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  1. looks good! I would like it with some rusty orange also. timothy .
  2. silver minnows today then a housefly type pattern then a soft hackle pattern I found in an old book. timothy
  3. http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/epa-halts-back-forty-mine-process/1062890710mining action
  4. i have been making bamboo rods for over 20yrs. while there are differences, it is best to do it because you love it than with profit in mind. timothy
  5. if you are looking for a little side cash i would suggest selling supplies to rod builders. LOL timothy
  6. so then with those odds, how could you ever miss more than 40% every time?
  7. this is for what size of fly? timothy
  8. I think the shrimp color is spot on for the correct time of the year and the Mcginty colors are close to my heart. Timothy
  9. i suggest Devil's Kitchen south of Carbondale timothy
  10. mike, like you, i would wonder why someone would do that. this isn't where i would employ a dubbing loop. timothy
  11. mike, my introduction to using the dubbing loop was tying leisenring wet flys, then scot hair hackling techniques. it is just one more tool on the belt. lately dubbing loops seem to be a short cut for obtaining large flies that would cost you a sawbuck in a fly shop. i do not like spinning deer hair. i can do it, i have done it but aside for a muddler minnow or two i would just as soon not do it. i also avoid genetic hackle, hot spots, bobbers and the new nymphing techniques formally referred to as jigging. i make bamboo rods and have fished bamboo since i was a kid. "plastic" rods have their place. i do believe in "upping the odds" as a way to increase my enjoyment. then some people like reclining on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn in front of the boob tube. there is a definite learning curve with dubbing loops. i enjoy learning new things. there are things i did not enjoy learning. timothy
  12. mike, some times it might not make a difference. i have found it to be less bulky and is poosible to be a lot less bulky. when the fly is wet the fur without the leather strip will shed water more readily and weigh less casting. a dubbing loop can be used on a smaller hook than a strip. why? because it is fun! when i started using the technique a lot fewer people were using it. now that it is being made so popular i will have to look for some other way to be different. timothy
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