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  1. I hate when the rod sections separate like that. Nice report.
  2. I've used these shoes a number of times now. Tightening the laces and wearing neoprene socks keeps the sand to a minimum even though the tongue is not bellowed. They are holding up well so far. I do agree with John about protection against chunks of rock above the sole. Not much there. Not good on algae covered rock either. Still, a comfy shoe. I see that Orvis has come out with their Pro series wet wade shoe. Looking at it's reviews, it could be fairly good option too. Grip may be better, sounds like neoprene socks are a must to keep debris out, lightweight.
  3. It's a low head dam which has somewhat of a fish ladder. It had not prevented the carp from advancing nor has the Wildcat rapids upstream from it. The carp have advanced all the way to the Steator dam, which is high enough to stop any fish from advancing beyond. I feel that the Streator dam should stay in place to contain the carp to the waters below it. The dam at Oglesby should go, even though it is the most productive fishing spot on the river. It has been off limits to most for the last 20-30 yrs, and to all the last 11, except trespassers. It is dangerous to those who float the river and don't pay attention to the warning signs It doesn't hurt my feelings when I clean an Asian carp . Your right, they are probably much better for us than the fast foods we eat. Heavy harvesting of the carp would be a blessing.
  4. The IDNR has announced a proposal to remove the Vermilion River dam at Oglesby. The timeline has the dam fully removed by May, 2021. The dam will be let in early Nov, 2020. The dam is now on state property designated to be an expansion of Sarved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks. I think this may be one step toward getting the new parkland ready for opening. It is still off limits for the public. The IDNR states the reason for removal is to promote public safety, for ecosystem benefits, and to improve recreation. It has been the most dangerous spot on the river for those floating it.
  5. For some reason your reply on Bart's post an hour ago came up as a notification. This reply did not, nor did your reply to John Shenk. 🤔
  6. Thanks Kevin, no luck with that either. I also tried just moving a bunch from junk to the inbox, in hope's that it would get the idea. No positive results.
  7. All ISA stuff is going directly to junk mail. Not able to figurie out how to prevent that.
  8. Not yet. Yesterday morning I changed it to get notifications for everything. Still nothing.
  9. Watched a program last night. Tough to watch, but a strong reminder of what those who protect us go through and have gone through to keep us and our nation safe.
  10. Must just be me. Still can't figure out what is wrong.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble with getting notifications for new topics, topics you have posted, or topics you are following? It has been a problem for me the last week or so. I have to go directly to the forum topics page to look up things I may have missed. I've checked my settings and all seem to be in order.
  12. Wow! Very nice. Wish mine looked that good.
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