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  1. maybe injured or sick? timothy
  2. wading staffs can be handy and can save you falls in some places. i have used several but the one i like the best is a cross-country ski pole i adapted with a cork grip and tether. also i needed to put some silicone in the small end to keep the water out so it does not sink and get heavy. some of the collapsible staffs do the same. this one floats. i have found this to be an advantage once i got use to it. timothy
  3. I suggest you get the vise you want. the tools are cheap. then make a list of materials needed for the flies she plans to tye. I suggest a Thompson AA, inexpensive and dependable, as a starter. if you get 50 responses you will have 50 different opinions. I think the orvis kits are the best but the vise isn't very handy. get her involved in scrounging for materials and searching ebay for a deal on a vise. I have seen a few. she will become an enthusiast. good luck! timothy
  4. there is a cord attached to my wading staff with asnap on the other end of the cord which I snap to a ring on the bottom of my vest. timothy
  5. for what it is worth, I suggest you consider the line with the longeSt belly and cut off the front end of the taper. bass LINES OFTEN HAVE SORTER BELLIES. YOU CAN AND DO AT TIMES CARRY LINE IN THE AIR. THE LINE WITH A SHORTER BELLY IS HARDER TO CARRY. TJT
  6. tjtroester

    Whip Finish

    And, there ya go!.
  7. yes this is a messy situation and the fix seems a disaster as well. as for as the economic situation for the outfitter, the survival and welfare of the river is more important. the several outfitters on the river have also been responsible for wanton destruction of habitat along the river, altering the river bed, pollution and lots of trash and garbage. the outfitter is an ongoing private concern the river is suppose to be a pristine, national scenic river. timothy
  8. looks good! I would like it with some rusty orange also. timothy .
  9. silver minnows today then a housefly type pattern then a soft hackle pattern I found in an old book. timothy
  10. http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/epa-halts-back-forty-mine-process/1062890710mining action
  11. i have been making bamboo rods for over 20yrs. while there are differences, it is best to do it because you love it than with profit in mind. timothy
  12. if you are looking for a little side cash i would suggest selling supplies to rod builders. LOL timothy
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