the other day. It looks good and is very easy to tie. Much less mess.