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  1. John Gillio

    A little different day

    That is a very good poont.
  2. John Gillio

    A little different day

    So true.
  3. Bart, they have been working well for largemouth. Haven't had a chance for smallies yet. Rob, the ones first posted and tied with rabbit strips are called slop busters.
  4. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    The mile stretch to the east may bite the dust yet. Not much water left there and getting lower.
  5. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Bugs aren't bad late morning or early evening. DNR was hard at work today. They sandbagged the West side of the aqueduct and are now pumping water back into the canal west of the aqueduct. This is a temporary fix. They couldn't tell me when a permanent fix would happen, only that it would be after July 1. They also couldn't say if the east end of the aqueduct would be diked to prevent the water to the east from emptying out. I walked east quite a way. There wasn't much water but no sign of a fish kill was evident.
  6. These Double Barrel heads really make a nice glub sound. Just tied these the other day.
  7. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Thanks John, maybe I'll mention it to Craig S. Sorry Manny, the case is still unsolved. There is water coming into the canal and levels are holding low but steady. I didn't see any sign of a pump by the river but there is current moving into the west end.
  8. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Drove past aqueduct at 3:15. No sandbags or water being pumped yet. A couple guys taking measurements at far end of aqueduct. Water slowly leaking through west dike into aqueduct. Here are some photos from this morning: Lock 14: Water usually to grass line 30" higher than shown. West dike is usually under water a few inches. Water still slowly flowing out of lock 14 area into aqueduct at upper end of photo where the cup is. East dike also usually a few inches under water. Only half of dike still here. Water is moving to left into aqueduct. About 4'-5' of water here for about 10 yds. Then 3"-6" all the way to Duck club. Water below Rt 39 bridge at about 6". You are looking at the bottom of the canal. . Looking east toward Duck club water is about 12". Club has a deeper area that is about 20 yds long. It is about 3' deep and is loaded with fish. I couldn't get a good shot of them. The water runs at about 12" for about 200 yds until it slowly tapers off to nothing before it reaches split rock, which is about half way from LaSalle to Utica. This is the area I was doing very well fishing for carp on the fly. Many Fantails in this area. Here you can see the 30" drop in level. Notice the scum drooping from the branches above the water. These branches had been drooping into the water. This is the inside of the aqueduct. Water is usually pouring out of the slots that can be seen running along the wall of the aqueduct. They act as a spillway for the canal . The water pours into the Little Vermilion River which the aqueduct and tow path both pass over. At this point water is pouring out of the bottom of the aqueduct into the river below. You can see people in white on tow path looking into aqueduct.
  9. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    I have been told that sometime this afternoon water will begin being pumped into the Lock 14 area West of the aqueduct. The water will come from the Little Vermilion River.The canal was down 30" this morning when I took a walk. It can drop another inch or two before the remaining old dike will stop it. It may stop sooner if they put some sandbags in. The easy side is missing half of itsold dike so water continues to escape from it. I was also told that after July 1 there is money put aside for a permanent fix. I'm not sure if that means a fix for both sides of the aqueduct or just the West side with the canal boat. Pictures to follow.
  10. John Gillio

    I&M Canal springs major leak.

    Some time over the last day or two the I&M Canal aqueduct over the Little Vermilion R. has sprung a major leak. I spoke to a fellow with the DNR this morning and he said the canal is next to dry east of the aqueduct. The canal at lock 14 has dropped a foot and is dropping fast.
  11. I just saw this today. It's a cool way to color your poppers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaKM2iztCFc
  12. The dangling backside of a chug bug seems to entice fish so I thought this may as well. I have been using it in areas of heavy duckweed. It seems as though the hookups have been better when the tail end slowly dips below the surface. Hookups have been poor when it is on heavy matted weeds. The heavier spin gear weedless baits have produced better for me in heavy cover. Probably because they are heavy enough to move more water and be noticed.
  13. Rob, the rear will dangle below the head when sitting still in open water. If there is a side to side motion it is only slight. It does not move side to side when in weeds. The hook is an Eagle Claw L091G-1/0 connected to a Fish Skull 3/4" articulated fish-spine shank that I pushed through a medium double barrel popper head. The white one had been colored yellow with a marker, but it faded with use. The deer tail is wearing thin as it has been in a number of mouths. I hope that helps. I cannot for the life of me find the recipe, so I'm not sure that those were the actual materials called for.
  14. I'm not sure where this recipe came from, but I tied them on Double Barrel popper heads last winter. I have not used them in a river, but have used them in weedy areas in still water. The hook rides up. In open water the back portion hangs below the surface somewhat like the Chug Bug does. They work fairly well.
  15. John Gillio

    One of my favorite beers