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  1. John,

    Good to hear of your Tenkara interest. If you want to try "level" lines I can send you a couple of 13 ft sections to try-Red Amnesia and Hi-vis green Flouro.  I have some bulk spools so 13 ft won't kill me. I would like to hear how they compare to your tapered line.  If interested send me your address.


    1. John Gillio

      John Gillio

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you, I would love to try them. Obviously your message got through as I am replying, but I received no notification that it was sent. I found it while I was looking into the status of my mailbox.

      My address is:                                                              John Gillio, 117 West 1st Street, Oglesby Illinois 61348.

      Thank you for your generosity. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 


    2. Mike G

      Mike G

      Got it as a status update John. Now I will try to message you.

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